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Protein diet for 7 days. Diet for 7 days for weight loss

Among a wide variety of ways to lose weight, the option of using a limited diet, called a diet, does not give up its position. Of course, ways to reduce weight with food will allow you to lose weight at different speeds, depending on how long the system is designed for. However, almost every one of us would like to get the maximum result in the shortest possible time, so the most popular are the so-called express-food systems, for example, a protein diet for 7 days.

The essence of the protein diet

It is generally believed that such a diet is most suitable for those involved in sports. However, for people with an inactive lifestyle, such rapid weight loss will be an excellent way out. In order for the process to be effective, it is necessary to divide the meals into several stages and clearly observe each day until the end of the system. These six approaches include breakfast, breakfast, lunch, lunch, early dinner and a meal right before bedtime.

To ensure that an effective diet for 7 days has shown itself in full, do not violate it in any way. In the event that your usual life rhythm does not allow you to make so many meals, we advise you to combine them in a moderate sequence. For example, breakfast and breakfast are second, lunch and snack and so on.

Next, we offer you a sequence in which a protein diet is observed for 7 days:

Monday, day one and the most difficult:

Breakfast 1: a glass of dairy products, it can be kefir or milk.

Breakfast 2: rice porridge, a small plate.

Lunch: a piece of boiled beef, small (butter and fats are prohibited!).

Afternoon snack: vegetable salad (a serving should fit on a saucer).

Dinner 1: another saucer of the same vegetable salad.

Supper 2: Apple juice - a glass, it is better if it is freshly squeezed.


Breakfast 1: coffee or tea, milk and sugar are prohibited.

Breakfast 2: fat-free cottage cheese, not more than 5 tablespoons.

Lunch: chicken boiled - a small piece, a salad of vegetables, can be filled with olive oil.

Afternoon snack: boiled rice in the amount of ten tablespoons, an apple is allowed.

Dinner 1: tomato salad - a small plate.

Dinner 2: tomato juice, as close as possible to the present, 200 g.

Wednesday, the golden mean:

Breakfast 1: coffee or tea, milk and sugar are prohibited.

Breakfast 2: boiled beef - a small piece.

Lunch: a little cooked rice with a piece of boiled fish.

Afternoon snack: a piece of apple.

Supper 1: salad from cabbage, peas and onions, is allowed up to fifteen table spoons;

Dinner 2: Apple juice.


Breakfast 1: tea / coffee.

Breakfast 2: boiled beef - a small piece, as an alternative - a chicken.

Lunch: soup with vegetables, a piece of black bread is allowed.

Afternoon snack: rice - 10 tablespoons.

Supper 1: a piece of boiled meat with vegetable salad.

Dinner 2: apple juice - no more than 200 g.


Breakfast 1: a glass of dairy product, milk or kefir, you can a small cracker without sugar.

Breakfast 2: dessert dish of carrot salad.

Lunch: a piece of boiled fish and a few potatoes.

Afternoon snack: vegetable salad - a small plate (you can with olive oil).

Dinner 1: boiled lamb - a small piece.

Dinner 2: kefir or tea - one glass.


Breakfast 1: coffee or tea, no additives.

Breakfast 2: egg, two rusks are allowed.

Lunch: boiled meat, a few spoons of rice.

Afternoon snack: an apple or two kiwi.

Supper 1: Boiled fish and a few spoons of rice.

Dinner 2: a glass of orange juice.


Breakfast 1: coffee or tea.

Breakfast 2: sausage, a piece of black bread.

Lunch: cooked rice - a few spoons, a dessert plate of salad from vegetables in olive oil.

Afternoon snack: cabbage and green peas - a few spoons.

Supper 1: boiled chicken or lamb.

Dinner 2: kefir or tea.

Do not forget that the diet for 7 days, the menu of which is presented above, must be observed in strictness, while alcohol and sugar in any form are prohibited.

Advantages of protein diet

Speaking about the advantages that a protein diet has for 7 days, it is worth noting that you practically will not feel hunger during it. In addition, thanks to a sufficiently dense diet, you can continue your fitness training if you expect to lose weight evenly and without harm to the skin.

Weakness and lack of energy during this diet, you also do not feel. There will be no irritation, characteristic of any cut down diet, in many respects this is due to fairly frequent meals. This can not boast of virtually any system of limited nutrition, whether it is a kefir diet (7 days of consuming kefir with a small amount of additional products) or any other where the meals and dishes are limited. An excellent option for such a system will be for those who prefer to consume exclusively protein foods, such as fish or meat. The way out of protein nutrition is quite simple - the main thing is not to jump sharply to too harmful foods, and also not to overeat. As a result, the weight dropped in 7 days will not return.

Disadvantages of protein diet

Of course, it has such rapid weight loss and certain pitfalls, without which almost no restrictions are possible. An obligatory condition before the start of weight reduction is a doctor's consultation, since a protein diet for 7 days is contraindicated in certain chronic diseases, such as kidney or liver dysfunction, joint disease, pregnancy, as well as feeding a child, any heart disease. If you suffer from chronic diseases of the digestive system, then you will also have to refrain from the protein diet. This effective diet for 7 days is also not recommended for those whose age is considered elderly. In some cases, the protein diet can lead to fluctuations in blood pressure, as well as exacerbation of chronic diseases. Obligatory is the reception of multivitamin complexes during weight loss.

Are fast diets useful?

Of course, any effective diet for 7 days is a very stressful situation for the body, in which he will not receive the elements and vitamins necessary for him. In any case, sometimes you have to resort to a cut diet, thanks to which you can quickly throw off a few pounds. But you should not abuse such methods, and it is not recommended to follow express diets more often than once every three months, so as not to cause your body harm. In addition, do not stick to such a system for more than two weeks.

Kefir diet

One of the most famous among the systems of weight loss is the kefir diet. 7 days you consume a certain set of products, including this sour-milk drink. There are several options for regimen and diet in this system of weight loss, however, the most common is the one shown below. Of course, the main product is kefir fat content of 1%. It must be consumed daily.

Monday: kefir 0,5 l and baked in a uniform potato (400 g), without salt and spices, and also without oil.

Tuesday: the same amount of kefir and 400 grams of cottage cheese fat content is not more than 5%.

Wednesday: kefir, as well as any fruit in the amount of 400 g. When choosing fruit, refrain from bananas and grapes.

Thursday: chicken white meat in the amount of 400 grams and kefir.

Friday: the diet is similar to the environment.

Saturday: today you will have to refrain from all food, leaving only the same kefir, as well as plain water.

Sunday: the third time we repeat the day with kefir and fruits.

That's the whole diet, which includes this diet for 7 days. Reviews of those who adhered to it, promise a loss of up to 3-5 kilograms per week.

Exit from kefir diet

In principle, it is not easy to adhere to the kefir diet, and special attention should be paid to getting out of it. A sharp return to the old diet the next day will lead you to a quick recruitment of so heavily weighted kilograms. Smooth exit is required by almost any diet for weight loss. 7 days of a half-starved diet should be replaced by days with the gradual addition of products, forgetting for a time about flour, salted, fatty and smoked. Prefer cooked foods with a minimum of salt.

Japanese diet: 7 days

Another interesting way to express weight loss - a Japanese diet, designed for a seven-day course. However, it requires a day off before it starts. Consultation with a doctor is also desirable. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the severity of the diet, as well as the fact that any indulgence is prohibited. In the event that you violated any sequence, the system should start from the first day again.

The first day: black coffee (cup) without cream and sugar for breakfast, 2 hard-boiled eggs, a small portion of cabbage salad (can with vegetable oil) and a glass of tomato juice for lunch, as well as boiled or steam fish for dinner.

The second day: a cup of coffee and one cracker for breakfast, boiled fish with cabbage salad and vegetable oil for lunch, as well as beef boiled, not more than 100 grams and low-fat kefir for dinner.

The third day: a cup of coffee for breakfast, fried zucchini (can be in vegetable oil) for lunch and two hard-boiled eggs, boiled beef 200 grams, as well as a small portion of salad from cabbage, seasoned with butter, for dinner.

Fourth day: black coffee and cracker for breakfast, 3 large carrots boiled without salt, but seasoned with vegetable oil, raw egg and 10 grams of hard cheese for lunch, as well as two medium-sized apples for dinner.

Fifth day: one carrot raw with lemon juice for breakfast, steam or boiled fish and a glass of juice for lunch, as well as two medium-sized apples for dinner.

Sixth day: a cup of black coffee for breakfast, for lunch you can use half of the boiled chicken, as well as fresh carrots and cabbage in a salad, for dinner - two boiled eggs and 100 g of raw carrots, you can fill with vegetable oil.

The seventh day: tea (preferably green) for breakfast, a large apple and a gram of 200 beef boiled for lunch, as well as any dinner to choose from those that were in previous days.

Japanese diet for 7 days: pluses

Speaking about the advantages of this diet, the following should be noted:

  • Judging by the reviews, a week on this diet you can lose up to 7 kilograms of weight, depending on the initial indicators;
  • To sustain this type of weight loss is simple, on the third day the body gets used to such a diet, the feeling of hunger is gone, and there is no dizziness and weakness from the very beginning;
  • Thanks to this system of rapid weight loss, the metabolism is normalized, and the person gets used to a new food system, where there will be no prohibited products;
  • The Japanese diet is guaranteed to give a permanent result, provided that the exit from it will be carried out wisely.

The Japanese diet: cons

Now consider the disadvantages that the Japanese diet has. 7 days of such a restriction in the diet will not benefit everyone. Note:

  • Do not use this diet too often, no more than once a year, because its caloric value is too low;
  • Do not try a diet for those who are contraindicated in coffee and who have heart problems;
  • It is forbidden to use the system for pregnant and lactating children.

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