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Protection of knees and elbows during roller skating

Roller skating brings children a lot of fun. However, this occupation is accompanied by one unpleasant moment - a fall on the asphalt. Sharp contact with a hard, rough surface is fraught with not only abrasions, but also quite serious injuries. To protect yourself from these troubles, special protection is provided on your knees and elbows.

Design features

The protection of the knees and elbows is a patch, the outer surface of which is covered with a tough, shockproof plastic. Inside there is an elastic gasket, most often represented by polyethylene foam. This filling provides a high level of cushioning and contributes to the damping of shock loads during the fall.

According to the nature of the fixation, the protection of the knees can be stocking or invoicing. In the first case, a leg is threaded into the special stocking, and then the product is fixed in the desired position. The overhead protection of the knees is fixed by straps, which tightly surround the leg circumference from all sides, which prevents the device from moving out at the most inopportune moments.


Currently, there are several classes of specialized means for protecting limbs when rolling on rollers:

  1. Fitness - the most lightweight protection. Structural elements are particularly compact. Most often, the protection of children's knees is represented by a wide variety of colors, which can be selected under the shade of rollers and helmet.
  2. Protective equipment for extreme skating - the most durable materials are used as a basis. Such equipment is quite impressive in size, which helps to maximize the protection of limbs when contacting hard surfaces at high speed and falling from an impressive height.
  3. Protection for hockey on roller - has a small weight, but at the same time has a high ability to absorb shock loads. In view of its specific form, it is used only when practicing this sport.

The most common on sale is lightweight fitness. Demand for such equipment is, first of all, because of the compactness and low weight. Typically, the kit includes knee pads, wrist pads and elbow pads. These elements can be purchased separately or separately.

In general, the individual style of riding itself will tell you which class of protection is better to give preference in this or that situation. The main thing is to pay attention to the products of reliable, proven producers.

How to avoid injury from falling?

When falling forward, it is recommended to rest on your knees first. In this case, you can extinguish the residual load with wrist straps, avoiding a head collision with a hard surface.

Often rollers fall back. If these situations occur, you should rely primarily on the elbow pads, which will help to avoid damage to the back. Whatever it was, the defense should always sit tight in the right areas. This is the only way to minimize the likelihood of injury.

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