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Doctor Bubnovsky: exercises for weight loss and the essence of the technique

Modern conditions of fashion dictate own tendencies. For each period of any epoch were characterized by those or other features inherent not only in the way of life or manners, but also in appearance. In our time, the main role is played by sport and everything that is associated with it. And the main desire is a slender and smart figure. In the struggle for an ideal appearance, people are ready to make any sacrifices, from numerous diets to physical exercises. Especially popular is the method of Dr. Bubnovsky. Its success is due not only to a loud name, but also to the results that can be achieved. And this is no wonder. After all, before helping people, the doctor tests all the training on himself.


I must say that helping in the fight against excess weight is not the main profile, which is engaged in Dr. Bubnovsky. Exercise for weight loss is an important part of his work, although his primary goal is to develop classes for those who for one reason or another can not walk. However, everything is in order.

Dr. Bubnovsky, or otherwise Sergei Mikhailovich, gained fame through the founding of kinesitherapy. Its primary task is to restore work capacity and remove painful sensations. Once the doctor himself was in the position of his patients. Thanks to his remarkable willpower and perseverance, Bubnovsky not only got up on his own feet, but also helped a dozen patients. It should be added that, moving on crutches for 27 years, Sergei Mikhailovich was able to get 2 education, one of which is medical.

Every year a new center of Dr. Bubnovsky opens. Is not this stronger than any eloquent words that speaks about the benefits of kinesitherapy?

How does his technique work?

An important discovery was the assumption that the sources of pain are not bones, but muscles. This is due to the fact that they atrophy. To avoid this, it is necessary to perform a special gymnastics every other day. Why not every day? Muscles should be in time to rest. It was this theory that formed the basis of his technique for losing weight. The essence of kinesitherapy, which is preached by a doctor, is treatment by movement. And the right one will heal, and the wrong one will maim.

Movement is life

The health of his patients is primarily taken care of by Dr. Bubnovsky: exercises for weight loss are based on the principle of "do no harm". Therefore, any recommendations of a specialist are harmless if they are clearly observed. Here are some of the doctor's tips:

  • In order to cope with the problem of excess weight, one physical exertion is not enough. It is necessary to temper the body, take a contrast shower.
  • It is necessary to abandon nicotine and harmful food, fall asleep in a ventilated room, walk more barefoot.
  • It is very important to love a sauna or a sauna, and also drink at least 3 liters of liquid a day.

But completely abandoning the training would be wrong. Undoubtedly, it's best to visit Dr. Bubnovsky's center and start a long journey to a beautiful figure with a doctor's advice. However, if you do not have such opportunities, then you can perform a small gymnastics at home. It is important to remember the correctness of the performance and timely rest.

Lose weight according to Bubnovsky's method

We take into account the developments that Dr. Bubnovsky shared. Exercises for weight loss will be as follows. One of the most popular classes on this method is the bar and run. And also the lifts of legs and trunk. Below the bar is a pose in which you, lying, lean on your elbows and, being parallel to the floor, try to stay as long as possible in this position. At first, 30 seconds is enough for its execution. Later, you can increase the load time. Make sure that the stomach is "matched". Running perfectly helps in combating excess kilograms, and it does not matter whether you run at home or on the street.

To lift legs also requires considerable effort and skill. You can raise them in a bent position, pressing them to your chest, or you can go straight, trying to reach the fingertips at this moment. Who does not know about such an exercise as "scissors"? Perhaps, as a child, in physical education, it was one of my favorites. In our case, this is an excellent help for tightening the abdominal muscles. But do not forget that the legs should form a right angle to the body.

Add to these exercises a couple more. For example, sit on the floor and try not to bend your knees, reach for the socks. Or make slopes. But not from a standing position, but lying on the floor. To do this, focus on the hand and lift the leg that you had on top. For example, if the emphasis is on the left hand, then raise the right leg. And vice versa.


And if you still doubt the effectiveness of the technique developed by Dr. Bubnovsky, the feedback will help you make a decision. Of course, everyone has his own opinion. And the last decision is yours. However, positive comments about the work of the doctor, no doubt, determine its level of work. The audience notes the effectiveness of the exercises, the ease with which they are performed. Among the pluses is the cost of a minimum amount of time and effort.

Take care of your health and appearance. It is not necessary to bring the situation to a critical point in order to find out how useful the lessons are conducted by Dr. Bubnovsky. Exercise for weight loss can be a great start to the day, no matter what the mark shows the arrow of the scales. Remember that there is no life without movement.

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