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"A good beach" is a concept, certainly, relative and subjective. Someone likes small pebbles, someone - sand. Although still possible to isolate some of the parameters by which the beach is considered one of the best. It is a clear clear sea, a cleaned beach cover without sharp stones and broken shell rock, beautiful landscapes around, shade and developed tourist infrastructure (cabanas, fresh showers). Here, perhaps, that's all. Further opinions diverge. Serfam give a high wave, parents with young children - gently sloping into the sea, divers - reefs and depth, lovers of noisy entertainment - "bananas", water scooters and parakayting. Here we tried to describe the good beaches of Greece. This state every year falls into the top three of the best countries in the world for the development of the resort infrastructure. There are more than 400 good beaches in the country. Let's look at the best.

Bay "Balos"

Balos Beach is the leader in the rating of "good beaches of Greece" . This unique place is located on the western coast of the island of Crete. The road there is difficult, and sometimes the obstruction reminds a movie about Indiana Jones. But, perhaps, because of this beach "Balos" and retained its virgin purity. The uniqueness of this place is that at this point three seas merge. Amazing combinations of all shades of blue and green emphasize overgrown with pines and cypresses rocks. Not far from the coast there is an island of Gramvousa with an ancient pirate fortress. In addition to breathtaking stories about the buried treasure somewhere around here, you can personally observe the sea turtles that get out to bask on the sand of the beach. In beauty "Balos" is compared with Santorini. Honeymooners of the United Kingdom, Charles and Diana spent their honeymoon here. It is best to get here by boat from Kavonisi Kissamos.

Elafonisos Island

It is not necessary to confuse this site of land near the southern shores of the Peloponnese with the same beach in Crete. The name "Elafonisos" translates as "The Island of the Deer". There are no animals here for a long time, but there are a lot of tourists, especially in the "high" season. On the island are such good beaches of Greece as "Sarakiniko", "Simos" and "Panagia". Oleny Island is convenient because it is not so far from the capital, so in the weekend the density of vacationers there is doubled. But this Elafonisos is completely unfamiliar to the Russian tourist, in contrast to his Cretan brother.


This southern country on postcards, posters and booklets is usually advertised by the beautiful beaches of Greece. And even if you have never been to this blessed God, you probably already saw the Navagio. The beach is as popular as Santorini. It is located on the island of Zakynthos (Russian tourists are accustomed to call it Zakynthos). It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But you can get here, as well as on the "Balos", only in a boat. Perhaps this circumstance also owes the beach its uncomplicated beauty. Therefore, fans of water scooters, riding on "bananas" and other motorized water sports activities, please do not worry. "Navagio" does not have all this, but otherwise the tourist infrastructure is well developed there.

And again Elafonisos

If we were to make the rating "The best beaches of Greece for children", then this place on the island of Crete would take the first position. The small and calm sea, completely devoid of all stones, the shore, excellent service - rescuers, showers, equipment hire make Elafonisos desirable for families with kids. The sand here is amazing: pink, like marshmallows. They say that it is brought by winds directly from the Sahara. After all, this large African desert lies exactly opposite the southern coast of Crete. The only drawback of the beach is its remoteness from the noisy resorts and lack of natural shade. Be sure to take with you a sun umbrella. The road to Elafonisos is long, but very picturesque. You can have lunch in a nearby village. Not far from the "Deer" beach is located and "Balos" - number one in our rating.


This is the whiteest beach. Greece has a lot of them, but in the recent ranking of the most beautiful coasts of the world, "Egremni" took one of the leading positions. And it was the only one that represented the resort area. It's rather strange: after all, few people know about Egremni. The more sophisticated the public gathers on this beach. All are completely young and healthy people. Still - to overcome about a thousand steps down, descending from the Cretaceous rocks, and then as much upwards - not everyone can. But the reward for heavy physical tests will be the turquoise sea and white as snow and soft as velvet sand. On the beach there is only one small cafe, but the food there is simply divine. The beach is never crowded because of its inaccessibility. It is preferred by romantic natures. This is an ideal place in all senses, only thirty kilometers south of Lefkada. From the hotels of this resort you can recommend The Aigli Hotel.


Several years ago, Greece itself, whose beaches photos make up its best reputation, recognized this region as the most beautiful coast of the country. And it means something! This paradise is located on the western shore of Kefalonia. "Mythos" really captivates the imagination. Turquoise water is so transparent that even at a depth of 5-7 meters, each stone is visible. The surrounding landscape with pine trees, the air, filled with the flavors of the needles, seems to say: "This is the quintessence of the Greek idyll". Probably, that's why "Myrtos" became the foreground for the shooting of the movie "Captain Corelli's Choice". But mines, like in the movies, here, of course, do not explode. On this embodiment of the dream of Hellas, you can relax in all categories of tourists, but most of all here you will like quiet or romantic natures.


The small island of Pano Koufonisi in the Cycladic archipelago has something to surprise the guests. The good beaches of Greece are associated primarily with parties and discos. You can recommend "Mykonos", it's not uncommon there, but a pleasant regularity. However, everyone gives a head start "Finikas", or by the name of the nearby town, Preveli. Having overcome on the car the narrow road winding among rocks, and then on foot on a steep slope, you will appear as if in paradise. If you are not in the physical form to ride the steep cliffs, you can get to the "Phoenix" by boat. In this Eden, a mountain stream flows into the Libyan Sea , forming a small bay. Near the shore there is a rock, shaped like a heart. If you came to Greece to spend a honeymoon, then for sure you are here. The grove of date palms creates a natural shadow. The breeze disperses the summer heat. And the rastamans, who are not clinging under the palms of this oasis, only emphasize the relaxing and romantic atmosphere of this place.

"Super Paradise"

Those who have holidays in Greece associated with parties and discos, you can recommend "Mykonos". This is not an island, but a continuous, ongoing party. Russian tourists here are very few. But otherwise the audience is very diverse. It is believed that Mykonos is a place of elite rest. The northern coast is preferred by surfers. And the beach of Super Paradise was chosen by nudists. The very name "Paradise" says that people want to feel like Adam and Eve in the garden of bliss. Following the nudists, representatives of sexual minorities also come to Paradise. So here you can easily see two Adam or a couple of Ev. On narrow paths "Mykonos" you can move except on scooters. And the rest of the tourist infrastructure is excellent. The small "Mykonos" is even called Ibiza Greece.

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