Whether take in army with a scoliosis and a platypodia

Most modern guys do not really want to serve in the army. Therefore, they are interested in what diseases will help "cut off" from the call. In particular, one of the most common questions is: "Are they taken to the army with scoliosis and flat feet?" Moreover, these two diseases are very common.

Are they taken to the army with scoliosis?

Scoliosis is taken to the army, but not always. Most often it depends on the degree of deformation of the spine. If you are wondering whether the army is taking scoliosis with 2 degrees, then the answer you may not very please. Not wishing to get into the army with scoliosis, you need to provide a medical history during the medical examination, as well as an X-ray. It is also better to make a conclusion by an outside doctor, not from the military registration and enlistment office. After all, they need to send to the army as many people as possible, so the conclusion can be done incorrectly. But only in the military enlistment office they will determine whether a guy will go into the army or not. It depends on what category it falls into.

If you are wondering if you can get into the army with scoliosis, then you need to consider the following: only those recruits who fall under the category "A" are eligible. In category "B", duty stations are limited, but you can not get release. That is, even with such a category in the army take. If you fall under the category "G", then you will be given a respite for six months, and then you will be forced to go through a medical commission again. After identifying the angle of deviation, physicians decide which category to refer to the patient.

1 degree of scoliosis

Some are wondering whether they are taking an army with scoliosis 1 degree. In this case, it will not be possible to get liberation from the army, since this disease is not serious. Although if you do not treat it, it can progress.

Symptoms: worse posture, pain in the neck. In this case, you can use gentle methods of treatment, after which the body is restored very quickly. This LFK, manual therapy, a set of exercises, a posture corrector. All this can be done at home. Daily army drills are conducted in the army, which will help to correct the posture.

Are they taking the second degree of scoliosis with the army?

At a scoliosis of 2 degrees the category "B" is given, that is young men admit suitable, but they can not serve in each company. If doctors have suspicions of right-sided scoliosis, they send the patient to the X-ray, deciding whether the patient will go to the army. Symptoms: there is an asymmetry of the body, which increases after a long stay in a standing position.

After the appearance of asymmetry, scoliosis of the 2nd degree progresses rapidly to grade 3. Treatment is performed with the help of exercise therapy (physiotherapy exercises). Also positively affects massage, exercise complex, manual therapy, posture corrector.

3 degree of disease

If you are interested in whether the army is taking scoliosis with 3 degrees, then the answer is negative. Although in rare cases, even with such a disease, young people can get under the call. Symptoms: the curvature of the spine is very strong, the hump appears, the thorax moves. This leads to disruption of the activity of some internal organs (heart, lungs).

Whether take with 4 degree of a scoliosis

Symptoms: the functions of the spine and organ systems are violated, the heart is shifted, there are problems with breathing, endurance, edema appear. The army does not exactly take guys under 25 years, who fall under the category "D". They are given a "white" military ticket. The army is not taken with scoliosis 4 degrees, giving the patient a release from service.

Flatfoot groups

Many do not know whether they are taking to the army with scoliosis or flat feet. With the first disease we have already figured out, so we move on to the second. Flattening is divided into 4 groups:

  • "A". This is a very serious violation of the foot, in which the young man does not exactly fall into the army. He will receive the category "D" and will be declared unfit for service.
  • "B". It is also quite a serious violation, but in this case the recruit will be recognized as having a limited suitability. That is, in peacetime it will not be called, but in the event of war it will happen.
  • "AT". The conscript also receives the category "B", but is recognized as fit for service. However, it can only be sent to places with favorable conditions.
  • "D" - violations of foot functions are not revealed. A guy is considered fit for service in all companies.

Complications of flat feet

Now the question of whether the army is taken with scoliosis or flat feet is quite urgent, since these two ailments are the most common. Sometimes they can be accompanied by some other complications, in which the service is categorically prohibited. After all, flat feet almost always flows together with arthrosis. If the draftee has arthrosis and 3 degree of flatfoot, then according to the law he can not be taken to the service. But with a second degree of flatfoot from the army to slope is unlikely to work, if there is no arthrosis. Otherwise it is also forbidden to serve.

If, in spite of the diagnosis, you are forced to go into the army, you can file a suit against the military enlistment office, as the law is violated. Do not believe everything that is said in the military enlistment office. The aim of its employees is to call as many people as possible. Do not leave originals of medical data in the military commissariat (doctor's conclusions, certificates, medical records, X-rays), as here they may be lost.

Who will dot all the "and"

If you are wondering whether you are taking into the army with scoliosis or flat feet, it depends on the degree of illness, form, its course. It is impossible to determine this independently. The decision regarding the fitness for the army should be made by an orthopedic trauma specialist. If there is no such specialist, then the surgeon can diagnose him instead, but he does not determine whether to take the guy into the army or not. The conscript must necessarily undergo an x-ray, after which the radiologist will also draw his conclusions. The final decision is taken in the military enlistment office.

Not everyone knows if they are taking scoliosis with the army, since this does not happen in all cases. Usually, boys who suffer from scoliosis of grade 3 and 4 are not sent to the service. But if the doctor intentionally wants to reduce the degree of disease, to send a young man to the army, then you can complain to him in writing to his boss. Find out what the doctor diagnosed wrong, will help x-ray. If you are sure of the wrong diagnosis, it is better to be examined in another clinic.

Thus, most often the army is taken with scoliosis and flat feet. Heavy degrees and forms of the disease are much less common. In this case, you can "slice" from the service. If, despite the severe form of the disease, you are sent to the army, you have the right to file a complaint with the military enlistment office.

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