High-altitude city - the park "Mowgli"

If you ask an adult about whether he was climbing trees in childhood, the answer will be positive. Even the townspeople who do not have suburban garden plots, no relatives in the villages, still conquered mulberry and apricots growing in the city. It was just so interesting! Especially to tinker in the forks of the branches of the nest-hut. Now, with the advent of rope parks, adults are happy to conquer obstacles, and more, they return to childhood with their children and grandchildren.

High-altitude city

A modern amusement park with a sports and entertainment focus with adventures and flights - this is the high-rise city, which is the park "Mowgli" in Yekaterinburg. The time spent in the park will give the explorers a good mood and a lot of impressions. There is a climbing wall in the town of nine meters high. Those who wish to experience themselves in rock climbing are provided with modern automatic insurance. The only restriction on the climbing wall is that the competitor should not weigh more than 100 kilograms.

Airways are designed for different ages and different levels of physical fitness. Routes on the tracks are designed so that they do not interfere with the participants to go through each section of the route. Prior to the commencement of the training, an instruction with the participants of the routes is mandatory. Instructors tell in detail how to behave at a height, introduce carbines, learn how to properly quilt them when moving from one passage to another. It is mandatory to train on a mini-training track, where the skills of fastening the carbines are tested and it is checked how correctly the rules about which the instructor told about are learned. Instruction and study pass all, regardless of how often the participant will work on the track.

For the little ones

The smallest children are waiting in the park Mayakovsky in the "Mowgli" four children's tracks. The smallest athletes, aged 3 to 6 years and growing to 110 cm, master the route "Anthill". It is equipped with a special grid. Passing this route is a real game of walking on wooden steps and a log that does not swing. Parents have to wait a long time, until their child does not play enough. This pleasure for the child costs 150 rubles. The next track is "Yellow", which children pass from 6 years old. It includes the simplest elements of transitions and re-stitching of carbines. The length of this route is 130 meters. The passage through it will cost the parents 150 rubles.

Trails for schoolchildren

Two more tracks in the park Mowgli belong to the children, this is "Orange" and "Green". On "Orange" are allowed younger schoolchildren, whose age is from 8 years. The track is at a height of 3-4 meters above the ground and includes 16 different stages of the path. The length of the route is 140 meters, the cost is 200 rubles. The track with pleasure submits to younger schoolchildren. It was at this age that their grandparents conquered the trees. Next - "Green" track. The children from 10 years old are being honed by their dexterity and flexibility. Starting from this route, there is already an increasing complexity from the simpler elements to the more complex ones. The length of the route is 130 meters, the height above the ground is 4-5 meters, the cost of passage is 250 rubles. Children, passing different levels of difficulties, "temper" their character and receive a lot of positive emotions. On all four routes, children are not only necessarily insured with belts and carbines, but also accompanied by an adult family member or instructor.

Instructors of the park "Mowgli" draw their parents' attention that if they want, the child can pass the track again, paying 50 rubles less if the equipment was not removed.

Adult courses

In the rope park "Mowgli" there are tracks for teenagers and adults, which are also subdivided into difficulty levels depending on the age of the participants. By the way, the weight of an adult participant should not exceed 100 kilograms. Participants from the age of 14 can master the "Red" route. The length of this route is 190 meters, and consists of 19 stages. The construction of the road is at an altitude of 5-7 meters. Passage of this route costs 300 rubles. All obstacles are overcome under the strict supervision of instructors who assist participants in case of difficulties on the track.

There are trails in the park "Mowgli", which can conquer the brave. It is recommended to conquer them from the age of eighteen. The length of the "Black" route is 180 meters. The height at which participants pass sixteen stages of their route is nine meters. The most difficult route is the "Black Plus" track. The entire route runs at an altitude of 10-13 meters and consists of 24 stages of high complexity. The length of this route is 280 meters. This route costs 450 rubles.

What is the complexity of black trails

Two black tracks are not exactly for beginners. People come to them, physically prepared, extremals. The track passes in mountaineering equipment, consisting of cables and carbines. The participant is given gloves and a helmet. The track starts with a climbing wall, that is, there must be skills to conquer this attraction. The top of the climbing wall is the beginning of the path along the "Black plus" track. It begins with a height of 10 meters. On the track involved two carbines and a roller. There are complex flights on the rope and the passage of so-called DNA - wooden sticks, twisted in the form of a spiral. After the passage along the route, the rescuers of the park "Mowgli" watch and, if necessary, come to the rescue.

The main thing is that they get past these routes, satisfaction from the fact that they can do it.

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