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Stey-house "Bison". Restaurant "Bison" in Moscow

"Bison" - a restaurant that is known among Muscovites and guests of the capital as a place where the best steaks are served in the city. Guests celebrate home interiors and professional work of waiters. Prices in this institution can not be called democratic, but qualitatively prepared meat dishes are cheaper to find in Moscow.


It is worth making a small amendment. "Bison" - this is not one restaurant, but a whole, although so far and small, a network of institutions. They are located near the next metro stations: "New Cheryomushki", "University", "Paveletskaya", "Trubnaya", "Kitay-Gorod". The most visited restaurant is the one that is located on Malaya Dmitrovka, house 20. After all, this institution is located in the heart of the capital. From its windows you can see a view of one of the most beautiful Moscow streets

But the restaurant "Bison" at Profsoyuznaya is also quite popular. Especially among residents of houses located in the vicinity of the metro station "New Cheryomushki". In addition, there are two large shopping centers nearby, one of which is Panorama. Therefore, those who prefer to visit the institution on Profsoyuznaya (house 66) on weekends reserve a table in advance.

Restaurant "Bison" (Moscow) can also be found at the following addresses:

  • Lubyansky passage, house 15, building 2.
  • Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Building 2.
  • Michurinsky Avenue, Building 8, Building 2.
  • Sadovnicheskaya embankment, the house 25.

Restaurant "Bison" on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, as well as the establishment, located near the station "Kitay-Gorod", is worth visiting the capital's guests after a long walk through the historical districts of Moscow. But first it is necessary to get acquainted with the menu and the price policy of these establishments.

Meat dishes

"Bison" - a restaurant that is unlikely to attend a vegetarian. In the menu of this institution, of course, you can find lean dishes, but there are not many of them. This is not surprising. After all, in the menu of any steak house, namely, to this type of restaurant is the restaurant "Bison" (Moscow) - must be rich hearty dishes from beef. There are several such positions in the price list of each of the establishments whose addresses are presented above. And the price of the most inexpensive steak is 2430 rubles (350 g.). Cook cooks "Bison" it from Uruguayan beef.

Other dishes

As for cold snacks, here you can find not only carpaccio, which in the classical version is also prepared from beef. There is also smoked salmon, and Norwegian herring. By the way, one of the few dishes that a vegetarian can accidentally bring to himself when he is vegetarian in the "Bison" (restaurant), is a vegetable assortment. The composition of this dish includes tomatoes, radish, greens and cucumbers. The cost of such a light snack is almost a thousand rubles for 500 g.

Strange dishes in this chain of restaurants are prepared, oddly enough, not from meat. These include hot snacks, which are perfectly combined with beer. Among the dishes from the chef, there are tiger shrimps, garlic croutons, squids in the menu of each of the restaurants of the "Bison" network. There is also a dessert prepared according to a unique recipe. At the heart of his meringue and prunes. The cost of dessert from the chef - 630 rubles.


In restaurants "Bison" a wide range of drinks. In the menu you can see several aperitifs, various kinds of strong drinks (not only vodka, cognac, whiskey and tequila, but also calvados, which are not so often found in such establishments), several beers. But as is known, wine is combined with the steak. And to be able to select it for this or that meat dish is a whole science. In each of the restaurants "Bison" waiters do not just offer to view the wine card (which is quite extensive), but also give professional advice.

What are the prices for alcoholic beverages in these establishments? Wine lovers know the approximate cost of one bottle of dry "Pinot Noir". In the "Buffalo" it is 6100 rubles. Whether this price is too high or quite acceptable-judge only the habitue of the capital's steakhouse, who prefers to spend the evenings with a glass of red wine.


What else can you say about the establishments of the Bison network? The restaurant is not just a kitchen and a bar. This is also the special atmosphere created by the staff. A good waiter should help the guest in choosing not only a dish, but also a suitable drink. And if we are talking about an establishment specializing in the preparation of steaks, then the staff of the hall should be familiarized with the technology of cooking meat dishes. Waiters in restaurants "Bison" not only are interested in the guests the preferred degree of roasting, but can also demonstrate raw beef tenderloin so that the visitor himself made a choice. This is called the "Steak Show".

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