Description and working principle of sandwich mark Maxwell MW-1552

To at any time quickly and deliciously feed the family, the hostess does not need to be a great cook. It's enough just to have a Maxwell MW-1552 sandwich in her kitchen. With her help, you can prepare excellent sandwiches, which will surely please every member of the family.

The right things

Nowadays, every housewife in the kitchen has many assistants. Household appliances have firmly entered every house. Today it is difficult to imagine how you can cook food without having specially designed for this purpose smart devices. One of such necessary technical inventions is Maxwell MW-1552 sandwich maker.

The unit is very simple to operate and is a device with which you can prepare a full breakfast for the whole family in a matter of minutes. And given the shortage of time in the conditions of modern life, this is a real find. Maxwell MW-1552 takes on all the hard work. The hostess can only choose the necessary components and put them into the machine in a certain sequence. Everything else he will do himself. This distribution of duties is especially convenient when cooking is done by someone who understands little about this. So Maxwell, for example, can become the best friend for single men who, due to objective circumstances, are deprived of women's care and attention.

Main characteristics of the device

Maxwell MW-1552 is a machine of mechanical type. It represents two curved surfaces, under each of which is a separate heating element. Thus, the product is simultaneously prepared from two sides. It is very convenient and noticeably saves time. The temperature is uniformly distributed inside, and the heat-resistant plastic, from which the body is made, prevents the heating of the product from the outside. The device operates from a regular electrical network of 220 volts. The power of the unit itself is 700 Watts. Above it, there are two indicators, one of which confirms that the device is turned on and ready for operation. The second duplicates the operation of the relay and is activated at the moment when the heaters are heated to the desired temperature. It, in fact, is a readiness indicator and, in addition, provides protection of the entire device from overheating. Both heating plates have non-stick coating, preventing burning of products. Thanks to the pattern printed on them, four identical sandwiches of a triangular shape are obtained.

Principle of operation

To learn how to use a sandwich, do not have to be a great cook. It's enough just to read the instructions and try to follow all the recommendations of specialists. It's quite simple.

First you need to learn that this device is designed for cooking both open and closed sandwiches. As a rule, they represent not one, but two slices of bread or bread, between which the filling is distributed. That's why in the sales network the device is sometimes sold as a Maxwell MW-1552 sandwich. Although in this case there is no fundamental difference. After all, the technique of execution and the recipe composition of the finished product, everyone can choose at their own discretion. In any case, the device guarantees that the final result will be performed quickly and efficiently. In addition to convenience in operation, the device also has a rather original design. Thanks to this, it can harmoniously fit into the interior of any kitchen, no matter what style it is made.

User Reviews

Given the opinions and feedback from numerous customers, the Maxwell MW-1552 sandwich toaster has recently become one of the most popular acquisitions. It is bought by those who appreciate the combination of quality and functionality in home appliances.

The rapid heating of the machine and the high speed of cooking make it possible to minimize the time of the hostess's stay in the kitchen. And features of its design allow not to worry about the fire safety of the whole room. This is an important factor when it comes to life and health. True, in the opinion of the owners, the device has several rather significant drawbacks. Firstly, a short wire does not allow to install it where it is most convenient. Secondly, the device does not have a shutdown button. Therefore, it is always in working order, and this is not entirely convenient. To turn off, you must unplug the power cord from the outlet. But such problems can be considered irrelevant, because each of them can be easily solved.

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