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The choice of kitchen equipment is an important point, which should be taken as seriously as possible. When it comes to purity, knowledgeable people choose Teka without hesitation. Sinks of this brand have long been considered one of the best representatives in their field in the world market.

Description and characteristics

Proper organization of the workplace is always a guarantee of success. For the kitchen, this rule is especially important. When it comes to food processing and cleaning, it is better to use the equipment of proven quality for this. Teka is a sink that can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

They perfectly match strength, exquisite elegance, practicality and absolute safety for health. All this makes the products in demand and prominently distinguishes it from a common number of similar products. Teka - sinks, manufactured using exclusive technologies and the latest materials. This is done by a special laboratory, whose efforts are aimed at obtaining raw materials that have unique properties. The results, which the specialists of the corporation have achieved at the moment, already deserve approval and deserve special attention. Virtually all sinks of this brand are distinguished by their unique style and impeccable quality of performance. They are reliable, convenient to use and can harmoniously fit into the interior of any kitchen.

Manufacturer Company

Teka is a sink produced by a company established in Germany in 1924. Currently, it owns 25 enterprises located on three continents. This allows buyers of 110 countries in different parts of the globe to be able to purchase first-class kitchen equipment. It is worth noting that the Teka concern is the second largest producer of sinks in the world. The company's management pays great attention to the improvement of technology, as well as the use of new types of raw materials and materials. She owns many interesting developments, which have virtually no analogues. In addition, the company invests a significant part of the funds in improving the design of its models. Probably, therefore, each of its products has a bright individuality. Buyers in this case are very easy, because they can easily choose the right option, which will meet their requirements for color, material, size, configuration and installation method. With Teka, you can afford it.

Product range

Currently, the company-manufacturer, depending on the material of the products offers kitchen sinks Teka two types:

  1. Granite sinks. For the production, a material called "tegranite" is used. It is an artificial base with the addition of natural stone, a dye and a composite element as a binder. Finished products from it are characterized by increased resistance to high temperatures and various types of mechanical damage. For production, the latest development is also used - "nanogranite", which is based on acrylic resin and quartz sand. Such washes can last a long time, regardless of the conditions of their operation.
  2. Products from stainless steel. Highly alloyed chromium-nickel alloy gives the products resistance to chemical influences of aggressive media.
  3. Products from ceramics.

In addition, depending on the mounting conditions, the following models are distinguished:

  • Mortise;
  • For mounting under the table top.

In a separate subgroup it is possible to distinguish also corner sinks with bowls of the different form (rectangular and round).

User Reviews

Now there are many people in the kitchen who have Teka sink installed. The owners' feedback indicates that they are very happy with their acquisition. Take, for example, granite models.

Users claim that over the years they do not lose their appearance. Of course, because these products are absolutely not afraid of bumps or scratches. After serving for several years, the sink remains almost new. In addition, it is easily laundered. Although more correctly, probably, will say that it does not get dirty. The manufacturer offers models of ten different colors. You can choose any option, ranging from white to chocolate. Fans of non-standard solutions may like a product of sand color, as well as smoky or light beige. Of great interest are the round models. Their form is quite unusual and completely different from all that people are used to seeing at home. It's nice, when added to this, and increased strength. Among the most interesting specimens, as a rule, Teka Luna 60 B-TG is isolated. It is made of quartz sand and very effectively looks complete with any kitchen set.

Justified choice

Some buyers still like the metal kitchen sink Teka. Reviews of products from stainless steel also belong to the category of positive.

First, these products are more related to budget options. To them the statement about the conformity of price and quality is fully applicable. Most often, buyers try to purchase models in matt performance such as a basket lattice. Its advantage lies in the fact that in the process of operation, there are absolutely no traces and stains left on the surface. Microtexture hides any touch, and the product always looks like new. A high-quality and reliable alloy withstands quite high loads. You can absolutely not be afraid that the sink will bend or a crack appears on the bottom of the bowl. In addition, the product is protected from corrosion and resistant to any food acids and various detergents. This set of positive qualities is the determining factor in order to give it your preference and make the final choice.

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