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Nasal congestion during pregnancy

Nasal congestion during pregnancy is a certain difficulty in breathing, which almost every future mother faces. Linking the common cold to the virus and the common cold is not worth it, it can be placed in a row with such a pregnancy as: increased pigmentation or toxicosis. Although it happens, of course, and the consequence of a cold.

Nasal congestion during pregnancy, due to its prevalence, has its own name - rhinitis of pregnant women. He appears most often to the middle of the "interesting" situation, but passes after delivery. Of course, it happens that the runny nose is insignificant and does not give the woman special (or even any) trouble, but more often brings a lot of inconvenience. Firstly, it is discomfort from the very stuffiness of the nozzle. But there are other no less subjective reasons, such as headache or obstructed nasal breathing, which can trigger sleep disturbance. In some cases, nasal congestion causes such a strong swelling of the mucous membrane, that the disease becomes a real test, which is very difficult for a future mother without medicines. Sometimes it's just impossible.

To show nasal congestion during pregnancy can result from many factors. For example, due to inflammation and irritation of the nasal passages (as with allergies). In general, it can be both malignant formations, and ordinary colds. Or, as an option, - innate features of a woman who contribute to nasal congestion.

Among doctors there is an opinion that nasal congestion during pregnancy provokes hormonal changes in the female body. As a result of the placenta, a lot of estrogen is produced, and this, in turn, leads to swelling of the bony structures of the interior of the nose and an increase in mucus secretions. As a result, the future mother is disrupted by nasal breathing. Another reason for rhinitis - dry air in the house, so at this time it is recommended to use a humidifier.

Due to shortness of breath, the following symptoms appear:
• weakness;
• fast fatiguability;
• decreased efficiency.

This is because the brain does not receive enough oxygen. So you need to take urgent measures to eliminate the common cold. Medicines for fighting the common cold are naturally effective and can, even necessary, be used to treat it, but at other times. And now, when a baby grows and develops in the woman's tummy, the use of medications needs to be treated so meticulously and cautiously as ever.

So, if a woman is worried about nasal congestion during pregnancy, treatment should be as gentle as possible, and taking usual medications for its elimination is not recommended. Especially vasoconstrictive drops, such as nasivin, naphthysine or glazolin. After all, they contain harmful substances that can penetrate the placenta and disrupt the blood circulation in it (provoking disruptions in the development of the baby and the risk of developing hypoxia), as well as in the body of the developing in the womb of the mother of the child. In some cases, drops of this kind drastically dry the nasal mucosa, and also cause nasal bleeding.

To cure nasal congestion during pregnancy for certain and without subsequent complications, one can turn to popular "non-medicamentous" remedies. The main requirement - during this period you need to drink plenty of water, so that the nasal mucosa does not dry up. Also, do not forget to periodically flush the nozzle, often ventilate and maintain the optimum level of humidity in the room. In the horizontal position, sleep is undesirable, because the nasal breathing becomes even more complicated. It is better for sleep to use a large pillow. Doing inhalation with steamed boiled potatoes, you can easily get rid of the mucosal edema. And quickly to clean nasal ways pairs of onion and garlic will help.

If such methods do not help to get rid of rhinitis, it is better to seek medical help. In any case, it is not worthwhile to delay the recovery, as rhinitis leaves serious consequences for the health of mother and her future child.

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