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The television series "The Countess de Monsoro" (France) - the best adaptation of the novel by A. Dumas

In 1846, A. Dumas's widely known novel "The Countess de Monsoro" was published. France was the first country to film it. The first film was shot in 1913, but the best TV version, accurately conveying the historical events mentioned by the writer, was the 1971 television series. It was removed by J. Andrea, and Karin Petersen starred in the title role. There is also a more modern version of the film, filmed in 2008 by Michel Hassan, but it largely loses the previous version.

Intrigues, conspiracies and serious passions around the royal throne

In the second half of the 16th century, during the reign of the weak-willed, capricious and over-religious Heinrich III, the series "The Countess de Monsoreau" carries the viewer. France at that time is not in the best condition. Endowed with great influence, the clan de Gizov is preparing a coup, wishing to put on the throne of the Duke of Anjou, brother of the king. Henry III is childless, his brother will be crowned, but the duke is not against rushing things.

The king surrounds himself with pets, among which the most active are five "minions". They are confronted by the four "Anjou" from the retinue of the brother of the ruler. The most brave and brilliant among them is the Count de Bussy. Despite the intricacies of court intrigues, the drama series "Countess de Monsoro" is mainly about the tragic love. France in the 16th century was famous for its conspiracies against the rulers and for opposing various political groups.

The birth of love against the background of court intrigues

The best swordsman from the suite of the Duke of Anjou, Count de Bussy once engaged in a fight with four royal "minions". The man fought very well, but the forces were unequal, so he got seriously injured. The nobleman fainted, but woke up already in an unfamiliar place, where he was assisted. De Bussy saw only for a few seconds the image of a beautiful stranger before him, and then fell into unconsciousness. "Countess de Monsoro" (France) - a series about a great, but unhappy love. It very clearly shows the personal feelings of the characters and their influence on the course of historical events.

De Bussy soon recovered. But he can not find his place, the face of the stranger in the delirium constantly appears in front of his eyes. Worst of all, a man does not even know if this woman really exists, or whether she exists only in his mind and is a figment of a sick imagination. But there was a chance, and de Bussy met his stranger - the Countess de Monsoro.

France - the arena of political battles

The Countess liked not just one de Bussy. The eye was laid on it by the brother of the king. It is he who directs the Count approached him to go after the lady whom he liked. De Bussy was in for a terrible blow when he recognized his mysterious stranger in the favorite of the Duke of Anjou. But even this is not the main thing, because in fact the wife of the smug and cruel royal dexter is the Countess de Monsoro. The film (France in it authentically depicted and fully conveys the spirit of the 16th century) fully covers the political events taking place at that time, and simultaneously tells the story of two lovers.

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