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"Sherlock Holmes": actors who most accurately embodied the image of a brilliant detective

The literary character Holmes is about 125 years old, his film prototypes amicably march in step with the times, demonstrating the irrepressible imagination of contemporary directors. The image of the famous detective has long been divorced from the literary source, and his adventures overgrew amateurish continuations. The British detective gradually turns into a true folklore hero.

Tandem for ages

The cinematic demand for the duo of Holmes and Watson is easy to explain with the skill of Conan Doyle, because the description of adventures has a decent genre spectrum: from a mystical detective to a thriller mixed with a love drama. Clever, charming, brilliant detective Holmes and his only real and faithful friend Watson, though slightly naive, sometimes silly, perfectly harmonize, forming a tandem for ages. And Sherlockiana continues to live her own life, generating more and more new stories, among which the most famous on the world scale are the British versions. What is not surprising: still the homeland of literary heroes.

British TV series

The series 1964-1968. Produced by Great Britain "Sherlock Holmes" (the actor who played the role of detective - Douglas Wilmer, Watson - Nigel Stoke) was no longer the first film screening of Doyle's novel, broadcast on BBC. 12 episodes are released in black and white, in 1968, another 16 episodes were shot, but in color. Sherlock Holmes is played by Peter Cushing, who had experience of playing such a crucial role in 1959 in the full meter "The Dog of the Baskervilles", and Nigel Stoke invariably remains in the image of Watson. Although this film was very accurate, it turned out to be the most criticized.

Serial 1984-1985 titled "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes": the main character - truly English Sherlock Holmes - actor Mr. Jeremy Brett. He managed to convey the highest tragedy of the hero - intellectual perfection. Brett played genius genuinely brilliant: rampaging, obsession and top-level poetry - everything is in his character.

The series of joint production of the United Kingdom and the USA "Sherlock" (2010 - ...) offered the viewer an alternative version of the events carried over to our days. The main roles in it were performed by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The creators got a great show, in which the hilarious Cumberbatch is really adorable.

Curious incarnation

The series "Elementary" (2012 - ...) produced by the US can safely be called at least another incarnation. The project turned out to be quite successful, a free treatment of the original idea did not spoil it. Sherlock Holmes - actor Johnny Lee Miller, but Watson with a light hand of the creators became a woman (actress Lucy Lew), however, Moriarty also - Natalie Dormer. This incident did not alienate the fans, the series has high ratings, and critics to it are more than supportive.

There is another domestic series in 2013, "Sherlock Holmes." Actor Igor Petrenko played a controversial image, according to the idea of the creators, a brilliant detective - a quick-tempered young man who does not respect the law and etiquette. His faithful companion Watson (Andrei Panin) became a rascal and began to dissolve his fists. Lestrade (Mikhail Boyarsky) turned into a real despot, and Mrs. Hudson (Ingeborga Dapkunaite) not only looked younger, but also became the object of the romantic sighs of others.

Full Meter

After these experiments cinematographers with the characters of Conan Doyle from full-length pictures of the exact correspondence of the original idea can not wait. The most striking proof of this can serve as a film produced by the USA "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" (1939). The plot was based on William Gillet's play, which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself approved at the time. The events described in it are very far from the original narrative.

In 2009, the new Sherlock Holmes, a film whose actors embodied the parody of the classic Sherlockiana from Guy Ritchie, was on the roll. The director managed to preserve not only the intellectual intrigue, but also the dynamism of the narrative throughout the entire time-keeping of the picture, saturating the action with a fair amount of chaos, boxing fights and battle scenes. Guy Ritchie could not otherwise have been after the triumphant films Rock and Roll Role and Cards, Money, Two Barrels. But all this does not spoil the narrative, on the contrary, it makes history universally realistic.

Richevsky "Sherlock Holmes" is a film, the actors of which passed during the casting all nine circles of hell. If the choice of the performer of the role of Sherlock did not arouse (for the role was immediately approved by Robert Downey, Jr.), then the role of his partner Watson claimed more than 20 masters of the scene, among which were Chris Pine, Gerard Butler and John Cusack. Initially, Colin Farrell wanted to offer the role, but the director preferred to see Watson performed by Judah Law.

To be continued

If the first project of Guy Ritchie was dashing, the second film "Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows" (actors: R. Downey Jr., D. Lowe, N. Rapas, D. Harris, P. Anderson) became quite riotous. The adventures of the brilliant detective and his faithful friend are becoming even more powerful, dynamic and funnier, giving the impression that the director has driven a colossal dose of adrenaline into the nobly dusty original literary material.

In the revolutionary reinterpretation of Richie Sherlock from Downey Jr. - a real marginal and adventurer, playing not on the violin, but on the nerves of others. The following actors were considered for the role of Moriarty's antagonist: the charismatic Javier Bardem, the demonic Daniel Day-Lewis, the delectable Sean Penn, the unrivaled Brad Pitt and the mysterious Gary Oldman. As a result of a worthy opponent, Holmes on the screen embodied Jared Harris.

But in this mad wonderworker from Guy Ritchie there is no sense of dignity and nobility inherent in the domestic Holmes performed by Vasily Livanov. Director Igor Maslennikov presented the world with a series of films "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson." The actors who played in this franchise presented to the viewer the characters of the more old-fashioned, however elegant, thoughtful and self-ironic.

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