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Interesting films with Gundareva in the title role: a list

The famous Russian or, as it used to be called, the Soviet actress Natalya Gundareva remembered and was loved by more than one generation of spectators. Her career in film and theater is expressed in a solid figure - 35 years.


During her youth she did not even think about working in films. School productions in an art circle at the House of Pioneers did not instill in her love for the theater.

After the 10th grade Natalia went to work as a draftsman in the design bureau. And in the evenings she was educated in the evening school. For two years, I was able to climb the career ladder to assistant chief engineer of the project. By that time she had already finished the evening school and entered the preparatory course at the Moscow Civil Engineering Institute.

Training in the theater school and the first role

A good friend of Gundareva, Viktor Pavlov, made a lot of efforts, persuading her to apply to the Shchukinsky Theater School. In 1967 Natalia submits an application, successfully passes the exams and becomes a student.

In the year of graduation she receives job offers from several Moscow theaters. His choice stops at the Mayakovsky Theater. What happens in Gundareva's life next?

Since 1971, career in the theater, like any beginning actress, began with episodic roles. She debuted her first debut in 1974 in the production of Nikolai Ostrovsky's play "Let's count our people". The role of Lippki was noticed and appreciated by Moscow critics and theatergoers.

First roles in the cinema

In 1971 Natalia Gundareva was invited and for small roles in cinematography. If you remember the very first films with the participation of Natalia Gundareva, the list will be limited to 3 pictures. They include films: "In Moscow, passing ..." (a small role of a saleswoman in Moscow's GUM), "Hello and Farewell" (Natalia plays barmaid) and "I'm looking for a man". In the last named picture Gundareva plays the role of Masha's sister Mikhail.

By 1974, directors of both theater and cinema began to entrust Natalia with more complex characters. She has the opportunity to change the image of simple village women, all saleswomen, milkmaids and barmaids to more feminine. With the change of the image, the genres of films in which they invite her are beginning to change.

Comedy films with Natalia Gundareva's "Trufaldino from Bergamo" and "The Imaginary Sick" appear. In "Trufaldino from Bergamo", a comedy based on the play of Carlo Goldoni, the actress plays a servant in a rich house and the beloved of the protagonist. The role of a servant she gets and in the film "Imaginary sick." This girl is helping everyone, using her sharp mind and cheerful character.

"Sweet woman"

1976 can be called the year when the first films with Natalia Gundareva appear in the main role. For the main role in the film "Sweet Woman" the magazine "Soviet Screen" assigns her the title of the best actress of the year. Her main character, Anna Dobrokhotova, was charming and sweet at first. And after a spectacular and beautiful woman who dreams of happiness.

Goes, tears and achieves its own happiness by any means available to it. At the end of the film Anna has everything: a well-appointed apartment, good work, material security. There is only the main component - happiness. Under the guise of a "sweet" woman lies an unkind, soulless and selfish person.

Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk

After such a successful debut, the actresses are no longer afraid to trust the main roles in their paintings by famous directors. In the theater, the career, in turn, also begins to gain momentum. While the audience is discussing films with Gundareva, critics give her the highest rating for playing in the tragedy "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk". The role of the main character Catherine Izmailova is complex. To play it is necessary a difficult vital drama of the young woman dreaming of love. She has to commit more than one murder in the name of her feelings, and in the end she remains rejected by those for whom such great sacrifices were made.

Famous paintings from 1979-1983

Eighties are the years of the career of the famous actress. There are more pictures with memorable images.

If you recall the most interesting films with Natalia Gundareva in the title role, the list can be composed of several paintings.

  1. "Autumn Marathon" (1979). The role of Nina, the wife of the main character. The protagonist, a man of age, who has an adult, married daughter. On a personal level, he tries to combine love relations with a young woman, the visibility of family well-being with his wife and the friendly support of the former mistress. He is trying to impart normality to all this chaos, but only gets even more confused in the absurdity of the situation.
  2. "One day twenty years later" (1980). The role of mother-heroine Nadi Kruglova. A picture in which Gundareva was able to convey with her play the essence of maternal happiness. The woman has 10 children. Each child has his own character, a complex adolescent age, a definition of his role in life. And with each child from the first days of his life there is a mother. The actress miraculously was able to express emotions and reasonings, so interesting ladies. Her heroine is a cheerful, positive woman, a beloved and desired wife, a loving mother. "Mom - there is such a job" - this is the motto of the picture.
  3. "The hostel is provided to lonely people" (1983). The role of the staff worker of the textile plant Vera Golubeva. No wonder the director came up with such a sonorous name for the heroine. She lives in a female hostel. Helps others not to lose faith in happiness. He puts all his energy and spends his free time, helping to become happy to others. Sends marriage ads to all newspapers in the country. Helps to find each other people with different characters, destinies and living on different ends of the country. The choice is very serious. Thoroughly weighed. And she can help to create the most harmonious and loving couples. A kind fairy at the service of someone else's happiness, but always forgetting about himself.

Famous films from 1983-1988

The popularity of the actress is growing. Therefore, every year there were new films with Gundareva in the title role. The list will continue the paintings of the 80s:

  1. "Mistress of the orphanage" (1983). The actress plays the role of the director of the orphanage.
  2. "Winter Evening in Gagra" (1985). Gundareva plays the role of local celebrity.
  3. "Personal Case of Judge Ivanova" (1986). The actress embodies Judge Love Ivanovna on the screen.
  4. "Aelita, do not bother with men" (1988). Gundareva played the main character Aelita.

Other paintings

In the Soviet Union, not all films immediately went into hiring and received not so high popularity for a number of bureaucratic reasons. Continuing to make films with Gundareva in the title role. The list grew, but the attention of the audience was diverted to new actors. Popular films include the following films:

  • "Say a word to the poor hussar."
  • "Dulcinea of Tobos".
  • "The sold laughter."
  • "It" in the same year and shooting in the movie "Two arrows. Detective of the Stone Age. "
  • "Viva, midshipmen!"
  • "Vivat, midshipmen 3".
  • "Promised Heaven".

TV series

By this time the country began a boom in serials. Russian filmmakers began to work in a new direction. There were multi-series films, the main roles in which they tried to invite actors who had already been tested by time and glory. Natalia was among the first. We have already called the famous films with Gundareva in the title role - the list of her paintings was further enriched by the series. These include:

  1. "The Life of Klim Sangin." The shooting took place from 1986 to 1988. Natalia was invited to the role of Maria Petrovna Zotova.
  2. "Petersburg secrets". The most popular series of the 90's. Good staging, wonderful actors' play, costumes in the spirit of that time. Natalia got one of the main roles of Princess Tatyana Lvovna Shadurskaya.
  3. «». She played the role of Marina, a professional psychologist.
  4. "Salome". I played matchmaker Vasilis Savvichna.

Remembering the films with Natalia Gundareva, I would not want to forget about the mite in the scoring of cartoons, where the main characters spoke in her voice. Such pictures include: "Whether a bird, or a beast", "Tale of a stupid husband", "Jester Balakirev."


For years of work in theater and cinema, not only human love awarded films with Gundareva in the title role. The list of government awards is also quite impressive. Suffice it to recall the most honorable of them:

  • Honored Artist of the RSFSR in 1980;
  • State Prize of the USSR in 1984;
  • People's Artist of the RSFSR in 1986;
  • Prize of the President of the Russian Federation in 2002.


Now you know the famous films with Natalia Gundareva, we have compiled the list. List of paintings, performances and awards, of course, incomplete. Natalia Georgievna worked always with dedication. To realize the ideas of the directors she always succeeded in full force. No director can remember a bad case. Actress career gave the actress 35 years of his life.

Despite the abundance of films in the filmography, the theater in which she worked, was alone. The one that the actress originally chose after graduating from the school is the Moscow Mayakovsky Theater.

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