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Escaping compatibility. Scorpio and Gemini - at different poles of the universe.

From the side it may seem that the cardinal difference between these two signs will be the foundation on which compatibility will arise. Scorpio and Gemini will successfully complement each other. It is known that opposites are attracted. But this pair in this case is an exception to the rules. Of course, the marriage between Gemini and Scorpio is not so rare, but the couple will have to overcome a very thorny path before the spouses reach harmony. We suggest that you consider some aspects of the relationship between the pair Gemini and Scorpio. Perhaps this will help partners better understand each other's characteristics.
Representatives of the sign Gemini have not only a lively, mobile mind, but also a non-permanent character. If you can not do anything very quickly, the Twins lose interest in this project. Scorpions, on the other hand, plan and carefully plan everything and certainly bring it to completion. Agree, if the couple begins to reproach each other these features of character, their compatibility will be threatened. Scorpio and Gemini will be able to avoid friction on this issue if they learn how to interact productively, using each other's strengths .
Under no circumstances will these partners converge on views on love and marriage.
Scorpio is very difficult to contact, but if he considers a person close, he risks becoming a witness of all his spiritual torment.
In the case of Gemini, this number will not work. We can say that Gemini has no ability to listen to another person completely. This is its natural feature. After all, the karmic purpose of Gemini is the collection and transmission of information.
However, reaching the middle age, the child of Mercury acquires some kind of worldly wisdom, begins to appreciate loved ones and tries to understand their problems. Scorpio will only need to overcome this time interval with honor.
It is known that Scorpios are very jealous, but the list of virtues of Gemini does not include constancy. Representatives of this sign are always in search of adventures, even if they are already burdened with a family and a bunch of kids. If Scorpio expects the partner to be faithful and completely dissolving in domestic problems, he risks staying with a broken heart and in proud solitude. Strangely enough, this sounds, but it is the complex character of the representative of the water element that is the foundation on which compatibility will be built. Scorpio and Gemini may well be together if the first will use his talents as a born psychologist.
At once it is necessary to notice that expecting from Gemini any actions aimed at preserving the relationship is an unpromising occupation. For the most part, representatives of this sign are easier to go on a free voyage than to save the sinking ship of their own marriage.
Despite the fact that family life in this pair will develop not without effort, the sexual horoscope of compatibility of Scorpio and Gemini promises to the partners many pleasant moments. Curiosity Gemini extends, including, and on the sexual sphere, besides nature did not deprive them of their temperament. Representatives of this sign are able to be different: gentle or imperious, timid or bold. If it comes to the pleasures of the flesh, then this property is always attractive and not only for Scorpio.

Representatives of the elements of Water, in turn, are very sexy, inventive and sensual. This couple has something to tell each other in the science of passion tender. Often, sex is the only thing on which their compatibility is based. Scorpio and Gemini peacefully exist side by side exactly as long as their intimate life does not violate adultery or loss of sexual interest from one of the partners. However, in this case, it does not do without difficulties. In order to maintain the constant interest of the partner, Scorpio will have to try very hard and even step over his own fastidiousness.
It's better to rest this couple separately, because partners have different biorhythms and for completely restoring their strength they need absolutely different things.
Scorpio can hardly be called a homebody, but it is preferable for him to rest in places he is familiar with. Most often, this is his own cottage outside the city. The twins need to be in the thick of things. Night clubs, stadiums and fitness centers are his element.
The ideal scenario for the family life of Gemini and Scorpio looks like the guardianship of the second over the first. In spite of the fact that the Twins are ruled by a reasonable Mercury, they too long remain children in the shower and do not like to take responsibility. Scorpio, on the contrary, will be pleased to take care of and guide. The main thing is that he does not get carried away by this process and does not confuse wise mentoring with jealous ownership.
Of course, only the individual horoscope Gemini and Scorpio, based on personal data, can reveal all the subtleties and nuances of relations. But in any case, the marriage between Gemini and Scorpio is a one-way game. If such a state of affairs suits you, you can, without hesitation, go to the wreath.

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