Bioderma Sebium - therapeutic cosmetics for oily skin

Unfortunately, oily rough skin, clogged pores and acne are not uncommon. And although these problems are most often observed in the adolescent period, when the body has a mass of hormonal rearrangements, they often appear in more mature age. It was to combat these defects that the Bioderma Sebium cosmetic line was created.

First of all, it should be noted that for today the cosmetic company "Bioderma" is considered one of the best manufacturers of medical products for skin care. Many dermatologists prescribe such drugs to eliminate certain skin problems. This product is used in more than 65 countries.

Series Bioderma Sebium includes several products at once, the use of which guarantees optimal skin care for your skin. Of course, experts recommend the use of several developments at once.

Bioderma Sebium. Cleansing mousse

It perfectly suits the owners of oily and combination skin. In its composition, it has a plant base, as well as sulfides of copper, zinc and active fluids, which have a great effect on the condition of the skin tissues, gently cleansing and reducing the amount of excreted fat.

Gumming gel from Bioderma Sebium

This remedy is for deep cleansing, suitable for oily skin with enlarged pores and acne. As for the composition, here there are salicylic acid and fluidactive, polyethylene microspheres (as abrasive particles) and glycolic acid. This remedy gently removes dirt and gums, copes well with black dots. In addition, the active components normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and accelerate the processes of cellular regeneration.

Cream from Bioderma Sebium

After deep cleansing, the skin needs to be treated with a cream. It contains salicylic acid and zinc, which are best suited for the care of oily and combination skin with enlarged pores and acne. The cream has antiseptic properties, quickly removes inflammation, eliminates redness and protects from pustular processes.

Matting emulsion Bioderma Sebium

This cosmetic product is created specifically for applying makeup, because for oily skin is quite difficult to choose the right foundation. It quickly adapts to the natural shade of the skin, smoothing the color. In addition, thanks to matting elements, it removes greasy gloss and absorbs excess sebum.

Bioderma sebium hydra

Even oily skin needs constant moisturizing. It was for this purpose that a cream was created that contains vitamin E and laminaria extract. It not only gently moistens the tissues, but also removes inflammation and protects from exposure to harmful environmental factors.

Bioderma sebium : consumer reviews

As a rule, patients who use the funds of this series are satisfied with the result. Regular use of cosmetic products for oily problem skin really positively affects the condition of tissues, helps to get rid of acne and permanent inflammation. The only drawback can be considered the price - such products are not affordable for everyone.

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