Antibacterial soap "Safeguard" (Safeguard): reviews

Soap "SafeGuard" has passed through many tests and has proved itself as a very high-quality product, which many people rely on in their everyday life. It very well cleanses the skin of bacteria.

About the product

There is an antibacterial solid soap and a liquid form of the substance. You can take the goods with different smells, for example chamomile, scarlet or lemon.

Liquid soap "SafeGuard" is characterized by the fact that it does not dry the skin of users, many like the way it foams. After it there is a wonderful fragrance. At the same time, do not advise too zealous with this means of hygiene, because it contains alkali. Effects are exerted on components that kill harmful bacteria. Because of this detail, the skin can be "shocked" by such a sharp impact. Toilet soap performs its function well. However, negative details were also noticed by direct users. For example, when weighing during the study, the mass of soap is 3-4% less than what is written on wrapping paper.


Soap "SafeGuard" passed a large number of tests, where it was tested by teams of 40 people with different types of skin. According to the responses of the respondents, it can be concluded that the drying of the skin did not occur almost to anyone. Owners of fat and normal types were satisfied.

Those whose hands were not naturally moisturized to the proper extent, simply used a cream that easily smoothed out all possible negative effects. And again, soap "SafeGuard" is not suitable for abundant and long-term use. One week will be enough to not cause harm.


Toilet soap contains a pH-alkali, which can dry out the surface of your body if you are too keen on using this product. It should not be stored in conditions characterized by too high humidity. Cracks may appear.

Choose for storage that from places of your house where it will be drier. Safeguard antibacterial soap has a pleasant and comfortable form, typical of the whole brand. There is a so-called "waist", which is in the middle of a piece. Thus, the product is very comfortable to hold in hands. It was tested by a lot of people who really noticed this comfortable feature. Foaming and soaping is quite easy.

Also in the product include: water, glycerin, triclocarban, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium chloride, palmic acid, penta-natrium pentetate, disodium ethidronate, benzyl benzoate, citronellol, linalool, eugenol, geraniol and the like.

Customer feedback

Experts and people who participated in the tests say that they like a pleasant and easy aroma, naturalness. These signs were noticeable in other products of the line.

Soap "SafeGuard" is well washed off dirt and perfectly removed from the skin. Pack this product in a leaky package of paper, if we talk about a solid version. Outside polymer coating. Following the results of numerous tests, in fact the mass may be somewhat less than promised. The difference is 3-4%. And this is in money equivalent from about 80 kopecks to 1 ruble, which is not from the best side characterizes the manufacturer, which, in fact, steals its customers. So, "Procter and Gamble" should think about its standards and production process properly.

In our time, the products of the "SafeGard" line are becoming more popular. Testimonials indicate that they are great for teenage children who are often dirty. Kids so generally put into your mouth anything that you get. And they both like to climb trees and collect all possible bacteria in their hands, and after that also eat the unwashed apple, which was courageously extracted in the process. It is extremely difficult to control the child at every step, however, when he comes home and wash his hands with such products, the risk of bowel diseases will drop significantly.


Do not neglect the rules of hygiene, because, by letting the matter out on its own, you can see negative phenomena occurring in your own body. People try to take care that their hands are as clean as possible.

Especially the product is liked by tourists or summer residents, who are in touch with the beauty of nature, but still do not want to forget about their cleanliness. The train is also a zone of high risk, where such luggage will be very handy.

Even the packaging itself is pleasant to consumers, since it is beautiful and convenient. You can choose the most pleasant aroma for you. The form is excellent, you can part with the problem of getting soap from your hands. Slip will not be noticed. In addition, it is a product of fairly economical use, which will long please you with its service.

You will come in contact with a pleasant foam and a fantastic fragrance. With proper use, your skin will shine with cleanliness and will not dry out. Most consumers are completely delighted with this acquisition. Take care of your family and get this product. You will not regret. The product well relieves people from microbes.

Good reputation

The brand has been known on the market for many years, and many families have made it a part of their everyday life. Of course, it is hard to see with the naked eye what is happening on the surface of the body in fact, but the scientists who conducted the product examination gave satisfactory marks, noting the high quality. Users also note that they feel comfortable after use and are mostly satisfied. This is a good purchase for your bathroom. Hand washing will become very pleasant due to the delicate aroma and comfortable form. Moreover, you do not have to run for soap to the store often.

For "Safeguard" is inherent in the economy in use. Many families express sincere trust in the brand and advise it to their acquaintances. The current generation of adults and serious people remembers how their parents forced the little tombs to get rid of all the dirt collected in the yard sandbox.

So in separate families this element is passed between generations and accustoms children to this soap as well as to the rules of etiquette or the use of cutlery. The application is pretty nice and leaves a good impression.

So if you have not used it yet, be sure to try it. Chances are that you will not remain disappointed and will begin to wash with such a product on an ongoing basis. Do not deny yourself health and comfort, all you deserve only the best.

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