How to Grow Eyelashes

Many women believe that long and thick eyelashes are their calling card. And it's hard not to agree with this. After all at a meeting, on what first of all you pay attention? Of course, on the eyes. But to some people this beauty is given by nature, others have to think about how to grow eyelashes by themselves. This problem is solvable, and absolutely every person is able to take care of his appearance, in particular, to see his eyelashes long and fluffy.

There is a large number of modern eyelash care products that help them grow quickly. But do not rely on instant and positive effects. After all, how to grow eyelashes at home? About this, for sure, not everyone thought about it.

Immediately it should be noted that eyelashes live relatively short, about six months. Their average length is one centimeter. They fall faster than other hair of the human body. Before you grow your eyelashes and see the results of your efforts, you need to wait one to two months. But minor shifts in the positive side can be observed for about seven days. Since the eyelashes are the same hair as the others covering certain areas of the body, then the same means for intensive hair growth can be applied to them. However, it is worth considering that eyelashes are located in the immediate vicinity of the eye, so you must first check the effect of a drug for irritation or allergies.

How to grow eyelashes? Some recommendations will help you. One of them is a daily massage of the eyelids. This procedure consists of gentle tapping with the pads of the fingers in the direction of the growth of the eyelashes, then from the nose in the upper eyelid to the outer corners of the eyes. In regard to the lower eyelid, all actions must be performed in the opposite direction.

After massage on eyelashes it is necessary to put the oil promoting their growth. For this purpose, the most suitable is peach, almond, olive. And even better are the mixtures of these oils. Popular castor, as well as burdock oil in this case is not recommended, as they can not be left for a long time, in order to avoid swelling and swelling of the eyes. After applying the oils, you need to carefully and carefully comb the eyelashes.

In how to grow eyelashes, help and masks for them. You need to do these procedures every other day. For masks, castor oil is best . It, like no other, helps to strengthen and moisturize eyelashes, stimulates their growth, makes them dense, long and beautiful. Oil should be applied not only to the eyelashes, but also an abundant layer on the eyelids, while trying to avoid getting into the eyes. It must be remembered that castor oil should not be left for more than one hour. You can make a mixture of castor oil and rose oil in equal proportions. Also suitable mask from a mixture of equal parts of castor oil, aloe juice and finely chopped parsley.

Once a week cilia need to make a special compress using herbs such as chamomile, coltsfoot, calendula, cornflower. The recipe is very simple. You need to brew them in any favorite composition and insist for twenty minutes. Then in this infusion, moisten the cotton disc, put on the eyelids and lie down for half an hour. After this time, the discs must be removed, the eyes allowed to dry, and then apply the appropriate oil. With each compress, it is desirable to alternate the herb.

Now, of course, many people understand how to grow eyelashes, without making special efforts. You just need to take care of them properly and regularly. At night, it is recommended to remove mascara with mild detergents. This prevents the loss of eyelashes. Mascara is desirable to change every three months, and even better to abandon it for a time of special procedures that promote their growth. If this is not possible, then before applying the carcass, you can use olive oil, which will preserve eyelashes during the day, and also simultaneously contribute to growth.

At night, they must be combed, while hair follicles are stimulated, which helps the growth of eyelashes. When combing on the brush, you can drip a few drops of almond or olive oil.

Such simple recommendations will help to grow beautiful, long and healthy eyelashes.

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