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Metabo crosscut saws: specifications and reviews

Every specialist knows that cutting at an angle can not be called a simple task. To facilitate this, a miter saw should be used. This tool allows you to accurately saw the material at the right angle. Equipment of this type is used for carpentry, installation and finishing works. Using a similar unit, you can make a window frame, a door frame, lay a floor covering, carry out a fairly wide range of other works.

Main characteristics

If, after visiting the store, you are considering Metabo saws, it is important to pay attention to certain criteria that will allow you to make the right choice. The master must determine for himself the purpose for which he plans to use the tool. If the saw is not operated so often, it will be sufficient to purchase equipment with a standard set of functions. If you plan to perform quite complex work on cutting, then you need a professional tool. Metabo saws are safe, because they are used with a protective casing that closes the disc during operation. Experts can choose for themselves an aggregate with a large size and weight, but if you plan to use a saw at home, then the working tool should not be unnecessarily heavy. Otherwise, this circumstance can make work more difficult, and your hands will get tired. Pay attention to ergonomics.

About the dimensions of the cutting blade

Estimate the tool for yourself, it should be as convenient as possible for carrying out work. Considering the Metabo saws in the store, it is worth considering that the disk should have a normal size. The cutting tool should have a diameter of 20 centimeters or more. As the main characteristics of the miter saw are the depth and width of the cut, which will determine what can be processed on the unit. Among other things, much depends on the diameter of the disc, the higher this figure, the better. Pay attention to the quality of the frame of the swivel unit.

Reviews about miter saws

The Metabo 216 trimming saw can be used with a specific disc. If you want to select a disc, then you should rely on the material with which you will most often work. The main parameters of the disc are the outer and landing diameters. The last indicator, as a rule, is equivalent to 3 centimeters, as to the outer diameter dimensions, they vary from 21.25 to 30.5 centimeters. Before selecting a disc, you must pay attention to the fact that the engine is designed to operate a specific cutting element. Users argue that a large disk has a bad effect on the duration of the saw operation. But the quality of work, as the buyers emphasize, will depend on the geometry, material of manufacture and sharpening of the teeth of the disc. Some teeth excellently demonstrate themselves when making a transverse cut, while others provide high speed with longitudinal cuts. With the help of third discs you can perform a clean and neat cut. Some disc models have thin slits and wavy lines, they are designed to compensate for temperature changes and reduce noise during work.

Key Features

Metabo saws have a lot of characteristics, which must be paid attention at the time of purchase. The device should be not only technological, but also safe for the master. Considering such equipment, you should expect that the device is designed for a small width of a possible cut. To increase it, you should use a professional saw, which has a special traction function. Such tools have a working unit on the rods. The most common of these bars is two. The manufacturer Metabo, whose saw you can be purchased in the store, presents models with the extension of the table. However, to work with details of impressive diameters, additional supports may be needed. If you want to simplify the work, as the buyers claim, you can purchase a variant with folding stands. The moving part of the miter saws is located on a stable bed, it has a circular section, necessary for setting the cutting angle.

Consumers who wish to purchase the most reliable saw design prefer a model with a bed made of magnesium alloy or aluminum. Such frames provide high strength and mobility of the device due to low weight. Thus, some models weigh only 15 kilograms.

Laser pointer and turn adjustment

The manufacturer Metabo, whose saw may be your choice, makes models that are equipped with a laser pointer. This circumstance favorably distinguishes this product from the products of other manufacturers. With this functionality, you can ensure the maximum accuracy of the cut. But the correct broach allows you to increase the cut to 40 centimeters. If you are satisfied with a tool that will not be able to tilt the head to the surface of the desktop, then you can select the appropriate models. In them, the angle varies from 45 to 55 degrees. However, the manufacturer has provided a functional that provides a head rotation of 15; 22.5 and 30 degrees. At the same time, the weight of the unit will not exceed 30 kilograms. If you choose a Metabo miter saw, then you can prefer the option equipped with a truly unique system, which is known as XPS. With this add-on, you can see a line projected from the disk, which serves as additional lighting. In this case, the master has the opportunity to perform sawing with maximum accuracy. If you need the disk tilt functionality and turn control, you should be concerned about the availability of these add-ons. Such saws are a type of popular circular saws, which provide for fasteners for the desktop or workbench.

Miter Saw: Design simplicity

Metabo for home use should be simple design, most often such models have an engine, a base, a disk, and also a handle with a start button. If you face the task of cutting materials at a certain angle, you only need to turn the disc or table. For miter saws, this manufacturer provides for turning the disc in two directions.

Safety Reviews

Miter saw Metabo 216 KS is a rather popular model among buyers. Testimonials indicate that it provides maximum safety for the master during the work. Do not forget that such equipment is a cutting electric tool, so when you work you must use personal protective equipment by the type of glasses. Among other things, the safety system of the unit includes the presence of automatic shutdown when locking the disc. You can count on automatic locking during the replacement drive, smooth start and protection against breakdown. All models of the manufacturer provide a fast and convenient system for fixing the material to be processed. The Metabo KS 216 M saw provides even greater safety, as the system has electrodynamic brakes that smoothly and quickly stop the engine after power failure.


Still not so long ago saw Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut could meet only at experts of the business. However, even today a home master is able to purchase such equipment. Experts are not advised to make ill-considered purchases, if the device will not be used by you so often, since equipment is expensive. It takes up a lot of space, which is not always enough in the garage or shop. That's why even some specialists turn to a workshop for solving certain problems, where there is appropriate equipment.

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