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How to prepare for the exam 1 day before the exam: ways and recommendations

Almost every person was a student. And accordingly, many of us know what the session is. It is inevitable, as is the passing of exams. But the life of the student is full of interesting events, and many study is not in the first place. However, when the session comes, you have to gather your thoughts. And often negligent students ask themselves: how to prepare for the exam in 1 day?

What should I do first?

If there is only a day left before handing over the object, you do not need to delay. To begin with, you need to tune in for studies. Concentrate, drink coffee or citrus juice (these drinks have a good effect on mindfulness, increasing it), get out of all social networks and turn off the phone with the TV so that nothing can distract from an important matter. After that, you need to open a list of questions or topics and get acquainted with them. It is recommended to start with the most difficult. They should be stressed. Then, when complex questions are studied, you can move on to a simpler one.

It is strongly recommended to make notes - keywords or abstracts. So it will be easier to repeat the answer to the question and recall its main content. It is also desirable to seek a link between them. Often, questions overlap with each other. True, this applies to more humanitarian subjects than technical ones.

Distribution of time

There are many tips for people who are interested in how to prepare for the exam in 1 day. And most importantly, what a student should take into account, we must correctly allocate time. Let's say 45 minutes he teaches topics or questions, and then rest for 15 minutes. It is very important in this break completely to get distracted from mental activity. You can watch some videos on the Internet, drink tea or coffee, take a walk in the fresh air or just lie down. So it will turn out to fill forces and feel a rush of energy.

Another advise to distribute these time intervals and exam questions. Let's say a student has 30 tickets that need to be prepared, and a day for it all. So, for the notorious 45 minutes he must have time to make 3 pieces. Then - a break. Total preparation will take 10 hours. Starting at 10:00 am, it will be finished by 8 pm. Then you can make an hour break for two, and then repeat everything that was done in the past day. Yes, to study 10 hours is tedious. But if the student is faced with the question of how to prepare for the exam in 1 day, then you need to concentrate and for some time to get stuck in order to pass the subject.


No matter how complicated the subject, it will be necessary to understand it. Often the material is very difficult to learn. And this is a big problem. After all, no matter how phenomenal the memory of the student, what he does not understand, still will not be remembered. Therefore it is necessary to be refined. The best way to remember the incomprehensible material is to come up with associations. Many students do just that.

In general, it is desirable to get into the material and catch the essence. It is possible to disassemble the sentence literally by words - the meaning will still be found. And this will be the best way out, because if this ticket falls on the exam, the student will be able to tell everything in his own words and will not have to try to remember the wording from the abstract. By the way, most teachers appreciate this - when the student understands what he says. This indicates a student's knowledge of the subject.

Figures and formulas

All of the above exactly works if the student is preparing to hand over a humanitarian subject (history, psychology, pedagogy, etc.). But how to prepare for the exam for 1 day, if you have to answer physics, geometry, linear algebra? Everything is much more complicated here. Since these subjects can not be prepared spontaneously, they need to be walked on. But there is a way out.

Formulas and axioms are the main assistants in solving a problem or in some explanation. And you can remember them if you find in them a resemblance to the number that the student knows by heart. It can be some memorable date, a phone number or a birthday. In formulas, it is also often possible to see a familiar figure or sequence.

Using Your Abilities

Many students are happy to talk about how to quickly and effectively prepare for the exam. And the popular advice is that each student should use his own abilities. If a person has a well developed visual memory - then he needs to re-read the material. He unambiguously "imprinted" on a subconscious level. And if the auditory memory is well developed, then it is worthwhile to give answers to questions and tickets aloud.

And it is recommended to use motor memory. That is, write cribs. And if they can not be used in the exam, the work will certainly not be lost. After all, the material will be assimilated much better than with ordinary cramming. Even teachers are advised to write cheat sheets (only add that they must then be left at home). Why? It's simple. The cheat sheet was always a small piece of paper on which the most important, key information for the answer was written. The student, in order to write it, has processed far more than one page of the textbook or abstract. Accordingly, he thought, analyzed, chose the most important and wrote it on a piece of paper. And everything was postponed in his memory. So if a student thinks about how to prepare for the exam in one night, then it is worthwhile not to waste time writing cribs.


Above, several recommendations have been listed regarding how to prepare for the exam the day before it was surrendered. But not always everything goes according to plan. If the student is not accustomed to diligent studies and fruitful work, then literally after an hour of processing the examination material he will start to get tired and fall asleep. Well, then you need to stimulate yourself with all sorts of methods.

Excellent strong sweet coffee (natural, not soluble) and dark chocolate helps. You can add cinnamon, cream and milk to this drink. It's even better than pure coffee! Because in this case the drink will supply the body with not only invigorating caffeine, but also a considerable dose of carbohydrates. But do not drink energy. It is recommended to eat nuts. And sandwiches with honey. You can also eat black bread with salmon and avocado (though this is not everyone in the house).

And the best way to cheer up the body and stop wanting to sleep is physical activity. Short-term charging is enough! The approach of push-ups, sit-ups, warm-up for the shoulders and back, head rotation - and everything, the next hour the dream will not surely overcome the student. All this is also worth taking into account, thinking about how to prepare for credit for 1 day.

On the method of "Russian roulette"

Many students make a big mistake. They begin to prepare questions on the list and conscientiously select the material, parallel to its teeth. But now the time is already coming to sleep, fatigue makes itself felt, but there are still, say, 20 questions from the end. And the student thinks - okay, do not need to do them, probably will not fall. And on the day of the exam, he gets a ticket, consisting of questions, which were among the 20 not done. Labor is a waste. So, it's better to cover all the questions and on absolutely everyone to give a small answer in the preparation process. Whatever one may say, they all echo each other, and in extreme cases it will be possible to "pour water." Do not play Russian roulette and think that an unprepared question will not get caught. Usually it's the other way around.

Collective training

This is probably the best way. And effective. This often happens, "hour X" is not far off, and a group of negligent students grabs the head - how to prepare for the exam in one day? There are ways, and many have already been described. But the best method of preparation is collective. A group of those same students unites (someone in an apartment or in a dorm), then they distribute the questions among themselves and prepare them together. It turns out quickly and effectively - in addition, the company is working better, and certainly no one will let anyone fall asleep. The main thing - tune in to work. Otherwise, everything can grow into a party.

Before the exam

Well, the above was told about how in one day to prepare for the exam. But at last it is necessary to say a few more words about this topic.

So, it is very important before giving in to sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to begin preparation in the morning, in order to have time to lie down till midnight. Having come to the exam sleepy, yawning, dreaming of a pillow, it is unlikely to be able to concentrate and remember everything that was prepared. It will be a pity time spent.

In the morning, it's good to eat and recharge with caffeine. And most importantly - do not oversleep, because you need to put a few alarms. And on the way to the university to repeat the material - for example, sitting in the minibus, scroll through those questions that cause the most problems.

In principle, to prepare for the exam in one day is real. The main thing is to follow the recommendations listed above and to believe in yourself.

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