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"Pointes for Bunny": the actors played another story about Cinderella

The new four-part melodrama was released on Russian screens only recently - March 19, 2016. It was Veronika Samsonova's directorial debut, which she really wanted to make a romantic comedy. So, we get acquainted: the movie "Pointe shoes for Bunny". The actors in it played many familiar stories in a new way.

Story line. From grace to a Custodian girl

Once upon a time, several years ago, Natalia (the main character) was a ballerina. She was a very successful and self-confident dancer who could give out simply incredible in their beauty na on the best scenes of the country. She was admired, men fell in love with her.

So the movie begins Pointe shoes for Plushka. The actors who acted in it created a very strong team so that the result of the filming made a good impression on the audience.

It was like in a past life. Then she was thin and slender, and now her weight is overweight for 90 kilograms. From that incredible beauty there was no trace. About the ballet the main heroine does not remember for a long time, but now every day she listens to her husband's muck and insult about his figure. Yes, once her husband had love for her, but now ... Every time, calling Natasha Plushka, he presses on a sick callus, and "pinches" in a predilection for sweet baking, humiliating her.

Story line. Dialogue with Sergeyitch

Now the favorite dainty of the former ballerina is the sweets "From Sergeyitch." The series "Pointe shoes for Plushka" Says that she often complains about the scone of the scone and drinks it with fragrant tea, she complains about the boring, poorly paid work depicted on the package "Sergeyitch" on a lazy husband who can not find a job and the lack of children in their family. Strangely enough, but the silent "Sergeich" always understands and regrets her. And from the husband Natasha such participation can not wait.

One fine day, Natasha meets her former mentor, who taught her the basics of ballet art. And all of her gloomy and sad life changes like a flick of her fingers. Natasha receives an offer to teach at the ballet school.

Story line. Love inadvertently comes on ...

Mini-series "Pointes for Bunny," the actors in which were selected according to the script of different ages, tells how the fate of the main character went on.

And here is her first working day in a new position. After the end of the session, Natasha gets to know the real Sergeitch: he came for his daughter, who studies in a group of heroines. A very short time passes, but Natasha realizes that this is it, the feeling. True love came to her. The one she always dreamed of, which she represented. And how could it be otherwise, if this man is handsome, pleasant and so elegant? But what now to do with her husband, with whom she has been living for several years? How to be with the dreams of the birth of a baby? And more (which is very important for her), where to put your complexes in excess of kilograms and how to get rid of these kilograms? The only thing that remains for the main heroine is to make every effort to change.

Easy mini-series

This film consists of only four series, which gives him an additional bonus when watching, other than interesting content. After all, not every spectator begins to look at the 20-series picture. And here everything is a matter of course and with meaning. The series looks emotionally and very easily, which is ideal for a female audience.

In a sense, it's a story about Cinderella, only in the modern world. But today's Cinderellas dream of happiness, true love and some extraordinary miracle. In the movie "Pointe shoes for Plushka" Daria Kalmykova played Natalia, the main character of all the ongoing history. She tried to convey all the sorrows and joys of her character, shared with the audience her thoughts and actions.

And let this picture will be just another in the list of domestic melodramas about the difficult female fate, you can still recommend it. The plot, in principle, is banal, and the film is predictable. But there is a lot of good and pleasant in it.

In the series "Pointes for Bunny" Olesya Zheleznyak, more known as a comedian, played the part of Olga. Her talent did not fail here, because she gave her heroine a little bit of herself.

The truth in person

Of course, the completion of history can be predicted, but how pleasant it is to look at everything that is happening while sitting at home on the couch. The series "Pointe shoes for Plyushka" showed the heroes from the "wrong side": yes, the husband is not at all ideal and not even very decent; And the girlfriend of the hero is the real bitch. Therefore, do not try to find anything good and good in them. And what a glamorous little actress Yaroslav Bazaev!

That's the movie "Pointes for Bunny," the actors in which the most varied were selected, showed the story of a young and lonely woman (despite the presence of her husband). And how nice to watch the ending, when everyone gets what they want, or what they deserve.

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