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Why, even in warm weather, some people freeze their hands and feet

I met such people, probably everyone - even in warm weather, when you shake hands, you feel the coldness of their fingers. They later remove the gloves in the spring and like to keep their hands in their pockets. If you do not share a matrimonial couch with such a person, you hardly had to feel it, but you can take a word - their feet are also almost always cold. And such people, who have "always" freezing hands and feet, are many, they say, almost every third woman is haunted by such a problem. Among men, "merzlyakov" less than about twice - also, you see, not uncommon.

It's easy to imagine what kind of discomfort these people are experiencing. No matter how you dress, no matter how shod, and even with a light frost, after a few minutes of being on the street, they have a tingling sensation, and soon a aching pain in the fingers and toes. And then there are constant "hiccups" from acquaintances who, after shaking hands, will not fail to mention "ice", "frog" or something like that, and even reproaches from sexual partners, whose love fervor is cooled by cold touches. By the way, in the Middle Ages in England there was even a law according to which the cold extremities of one of the spouses were a good reason for divorce.

So why are your hands and feet freezing? In the cold, the vessels of the extremities are specially compressed, so that more warming blood is given to vital internal organs. This is a natural thermoregulation characteristic of all people. But some people have constant disruptions in the blood vessels, and they begin to contract for no reason, disrupting the normal supply of blood to various organs, and the first to freeze their hands and feet. Such malfunctions are the symptoms of a common disease called vegetovascular dystonia. Its aggravation - Raynaud's disease - is even more unpleasant, as it progresses, causing a loss of skin elasticity and peeling of the fingertips.

Another disease, because of which the hands and feet freeze, is anemia - a deficiency in the body of iron, because of which the body significantly loses heat. Sensitivity to cold can also be caused by a lack of vitamins A and E, fats, or a malfunction in the thyroid gland, in which it produces not enough hormones. All this reduces the amount of energy sent to heat the body.

What should I do if my hands and feet freeze? First of all, eliminate pathology in the endocrine system by checking the thyroid gland, because in case of violations of its normal functioning, the freezing limbs are no longer an inconvenience, but a symptom of a serious disease. It will not hurt to also make tests for iron content to make sure that the problem is not in the deficit of this element. If hemoglobin really turns out to be too low, you can correct the matter by including in the diet dried apricots, pomegranate, raisins, oats or buckwheat porridge, beef liver, apples, other fruits and vegetables.

If, with the thyroid gland and iron, everything is in order, you can say with a great deal of certainty that the problem is precisely in the vegetative dystonia. The bad news is that the etiology (ie, the reasons) of such "wrong behavior" of the vessels is unclear, and therefore there is no treatment as such. The good news is that both vegetovascular dystonia and Raynaud's syndrome are not dangerous, you just have to adapt to living with it.

If you often freeze your hands and feet, you can try a little "harden". A good help in this can be daily contrast baths, a weekly visit to the steam room, followed by immersion in a cold pool, periodic steaming legs to redness. Useful physical activity and exercise, but bad habits, on the contrary, are contraindicated, since smoking, like nothing else, causes vasospasms. You always need to dress according to the weather, paying special attention to the limbs. Shoes should not be tight - on the contrary, it is desirable that you can wear two pairs of socks; And instead of gloves it is better to buy mittens, so that fingers warm from the palms of their hands. In frosty weather, before you go outside, it is good to drink hot chicken broth, but not coffee! And in general, more protein, fatty foods, especially in winter.

And your partner will have to accept such a "lack" as "ice" in bed. If he likes, he will also help to warm up, and if he has an icy heart himself, then this is not treated any more.

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