Bright summer dress with your own hands

Leading designers of modernity offer women a wide range of variations of sarafans for any figure and age, the most varied cut, on the elastic band and without, fitted and with the assembly under the chest.

This is such a simple product that sewing a sarafan with your own hands will not be difficult even for a beginner seamstress. For him, you can use old scraps found in home bins, and if one of them is short, you can combine several fabrics and even use patchwork. Dress-sarafan, sewed by hand, will be worn with great pleasure, and if you do it with your children, it will bring you closer and will instill in them interest in needlework. You can sew a sarafan of simple cut and strapless, or with one cord tied behind the neck. But for children it is necessary to sew a sundress with shoulders or straps.

It is very simple and pleasant to sew a sundress with your own hands. Patterns, especially for children's products, may not be ready, but if you still use them, you can modify them - improve the model with two straps of satin or silk ribbons tied in the form of a bow. A supplement to the product can be a similar element on the chest or a wide ribbon along the hem of the whole product, as in the traditionally Russian traditions. Such a simple decor is very pleased with the little girl.

We sew ourselves

So, to make a simple sundress with your own hands, you will need a light, preferably natural, material - knitwear, linen, cotton, suitable yarn, sewing machine and overlock, and for decoration if desired - ribbons, sequins, beads, beads, lace or ready-made applications. Also a hem for a girl can be artfully decorated with a ruche that adds to the image of tenderness. So, for the first variant of a sarafan it is required to remove only two measures - volume of a breast and length of the future product. Such a sundress, sewn with its own hands, without a strap and with a wide ruff on the chest, is sewed from two pieces. The first is a rectangle, the large side of which is equal to the second measurement, and the smaller one - the girth of the chest + 10 cm for a beautiful assembly. Next, we cut out a wide strip with the same one side as the first workpiece, and the other side should approximately equal 15-17 cm. First, we apply both patterns to each other with faces and make two seams on the top, between which we will further insert a narrow rubber band . Then on the first workpiece, retreating another 20 cm from the top edge, repeat the procedure with the screed. It remains only to sew the sarafan with your own hands on the sides and process the edges, and it will be ready.

If you are uncomfortable without straps, you can sew two parallel or one oblique, one-piece or two laces for tying on the shoulders. Another addition to giving the image of frankness and even sexuality may be one or two incisions along the sides, their height should be determined independently. Also, the light decor of the sarafan can be made with the help of sleeves, simply by extending the Basque band by two widths of the shoulder girth. This option will gracefully emphasize the neck and collarbones and hide the upper part of the hands, and therefore more suitable for plump women.

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