How to beautifully tie shoelaces: the original ways

Shipovki, sneakers, sneakers and other shoes for sporting activities with lacing, probably, everyone has. Only it is not clear, for what reason (either because of ignorance, or because of the lack of time), it is often worn with the same laces with which it was included, and, of course, the lacing is left factory. But in fact, there are many ways of beautiful lacing of shoes, in which it acquires a more fashionable and stylish look. Ian Fieggen, an Australian on the site of which you can see new variants of lacing of shoes, differ from each other not only by using more than two different colors, but also by a combination of a variety of intricate weaves and knots.

You can find different ways to tie the shoelaces beautifully, but among them the proper attention is given to the 9 most original and not requiring a lot of time.

9 Ways how to tie shoelaces beautifully on sneakers

1. Simple straight lacing. To perfectly tie shoelaces, applying this method, on your shoe should be an even number of pairs of holes. This classic lacing looks very neat. But there is one point. Not everyone can easily level the ends of the laces. The tail of the first lace immediately extends upward, and the second one is passed through each hole.

2. Cross-shaped lacing . This way to perform is not difficult. It all depends on the number of holes on the shoes. If the shoes have an unpaired number of holes, then start lacing is necessary from the inside, and if the pair is on top. To tie the laces in this way is very simple, and the lacing looks beautiful. Also this method helps to reduce the wear of the laces.

3. Cross standard lacing can be implemented in a known way: after pulling the lace through the bottom holes, we bring them out at both ends. The laces are then crossed and passed through the holes to the outside from the inside. Thus, it is necessary to bring them to the upper holes and tie them.

4. Shop lacing. The first end of the lace in this way is passed into the upper opposite hole, and the shoe is laced with the second end.

5. Butterfly lacing. You can tie a shoelace using this method of lacing both on a shoe with an even number of holes, and with an odd one. If there are an even number of holes, you must first make a straight stitch at the bottom, if the odd number is on top. Such butterfly-crosses are made in those places where it is necessary to pull the shoe, and in the part where the leg needs freedom, it is possible to make gaps.

6. Military lacing is a butterfly lacing on the contrary.

7. The railway . This lacing has a certain similarity with military lacing. The only difference is that the laces should go from the wrong side, and not diagonally. The method is ideal for thin or flat laces.

8. The method is "one-handed" . At the bottom of the lacing of this method should look pretty loose, but on the top, on the contrary, tight. The method has this name, because the bow is not important at the end, it is enough to make a knot.

9. "The little scaffold". These are two lines parallel to each other , behind which there is another zigzag line. The cord must be passed through the lower holes and brought out. The first end is then crossed out through the top hole, and the second - also crosswise - through the hole that is higher than the previous one.

Beautifully tie the shoelaces can be in hundreds of different ways. And if you still, except for a special way of lacing, apply original colorful laces? Then your shoes will be chained to yourself all the looks of others! So dare, experiment!

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