Lapis pencil - you need to search for an alternative for a long time

Warts are one of the most visible cosmetic defects, which are also dangerous from a medical point of view. There are many means to remove them, although the effectiveness of some of them is still very doubtful. Some folk healers have tried to treat warts even with hypnosis, but the likelihood that such an experience will be successful is extremely small.

Usage history

One of the most effective and well-known methods for fighting warts is a lapis pencil. Silver nitrate, which is its active ingredient, has long been used in medicine, but earlier, for example, its solution was used to treat and prevent possible conjunctivitis in newborns. Nowadays, solutions of antibiotics are used for these purposes, and the use of silver nitrate can be explained by the fact that it has an antiseptic and cauterizing effect. The strength and intensity of the cauterization depends entirely on the concentration of the solution, so when you create it, you must be very careful.

Latitude of distribution

In its essence, lapis is a dry silver nitrate and has been used successfully for a long time and has been used to remove corns and warts. However, due to the fact that a pencil can cause serious damage to the skin and burns, it can not be bought in every country. For example, in England this substance is widely used and is used very often, but American consumers are deprived of the possibility of such treatment of warts, because the organization that controls the quality of products and pharmaceuticals has expressed certain doubts about its safety. In Russia, a pencil for warts can be found on the market, however, not in every pharmacy, which creates additional difficulties. Search for it is best in large pharmacies or ask to be delivered to order, since in retail sales a pencil is not everywhere.

Can I carry out the procedure myself?

It should be remembered that before carrying out any removal or treatment of warts it is necessary to consult a dermatologist, who will tell whether it is possible to use a pencil lapis in general in this particular case. The procedure is best done under the supervision of a specialist or at least visit him for a few days and a few days after cauterization to control the situation.


Despite the wide advertising, the effectiveness of such a tool, as a lapis pencil, is not so high. Special studies have been carried out which showed that the warts disappeared and decreased in size both in patients who actually used the pen pencil and those who used the placebo. Of course, the indicators of the former were slightly higher than those of the latter, but even those who used the real medicine, its effectiveness did not exceed 40-50 percent of cases, which is extremely small.

A pencil can theoretically be used to treat and remove warts all over the body, but it is not recommended for use on the face, since the risk of formation of wart scarring on the spot is quite high. In some cases, it is used to cauterize small bleeding wounds, since it has a bactericidal effect, but at the present time there are many safer medications with a similar effect. There are no special contraindications when using this pencil, but in the presence of alternatives, there is no need to take extra risks, otherwise on the place of warts simply ugly scars will appear.

Modern cosmetology can offer its clients many other, more secure procedures for removing warts that will cost more, but their effectiveness is guaranteed.

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