Treatment of hepatitis C with Indian drugs: reviews of doctors

Hepatitis C is called a hard-to-treat viral disease of man. Currently Vaccine hepatitis C is diagnosed in 3% of the population. Begin to treat this disease should be on time. Otherwise, the patient can develop not only cirrhosis of the liver, but also cancer. In Russia, the effective treatment of this disease is expensive. It is much cheaper to improve your health in India. If you want, you can just order inexpensive, effective medications directly from this country. Doctors of Russian clinics sometimes also use Indian drugs to treat hepatitis C. The doctors' comments on these remedies in most cases are only good.

Why India?

Drugs intended for the treatment of hepatitis C, unfortunately, there are not so many. Initially, such drugs, which are highly effective, began to be produced in America. At the same time they were very expensive. Allow themselves to use them could only wealthy people.

Later, however, some Indian companies were given permission to release budget generics for these expensive medicines. As a result, many patients with low and medium incomes from different countries also have access to such drugs. Of course, Russian citizens began to travel to India.

Indian preparations are produced under the control of several international organizations. That is why treatment with their use has earned such good reviews. In India, these medicines have been used for a long time. And of course, the doctors of this country have developed a rich experience in their use. However, some Russian clinics already have permission for the use of Indian drugs in the treatment of hepatitis C. Therefore, residents of our country, if desired, can take a course at home. The only thing - for this you will most likely have to go to some big city. Necessary medicines in this case are usually purchased from suppliers.

What drugs are produced by Indian companies

к примеру, такие лекарства как: To date, people who have hepatitis C diagnosed can get, for example, such drugs as:

  • Harvoni;
  • "Sofosbuvir" ( Sovaldi).

You can take these medicines for any form of illness. Very good results, for example, are provided by the use of these Indian drugs in the treatment of hepatitis C of genotype 3A. The same goes for the frequently encountered form 1B.

Contraindications for these drugs is not so much. However, in some cases, they can not be appointed. Do not write out such funds, for example, children. Indian drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C patients under 18 years of age, doctors are forbidden to take. The fact is that their influence on the growing organism has not been studied.

Both drugs are released from the list under the license and are considered branded. They are cheaper than American ones. Also in India, generics of these drugs are produced. Даклатасвир». One such means, for example, is " Daklatasvir." It is worth this medicine is inexpensive, but it is usually prescribed in combination with the drug "Sofosbuvir".

Means of "Harvoni"

About this Indian medicine the opinion of doctors has developed good primarily because it rarely causes side effects. Analyzes in patients with the use of the drug "Harvoni" are improving by the end of the second week. This medicine is prescribed usually one tablet a day during meals. Use a double dose if you miss this medication inadvertently.

Assign doctors "Harvoni" to patients with both existing cirrhosis of the liver, and without it. Well responded by doctors about this medicine also because it often has a positive effect even in cases where other drugs are ineffective. The only side effects that may occur during the course of treatment with this remedy are general fatigue and headaches.

It will cost this medicine when ordering from India at about 15 thousand rubles. For 28 tablets. For comparison: to write this medicine from the US can not be cheaper than 20-25 thousand rubles.

The use of the Indian drug "Sofosbuvir" for the treatment of hepatitis C: reviews of doctors

Very often, domestic doctors advise their patients to take this remedy. Doctors say that the drug "Sofosbuvir", like "Harvoni", not bad helps even if there are no results for treatment by other means.

To the absolute advantages of this drug, both patients and doctors refer to the fact that it practically does not give side effects. As with the use of the drug "Harvoni", this remedy in some cases can only cause a headache.

индийский препарат «Софосбувир» около 14 тыс. руб. The Indian preparation "Sofosbuvir" used for the treatment of hepatitis C costs about 14 thousand rubles. For 28 tablets. The price of an American medicine is about 600 dollars.

The drug "Daklatasvir"

This medicine, as already mentioned, is prescribed simultaneously with the drug "Sofosbuvir". ечении гепатита С индийский препарат "Даклатосвир" пациентам врачи выписывают достаточно часто. When treating hepatitis C, the Indian drug "Daklatosvir" is prescribed to patients often enough by patients. According to many patients and doctors, it helps to get rid of the virus this remedy well. In the market there is also a complex of medicines "Sofosbuvir + Daklatasvir". It is designed for a 12-week course. Procure a complex with suppliers of Indian drugs for 70 thousand rubles. 6-10 тыс. р. Separately, the generic "Daklatasvir" can be purchased at a price of 6-10 thousand rubles. . For 28 tablets . In this case, the price depends solely on the supplier.

ногие больные считают это средство на самом деле эффективным и советуют именно с его использованием проводить лечение гепатита С. Побочка от индийских препаратов (отзывы о которых хорошие еще и поэтому) возникает достаточно редко. Many patients think this remedy is actually effective and it is advisable to use it to treat hepatitis C with its use. The medication from Indian drugs (which are good reviews is why) is rare. However, it should also be taken into account that the cheap drug "Dkalatovir" can still harm the patient's body more than other drugs produced in this country. часто испытывают проблемы с пищеварением, тяжесть в мышцах, тревожность. In addition to the headache, as doctors say, their patients who undergo a course using this remedy often experience problems with digestion, heaviness in muscles, anxiety.

How to be treated in India

Domestic doctors are disavowed about Indian preparations because of their effectiveness is good. этих средств российскими докторами было получено не слишком давно. But the permission to use these funds by Russian doctors was received not too long ago. Therefore, as already mentioned, not all clinics work with them. Find a good doctor who uses these medicines in Russia today is still quite difficult. Of course, advice on the use of a medication can be obtained from the supplier. самой Индии. However, many of our compatriots with hepatitis C prefer to be treated nevertheless in India itself.

Patients wishing to undergo treatment in this country, you can, for example, go to some company engaged in medical tourism. The initial examination of a patient in India usually takes about 10 days. Then the patient is selected the most suitable drug. Having bought the pills and received recommendations on their use, the patient can go to Russia and take the course on his own.

What are the treatment regimens?

The scheme of treatment with Indian drugs depends on the genotype of HCV and the state of the liver. Indian drugs deserve good reviews of doctors, including for the lack of the need for a long reception. The course of treatment usually lasts either 12 or 24 weeks, that is, several months. In some cases, these medicines may be used simultaneously with others, already managed to win the trust of patients, by means. For example, with genotype 2, "Sofosbuvir" and "Daklatosvir" are often prescribed concomitantly with the "Ribaverin" preparation. Especially effective, this combination is considered for fibrosis of the 4th degree.

They use the "Ribaverin" in combination with the Indian preparations and in the genotype 4. It is this type of hepatitis that is diagnosed most often among Russians. HIV-infection for the use of such a combination of drugs is not a contraindication. More details about the schedules and terms of treatment with the use of a particular complex can be obtained from your doctor or consultant engaged in selling medicines from India to a licensed company.

Where can I order drugs

Despite the fact that doctors are calling about these drugs well, they prescribe them, of course, only if the patient has the opportunity to acquire them. гепатита С индийскими же врачами дает больному несколько больше шансов на выздоровление. Using Indian drugs to treat hepatitis C with Indian doctors gives the patient a slightly better chance of recovery. However, a trip to Asia usually costs quite a lot. Order drugs directly to Russia, meanwhile, not too difficult. These drugs are delivered to the domestic market by many companies.

When choosing a particular company, of course, you should first of all make sure of its impeccable reputation. Otherwise, the risk of acquiring a fake is great. Sometimes such products are sold in domestic pharmacies. But not all such sales outlets have a license for their implementation. Most often, Indian medicines for hepatitis C can be purchased only in pharmacies of large cities.

In many cases, patients order drugs directly from the official representatives of Indian pharmaceutical companies involved in their production.

How not to buy counterfeit Indian drugs for the treatment of viral hepatitis C

очередь следует обратить внимание на его упаковку. Acquiring any of the above medicines, first of all, you should pay attention to its packaging. On it necessarily there is a full information on a preparation and the data on the manufacturer. Before you give money for a drug, it's worth making sure that the issuing company has a license to manufacture the product.

Check with the purchase, as already mentioned, costs and the supplier. A company selling such medicines in Russia must have an agreement concluded directly with their manufacturer.

Indian medicine for hepatitis B

In this disease, doctors also sometimes prescribe the reception of funds issued in Asia. препаратов для лечения гепатита Б обычно дает неплохой результат . The use of Indian drugs to treat hepatitis B usually gives a good result . In this case, the patient is often prescribed, for example, such inexpensive drugs as Lamivudine, Ganciclovir, and Ribavirin, manufactured in India.

Released in this country, drugs really are quite inexpensive.


So, judging by the doctors' reviews, Indian medicines can be used safely for the treatment of hepatitis C. A good opinion about these remedies has developed among the patients themselves. дженерики из этой страны для многих россиян стоят относительно дорого, обходятся они все же намного дешевле американских препаратов и медикаментов, поставляемых из некоторых других стран. Despite the fact that generics from this country are relatively expensive for many Russians, they are still much cheaper than American drugs and medicines supplied from some other countries. And despite this, such funds are actually, as doctors and many patients consider, very effective. Often, the virus disappears in a patient after a month of taking any of these medicines. So the price of their these medicines fully justify.

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