Holidays in Tunisia: Best Travel Deals

Rest in Tunisia will especially be to the taste of those who like to combine the tranquility of beach bliss with active excursion programs. The local hotels offer decent service for a reasonable price.

Tours in Tunisia
If you have documents for traveling abroad, then you can not just order a tour program, but also take advantage of a special offer and purchase last-minute passes to Tunisia. The quality of the rest in this case will not differ from ordinary tours, and low cost will be a pleasant gift for you to leave.

For a trip to Tunisia, you do not need a visa, so the registration of all necessary documents does not take much time. In addition, the flight itself to the place of rest is quite short, which makes the trip completely tireless. Hot tours to Tunisia are almost always during the season is available, so they are easy to find and purchase.

You can order tours in the offices of travel agencies or by using a very up-to-date and convenient travel booking offer via the Internet, by sending an application for a tour online. The latter option is absolutely reliable, therefore resorting to it, you will save a lot of time. In addition, you can get acquainted with all the information on the resorts and hotels, comparing them with each other and choosing the best.

about country

Tunisia is located in North Africa, in the heart of the Mediterranean. Beautiful nature with stunningly picturesque bays, groves of orange trees, palm trees and jasmine will amaze you with a harmonious combination with endless sands.

Tunisia is kilometers of clean beaches, rich ancient history and the most interesting excursion trips. Here you will visit the ancient cities that keep the history of Roman civilization, see the streets of Ancient Carthage, you can get acquainted with the historical ruins of the Amphitheater, the mausoleum of Kharasanids, the Capitol, walk through luxurious palaces and look into Byzantine churches. Rest in Tunisia will not leave you indifferent.

The country is religious, but Muslim prohibitions do not very much affect the everyday life. The local currency is Tunisian dinars, which are strictly forbidden to be exported from the country. The majority of the population speaks Arabic and French. Time in Tunisia is two hours behind Moscow time.

The climate here is typical Mediterranean. In July and August it's very hot here, so it's better to come here in the spring and closer to autumn - it's the "velvet seasons" of Tunisia.

Rest conditions

Tunis hotels are modern and very comfortable. They represent a new building of European type. Most of the hotels are located on the first coastline, has landscaped landscaped territory. Many hotels offer therapeutic and cosmetic treatments, such as massage, mud therapy and the famous thalassotherapy. The last kind of services here is of very high quality, and the prices for it are much lower than European ones.

The level of service is quite worthy, higher than in Egypt, but so far inferior to the European one. However, not enough to feel any discomfort. Rest in Tunisia is really cozy and peaceful.

The attitude of local residents to tourists is much friendlier and more peaceful than in other Arab countries.

Here you will be offered a unique journey along the sands of the mystical Sahara riding a camel. You can do surfing in Tunisia, as well as playing golf in European style.

Resorts of Tunisia

Rest in Tunisia is best spent on the island of Djerba or in the town of Zarzis, which are considered the best resorts of the entire Mediterranean. Surprisingly clean beaches, clear sea, beautiful streets attract thousands of tourists here every year.

These and other resorts of the country enjoy tourist demand all year round. Active beach holidays start from the end of March and continue through November, but even in winter, tourists come here with pleasure to relax and restore their health by visiting thalassotherapy centers.

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