Housing Zalman Z9 U3 Black: a review, instructions and reviews

Korean company Zalman, since its inception (1999) is engaged in the production and development of all kinds of cooling systems for PCs and the designers remain a noiselessness and convenience of devices.

Until recently, the brand did not develop its presence in the computer cases market, but nevertheless, this did not prevent the company from developing a new direction in a relatively short time. Although the range of Zalman can not boast of a wide choice of models, all of them without exception deserve close attention.

With the release of the "heavyweight" from the TNN series, with passive cooling of the internals, the company has proved that it is really able to replenish the segment with unique and quiet enclosures. Subsequent representatives in the face of the Z-Machine series for a long time kept the leading positions of various ratings and were considered the standard of a solid game building.

The hero of today's article is the Zalman Z9 U3: an overview of the characteristics, advantages, advantages and disadvantages of the model. A decisive opinion is formed by analyzing the responses of both specialists and ordinary users.


The Zalman Z9 U3 is characterized as a form factor ATX Middle Tower and looks like a typical middle tower. Dimensions of the model are as follows: length - 504 mm, width - 207 mm, height 464 mm and weight 7,2 kg. The case for its dimensions weighs quite impressive (the analogs do not exceed 6.0 kg), but this fact can only be attributed to the advantages of the ruler, since a large mass makes it possible to extinguish more vibrations.


Externally, the Z9 looks bulky and not as angular as the two before models. The chassis of the ruler is made of 0.8 mm thick steel, the same can be said about the side panels. All edges of the body are carefully folded, which virtually eliminates cuts and injuries during the assembly of computer components. The upper and the front panels are decorated with high-quality and sufficiently durable plastic with a recognizable design of the brand.

Zalman Z9 U3 black comes in only one color scheme - a deep black color. The exterior walls of the body are painted with a matte paint, pleasant and rough to the touch. Coverage does not allow the collection of fingerprints, dust and dirt.


Model Z9 U3 differs from the rest of the ruler in that it has a transparent slightly curved window on the main body wall. There is also a ventilation grate almost along the entire perimeter of the wall. The diameter of the ventilation holes is quite impressive - 5.5 mm, so in the feedback of many users the problem of dust accumulation is traced. This issue is solved by blowing the system unit and daily airing the room where the computer is installed.

The other side of the case is completely deaf and does not differ from the overall stylistics of the model. Both doors are fixed by means of special grooves in the chassis and screws on the rear panel of the Zalman Z9 U3. The instruction provides for simple dismantling of the side covers by means of a recess where the fastenings with a plastic knurled head are located in the rear part of the body.

The front panel of the Z9 is almost completely perforated, and its main attribute is the compartments for devices: 5.25 inches - 4 pcs. And one 3.5 inches.

The upper part of the Zalman Z9 U3 is located under the control panel. It is pushed into the case and functions with it as a single unit, so it will be possible to use only three 5.25-inch devices in the model.

Control Panel

On the left side of the panel, you can see a digital display with a temperature sensor and a wheel for controlling the rotation speed of the cooling screws. Manufacturers listened to users' feedback about the lack of USB outputs and equipped the panel with four 2.0 ports. The version of "USB" 3.0 is absent in the model as a class, which is very disappointing, so you have to perform an additional upgrade of the case to avoid synergy problems with plug-in gadgets and especially with external hard drives.

The middle part of the control panel is placed under the outputs to the microphone and headphones. The board supports world standards such as AS`97 and HAD. On the right side there are hard disk drive sensors and a "sleep" / reboot button on the computer. All control indicators, buttons and ports are signed, so it's quite difficult to make a mistake and miss.

Front Panel

At the top end of the Zalman Z9 U3 is a power button in a brand-specific style - a 45-degree bend and nice diode sensors that light up with a bluish glow when the computer is turned on.

The lower part of the front panel is made in a challenging style and its appearance resembles the letter Z. Here you can see the compartment for 3.5-inch devices with an identical plug-in casing. In the lower part there is a fan with the size 120x120x25 mm, together with a light-emitting diode illumination. In addition, the fan is protected with a removable dust filter, for cleaning it is required to remove the front panel of the Zalman Z9 U3 black. Overview of the rear panel is similar to the entire line of Z9.

Back panel

The lower part is reserved for installation of the power supply, there is a cutout for the I / O plug and landing section for the 120mm fan. Perforated plugs cover seven slots for expansion cards. It's sad that the stubs require break-out and are disposable, so if you remove a discrete device from the system unit, replace them with nothing. Customer feedback has repeatedly stressed the company's attention to this problem. Next to the plugs is a ventilation grill, which runs along the entire length of the slots.

I'm glad that Zalman did not forget about the liquid cooling system, having provided holes for hoses. They, as well as it is necessary for such systems, are under the fan in quantity of two pieces, closed by special inserts in the form of petals from rubber. The diameter of the holes for cooling assumes a hose no more than 18 mm in diameter, but it can be increased to 20 mm by removing the rubber insert.

The case Zalman Z9 U3 stands on four plastic legs, where at the ends you can see the rubber inserts, which do not allow the system unit to slide over the surface and further extinguish vibration.

Internal structure

The color of the inside of the model is identical to the outer one - black in matt style. The layout, although standard, but thoughtful and time-tested. The lower part is allocated to the power supply, the above is the place for the motherboard, which is fixed to the pallet by means of screws from the kit and hexagonal racks, and it should be separately mentioned that the pallet itself can not be dismantled and poured into the case.

In the front there are 5.25-inch compartments and, as already mentioned above, only three out of four are free. Winchesters are placed in a special non-removable basket from the bottom. Installation of hard drives occurs without screws, by means of local latches. The maximum number of HDDs is up to five pieces of 3.5-inch format.

The Zalman Z9 U3 has an advanced cable management system that provides wiring for the motherboard, which largely allows to free space inside the enclosure and as a result - to provide a more efficient blowdown from dust and other contaminants. Positive feedback from users suggests that the system justifies itself by 100%.

Cooling system

Engineers "Zalman" once again deserved all praise, providing the body of the Z9 powerful and quiet cooling system. Its main components are branded fans that are "scattered" around the entire perimeter of the Zalman Z9 U3. It is better to review and install the standard fans together with the cooling systems of the video card and processor, because, because of the specificity of these elements, the retraction or exhaust properties of each blowing device will be adjusted individually. That is, taking into account the active or passive cooling of each peripheral device, it is possible to establish a "blowing out" or "blowing" of the blades.


Undoubtedly, the model Z9 U3 can be attributed to the segment of game corps. The existing cooling system will cope with even a few powerful video accelerators. Lovers of modding will have to enjoy the unit thanks to the blue LEDs scattered around the casing and fans, and the overclockers will appreciate the model for the thoughtful layout and the same impeccable cooling system.


  • Exquisite and eye-pleasing design;
  • Quality of assembly and materials at a high level;
  • Built-in thermometer and re-ball;
  • The possibility of installing additional fans and other upgrade of the case;
  • There are filters against dust on all inlets;
  • Mounting of the hard drive is equipped with good anti-vibration pads.


  • The lighting of the fans can only be disabled in a "rough" way (dismantling of the diodes);
  • The speed of rotation is controlled by the reobas of only two fans of all possible.

The average price of the case Zalman Z9 U3 on the "Yandex-market" - 5 000 rubles.

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