How I became acquainted with my second love - BMW 520 model

In September 2008 our family decided to purchase a second car. Sedan Nissan Almera we already had, so we decided that we need another big machine with a diesel engine. We considered several options, but the multi-part test drives of the Audi and Volvo cars did not help. In the end, I made the decision, and the choice fell on the BMW 1-Series. However, after finding out a few moments in the showroom, the conclusions prompted me to reconsider my previous decision, and we settled on the 3 Series coupe. The price difference between them was small, so I made up my mind and chose the 320d coupe. Then it was time to wait for the cherished car. But the financial crisis came, our car did not get on the assembly on time, so the date of purchase was transferred.

Somehow at a meeting the friend recommended me not to waste my time and take something from what is available in the showroom. Moreover, since the new year, expected to take off customs duties on used cars from abroad. So I decided to do so. To delay with the purchase was no longer possible. I called the salon and found out that there were no suitable options and a worthy replacement for me! Then I had an idea: "Do not swing at me on the Bavarian 5-Series?". Managers picked me up to choose two BMW 520. They were close to tops. Therefore, after weighing everything again and looking at the car, I decided. And not for nothing!

BMW 520 is my car! Complications with the state. Numbers, tinted windows, mud flaps and rugs, in principle, did not arise. Immediately, in the cabin, I bought my own set of 17-discs with winter non-studded rubber Dunlop. And here it is, the moment of truth - I'm leaving the salon on a brand new diesel beauty!

Diesel 2-liter engine with 4 cylinders and a power of 177 horsepower, with a torque of 350 Nm. The color of the body is metallic "black sapphire". The salon is finished with black leather Dakota. The seats are comfortable, with perfect lateral support. The gearbox is a six-speed automatic. Well, how can you not fall in love with this BMW 520, the characteristics of which are so good ?!

In addition, among the pleasant "little things" I found: heating the steering wheel, heating the seats with three levels of work, a pair of cupholders, pushing out from the front panel. Two more showed up in the back seat. My BMW 520 model, like many other cars of this concern, is equipped with parking sensors with sound and visual indication. Well, and where without branded stability stabilization systems!

Now I will share my impressions. What to say, BMW is a car in the full sense of the word! Comfort, rear-wheel drive, sensitivity of steering on corners - all this in the sum causes feelings, close to pleasure from sex! I would also like to mention the German engine diesel engine. From the traffic light the car starts moving smoothly, but very quickly, leaving everyone far behind. The auto responds almost instantly. The fuel consumption, according to information from the on-board computer, is less than 10 liters in the city. The brakes are just perfect. I would never have believed that a two-ton machine could stop so quickly. My BMW 520 proved it.

The cars of the concern Bayerische Motoren Werke say a lot, both good and bad. Was not an exception and my dear BMW 520, reviews of which the most controversial. But, fortunately, as the owner of this car, I somehow know that the only truth is that it's simply impossible not to love this car.

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