Orange tree

An orange tree, or, as it is called in another way, a Chinese apple, first appeared in China more than two dozen centuries ago. In Europe, it was brought by the Portuguese, and today this popular citrus fruit can be found on the streets of many seaside cities with subtropical climatic conditions both on our continent, and on the American, Australian, etc.

Today, it is fashionable to grow various exotic plants in the house, including an orange tree, which will not only perfectly decorate any interior, but will also smell, transferring its tart and pleasant smell.

And how nice to watch how it will grow, bloom and bear fruit! Just a little patience, a little effort - and the orange tree will more than reward the owner with lush colors and delicious orange "balls."

The way to grow such a non-standard plant in the house, though not quite simple, but possible. You just need to eat a delicious fruit, take the bones out of it, and then plant them in a small pot, which you must immediately put in a warm, sun-like place.

Once a day you need to water the future of an orange tree, the care of which involves daily watering for rapid germination of the seeds.

About fifteen days later the first sprouts appear, on which, as a rule, there are one or two leaves.

When the pot is already growing a tree about fifteen centimeters tall, you need to think about his transplant. To improve the subsequent growth, experts advise to transplant the germ in a deeper container.

It is very useful to periodically fertilize the soil, you can sometimes water the orange tree at home with the usual tea leaves.

Gradually, the exotic guest begins to gain growth, and when she already reaches half a meter in height, you can tie her to a peg stuck in a pot.

After waiting for the orange tree to finally get stronger, you can start the process of vaccination, which is necessary for the plant to develop normally and be fruitful at home.

It is necessary to remember that the inoculation must be made from another tree, which has already repeatedly yielded fruits. In order for the plant to develop normally and begin to please with its orange fruits, it is necessary to organize artificial irrigation, and also periodically feed it with special fertilizers, which are now widely sold in specialized stores. Moreover, such fertilizing, according to experts, greatly improves the taste of fruits, which are bitter in the conditions of room cultivation.

However, lovers of home plants need to know that the orange tree is a rather whimsical plant that requires very careful care. And it is not a fact that it will please its owner with fruit before 10 years later, and sometimes the tree can not bear fruit at all.

But do not despair, especially since to observe how the tree planted with its own hands grows green and rises is a huge and incomparable satisfaction.

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