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Vinnitsa Medical University: faculties and specialties

Vinnytsia Medical University. Pirogova is one of the few universities in Ukraine of this profile, which for many decades occupies leading positions in the ratings of higher educational institutions. In addition, it is also one of the main educational institutions in Vinnitsa, a lot of students go to this city to get a diploma of VNMU. How to enter the Medical University of Vinnitsa? And what are the features of the university? We will discuss this further.

VNMU - pride of Vinnitsa

Vinnytsia Medical University named after Pirogov was founded in 1921 as a pharmaceutical institute, but for its seemingly short history it was repeatedly reformed and expanded.

Completely received today's view of this university only in 2002. Then, in fact, it was awarded the status of the National University. Almost ten years before, in 1994, the medical institute of Vinnitsa was upgraded to the fourth level of accreditation, thus paving the way for a new title. Rector of the VNMU. Pirogova is a very respected person, an experienced specialist - Vasily Maksimovich Moroz, MD, professor and academician of the NAMS of Ukraine.

Forms of training

Before proceeding to consideration of the peculiarities of this institution, it is worthwhile to study the preparation at the faculties, which is carried out by the Vinnytsia Medical University, the rules for admission of students and the form of preparation.

Like any other university in Ukraine, VNMU provides applicants with a choice of full-time and correspondence courses. Accordingly, for the second form, training on a contract basis is more common, there are almost no budget employees in the correspondence department, and it is not possible to obtain a diploma of a specialist in this department for each of the specialties.

Faculty of VNMU

In total Vinnytsia National Medical University. Pirogova offers training in one of six faculties. Accordingly, the direction of training will be prescribed and the medical specialty in your diploma. So, the first two faculties combine medical departments (medical № 1 and № 2) - this is psychology, and pediatrics. Dental, on the contrary, concentrates only on their specialty. The fourth faculty is pharmaceutical.

Depending on the scope of your interests, you can choose as a specialty both theoretical, scientific pharmacology, and medical. Separately, it should be said about the Faculty of Postgraduate Education. This area of the university's work is designed for doctors of more than 33 specialties who already have a diploma in obtaining medical education. To date, there are 60 departments of both clinical and scientific training profile. Among the workers of Vinnitsa National Medical University. Pirogov - 119 doctors of sciences, 612 candidates and 88 teachers with professorship.

The number of students and a set of VNMU them. NI Pirogova

How many students study at this university? What are the chances to go there? According to the standards adopted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the number of applicants for the full-time form of training in the VNMU them. Pirogova is limited to 1740 people. The number of part-time students is 350. At the same time, up to seven thousand people are constantly trained there in all courses, both full-time and part-time. Taking into account the figures and a great choice in the departments, where not everyone has an equivalent set, to act quite realistically in Vinnytsia Medical University. The feedback of the students also indicates that it is possible to enter this university. The only thing that is required of you is good grades and knowledge received at school, readiness for hard study and good results of external independent evaluation in profile subjects such as chemistry or biology.

Training courses

For applicants Vinnytsia National Medical University. Pirogov system of special preparatory courses. In total, according to the state order, the number of seats on them is limited to five hundred for Ukrainian citizens, and the same amount is provided for foreigners. The preparatory faculty increases the chances of a student to go to university. Also, the passage of special preparatory courses at VNMU gives additional points in the ranking after the surrender of the VNO.

Residency and internship

As a serious medical institution, Vinnytsia National Medical University. N. Pirogova guarantees students places for clinical internship and internship. You can be sure that you, entering this university, are guaranteed to receive both theoretical knowledge in different aspects of medicine, and practical ones. Places both in residency and in internship are limited to 1500 and 2,000 students per year, respectively. In principle, they are enough to provide all successful students with options for practicing. We can not say anything about the military department, which is very popular and prepares future reserve officers in the process of training.

History of the VNMU

Pharmaceutical Institute in Vinnitsa was founded in 1921. But in this form the university did not last long. After the reforms of the higher school in the USSR in the early 30s, this educational institution was turned into a branch of the All-Ukrainian Institute of Correspondence Medical Education. Then the training was moved to the evening time to increase the number of potential cadres for healing, and in 1934 they returned the day's uniform. Since that time, the medical institute in Vinnitsa has been functioning to the full.

The name of the famous surgeon and scholar Nikolai Pirogov, revered both on the territory of the former USSR and abroad, the Vinnytsia Institute was named in 1960. More than once the university was awarded the highest awards and orders of the country, and after the collapse of the Union and the creation of an independent Ukraine, it became a full-fledged medical university.

Since 1994, the direction of the VNMU has been significantly expanded: the university's infrastructure has been supplemented by the dental and pharmaceutical faculties, more than ten departments have been established in specialties in two medical faculties and in the post-graduate department.

Teaching staff of the VNMU

What can you tell about the teachers of Vinnytsia National Medical University named after. Pirogov, so you can more clearly imagine the features of this institution? We have already spoken above about the number of professors and doctors of sciences in the teaching staff of the VNMU. Most departments and readable courses are conducted by professionals with a huge work experience, which skillfully and successfully transfer the knowledge collected over many years to new generations of doctors.

Do not remain without attention young and promising specialists. The best students are allowed to study in the magistracy and post-graduate courses of the VNMU, thanks to which the ranks of teachers and assistants very soon replenish. Not a year goes by without the employees of Vinnytsia National Medical University. Pirogova did not defend at least 3 doctoral and 30 candidate dissertations. In 2006, 6 works for the degree of doctor of medical sciences were passed from VNMU, and 45 - for the title of candidate.

Foreign students

Foreigners who study at VNMU under a contract are not only evidence of the economic independence of the institution, but also of its attractiveness abroad. So, every year more than a thousand citizens of other countries are trained at all faculties, first of all - India, China, Arab and African states. In total, during the existence of this kit, opened since 1961, Vinnytsia National Medical University. N. Pirogova received representatives of 98 countries, which undoubtedly speaks of his status in the international arena.

Scientific work with VNMU

Long history of Vinnytsia National Medical University. Pirogova influenced his status not only as an institution of medical education, but also as a full-fledged scientific center. Entire branches of such sciences as physiology, anatomy, functional morphology and anthropogenetics, have developed in the walls of the VNMU. The scientific schools of such branches of medicine as experimental surgery, social medicine and therapeutics are very much appreciated at the international level, leaving behind many other centers for the development of the study of the human body.

Every year the university publishes dozens of textbooks and monographs. Methodical recommendations, published also in the walls of Vinnytsia National Medical University. Pirogov is used by hundreds of doctors all over Ukraine. Not a single year passes without foreign publications of university staff, not to mention articles about domestic periodicals. Three of them, by the way, are fully printed here: "Bulletin of Vinnytsia National Medical University" and "Bulletin of Morphology".

Students publish the university newspaper "Young Medic", as well as special textbooks and methodological materials for optimizing the educational process. VNMU them. N. Pirogova is not only an independent institution in the issue of education, but also sets the trends that other large universities of the country follow.

The oblast scientific communities of the nearest regions are headed by the staff of the VNMU, they also take part in the commissions of experts checking Ukrainian hospitals for compliance with the health standards of the country. Hundreds of thousands of medical consultations, tens of thousands of operations and hundreds of visits - here is a brief annual summary of the VNMU.

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