How to use fax?

Virtually every, even the smallest, office currently has such a necessary device as a fax machine. With its help, copies of various documents are sent, from important contracts to various images. Most often, one person is assigned to work with fax, basically a secretary who accepts or sends various documents, monitors the operability of the device, including monitoring the presence of paper in the corresponding compartment. But what if the person whose duties it is to receive and send facsimile copies temporarily left, and you were asked to look after the device and at this time the phone rang. Of course, you will have to pick up the phone and you are asked to receive documents at the other end of the line, and you do not know how to use fax ... It's just a shame to say this to the majority, just because they do not want the interlocutor to think about the lack of available education. Although knowing everything in the world is simply physically impossible.

Have you imagined this situation and, probably, really wanted that this never happened to you? Then I advise you in advance to learn how to use fax, if you work in the office. If suddenly there is such a need, you will cope with the difficulty and brilliantly exit the current situation.

If you need to accept documents, pay attention to the device panel. As a rule, it has a large key, most often green. On it, depending on the model of the device, it can be written "Start" or "Start". When you press this button, you should hear a characteristic signal, you will stop hearing the interlocutor, and the document will be accepted. Congratulations - you pressed the desired button. The result of your activity will be a copy of the document on facsimile paper, which by agreement of the parties may have legal force. If, in spite of the typical taping of the fax, you still do not have a contract, it's possible that your paper just ran out of paper. Then you need to open the top cover of the machine, under which you will see what sequence of steps to perform to replace the empty tube with a new roll of paper. Pay attention to the appearance of red lines in the received document. This means that there are few meters of facsimile paper left and it should be replaced right now, so as not to force partners to wait in the future, when it will end during the admission of an important contract.

If you need to send a document, then first you need to fill it in the appropriate groove. Typically, the manufacturer takes care of its users and gives an image of how to work with faxing. The main thing that you should pay close attention to is what side you insert the sheet into the hole. It is very important that the document that you send to partners, lay face down, that is, the information sent must be on the underside of the sheet. This is the image that the host will receive. After that, dial the number of the subscriber to whom you will send a copy of the document, talk about the purpose of your call and ask to receive a fax. For those who know how to use fax, the phrase "Started" will be understood without words. For a beginner, it may seem ridiculous, but it only means that your interlocutor pressed the "Start" key, and you need to do the same. After that, the device will begin to receive the document enclosed in it, converting the information on paper medium into an electronic form. At the other end of the wire, your interlocutor's device will reverse the conversion. If everything went well, you can hang up.

Now you know how to use fax, and you can easily accept and send documents without any special difficulties.

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