How to call to Belarus from landline and mobile phones?

Being outside the Republic of Belarus, residents of this country periodically feel the need to contact their relatives via telephone. The reasons for this may be a lot, while they can be both negative and positive. Many people start to call to their relatives in Belarus, having hardly left the country. They begin to contact their close people to report how far they have already left and crossed or not the border, how the customs clearance took place, and whether it was at all.

The desire to learn how to call to Belarus also arises for potential business partners who would like to establish partnership relations with numerous Belarusian enterprises. And for this they need to clarify: "How to call to Belarus?" After all, often to start a partnership, there is enough one call. Such communication will immediately clarify important points related to the possible establishment of future business ties, which may prove to be quite beneficial for both parties.

This information is freely available. Therefore , it is not difficult for those who are really interested in learning about how to call Belarus . If you are calling from a fixed phone from Russia, you must first dial "8". After the horn is heard in the handset, you should dial "10" - this will allow you to enter the international level. This code corresponds to the telecommunications company Rostelecom. In the event that you decide to use the services of any other carrier, this value may vary. Therefore, being outside of Belarus and deciding to call home, first clarify the international code. For this it will be necessary to contact the helpdesk of the company whose services you are currently using. For example, if you went to Ukraine, then instead of "8" you will need to dial "0". Next, you should wait for the dial tone. As soon as it is heard, it will be necessary to dial "0" again. That is, in this case, when calling from Ukraine to Belarus, two zeros are successively dialed.

After this, the code of the country is compulsorily typed. Considering that in this case we are trying to find out how to call to Belarus, it is worth typing "375". After that, to call to Belarus in a particular city, you need to dial his code, and then the subscriber's number. Here it is worth paying attention to the number of dialed numbers. Depending on the region and city, the home phone number can be five-, six- and seven-digit. The larger the city, the more subscribers. So do not be surprised if the number of digits in the city code and subscriber's number will be different.

The order of the numbers changes slightly if you decide to call from your mobile phone. In this case dialing the number should start with "+375" - the international telephone code of Belarus. Then, without waiting for a dial tone, the city code is dialed, followed by the phone number. After that you need to press the call button and wait for the answer of the called subscriber.

As you can see, it will not be difficult to get through to Belarus. And from any country and from any phone.

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