"Super AON" service of "Megafon" company

With the advent of the "anti-number-of-numbers" service, there was a need for mobile operators to recognize unknown calls. It was for this purpose that the "Super AON" service was developed by Megafon. By connecting it, you can see who is trying to hide the number. In addition, if you make a call from a hidden number, then information about this will be displayed. Thus, it is easy to determine whether a call is made from a hidden or unclassified number. What features does the Super AON service offer, how can I activate and deactivate it if necessary?

Financial conditions for using the service

Consider the cost for the Moscow region. Activate the service "Super AON" can be completely free (it is both about the initial connection, and about the subsequent ones). The monthly fee is 1,500 rubles. Some subscribers are frightened by a similar amount of payment. However, it should be clarified that it is charged daily, in proportion to the days in the month. The daily payment is about 50 rubles. This is a huge advantage - after all, the service may take just a few days, which means that it will cost 150 rubles.

Other conditions that the subscriber needs to know about

The service is not limited to the home region, traveling to other cities in the country can also identify hidden numbers.

In international roaming, the operator does not guarantee that the Super-qualifier will operate correctly.

Activate the option is not available on every mobile device (usually this option is not available for some outdated phone models).

If you make a call from a hidden number, then it will be displayed on the display, enclosed in the symbols "grid" (for example, # 792Х ХХХ ХХ ХХ #).

If you often communicate with a subscriber who hides his number, you can write it into the notebook of your mobile device in the format in which it is determined at the time of the call (with the symbols "grid"); After that, with each call from his number, you will see that it is he who makes the call.

Correctly determine the number of the caller is possible only if he is a subscriber of Megafon, otherwise an incorrect determination is possible.

Connection options

Activate the "Super AON" ("Megaphone") can be one of three options, which are given below:

  • A personal cabinet of the subscriber placed on the portal of the communication service operator (in the list of available options for activation, you need to select the service of interest and click the "Connect" button, having first familiarized yourself with the terms of the service);
  • Sending a text message without text to number 5502 - a successful notification will be received about the successful activation;
  • The input of the request * 502 #, as in the previous case, a text message will be received about the successful connection.

How to disable "Super AON"

If you no longer need this service and would like to disable it, you can use one of the options that repeat the ways of connecting the service:

  • On the website after authorization in your account, go to the list of services and options activated on the number. Selecting "Super Caller ID", click the "Disconnect" button; After that the service will disappear from the list of connected on the number;
  • Send a text message with the word OFF or "OFF." To number 5502; As in the case of a connection, when deactivated, a response text message will arrive, indicating that the service has been successfully disabled;
  • Input request * 502 * 4 #, after the command is issued, wait for the confirmation message.

"Super AON" service is a rather popular option. After all, every subscriber wants to be aware of who is calling him, to satisfy his own interest and to get an opportunity to make a return call.

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