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Skin mite: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

The skin mite of the genus Demodex, according to various sources, lives on the skin from 50 to 100% of people and causes a disease called demodecosis. However, the signs of this dermatosis appear only in 2-5% of the infected and are expressed in reddening of the facial skin and the appearance of a rash resembling acne. If the time is not taken, the complication of the disease can lead to disfigurement of the skin of the face of a person.

In addition to humans, skin mites can parasitize animals, including domestic animals. However, despite their diversity and specifics, animal mites do not get accustomed to a person, and they should not be feared.

As a rule, only 2 types of malicious mites live on the human body. The first species - D. Follicullorum - has chosen for its life follicles of hair on the face and chest. The second type - D. Brevis - lives in the sebaceous glands of the skin of the face, as well as on the neck, chest and back. Mites feed on cells of hair follicles and sebaceous glands, respectively. The full life cycle, from egg deposition to the death of an adult, is about two weeks.

The disease with demodicosis usually occurs when the infected person is in close contact with a healthy person or through the use of general things that have contact with the skin, for example, bed linen or towels. Potentially dangerous for infection by public places are hairdresser's, massage rooms, where a dermal tick can wait for poorly treated instruments.

Symptoms of tick injury are expressed by the appearance of acne, reddening of facial skin areas, a feeling of tightness of the skin, itching. Especially bright signs can appear in the spring or autumn, with a change of climate, washing with too cold or hot water, using new cosmetics. That is, because of the negative reaction of the tick to external stimuli.

By itself, the skin mite can safely live on the human body, without causing much harm. However, with weakening of immunity, metabolic disorders in the body, hormonal imbalance, active parasite activity can cause physical and mental trauma to a person. On the one hand - it is discomfort associated with the destruction of the walls of follicles and sebaceous glands at the cellular level, accompanied by inflammatory processes. On the other hand, problems with the face skin often lead to a change in its pigmentation and disfigurement, which for many people is a severe mental and psychological blow.

It is very difficult to diagnose the activity of the parasite mite because of its small size and a large number of other causes of manifestations of the main symptoms of infection, for example, allergy or hormonal failure of the body. Therefore, when there are signs of a tick injury, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist who will scrape and within 10 minutes will determine the presence or absence of this parasite.

Skin mite most of its time does not manifest itself, and its activity becomes noticeable only against the background of other diseases, accompanied by a weakening of the immune system, a violation of the body's metabolism. Most often this is due to malnutrition and diseases of internal organs: stomach, liver, intestines. The fact is that against the background of these diseases, skin diseases of the person develop actively, including acne and rosacea, with which demodecosis is most often combined. Therefore, in the first place, you should pay attention to the diet and maximally facilitate it by adding a large number of raw vegetables and fruits.

Treatment of the skin mite directly occurs with the appointment of antibiotics in combination with external therapy, using local acaricidal drugs based on benzyl benzoate and pyrethroids. When treating folk remedies in medicinal prescriptions, birch tar, calendula tincture, sulfur or garlic in combination with various ointments based on mineral oil and nourishing masks are often used.

After the end of treatment, do not forget about the sanitary-hygienic measures associated with limiting the likelihood of re-infection: wash hands frequently, individually use personal care items and so on. It is important to remember that a skin mite can at any time be on objects and things that you and your friends use in everyday life.

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