Operator "Megafon": how to call or contact the company

Today we will be interested in operator "Megaphone". How to call him? And in general, what kind of organization offers options to support communication with customers? The answer to all these questions is not so difficult as it may seem. Fortunately, this operator offers a variety of types of communication and contacts for subscribers for all occasions.

How useful is the support service

The first step is to find out why you need to call Megafon. What does the customer support service offer? It is a multifunctional center that provides information about services. Customers are also treated here when they have any complaints or wishes. What are the functions of the support service of Megafon? It:

  • Advising clients (including potential clients);
  • Receiving complaints and suggestions;
  • Provision of information on tariffs and services;
  • Connect / disable certain features;
  • Change of the tariff plan.

In principle, nothing special. The only thing you need to know is how to contact the operator. There are several ways to do this. You can choose the most suitable option for your case.

Telephone for subscribers

Do you use the services provided by the operator "Megafon"? How to call the support service of this company? For example, use the short number. This is a combination of 0500.

Perhaps this is the most common form of communication. Usually after making a call you will hear an answering machine. It performs the functions of a support service. You can independently connect and disconnect services, as well as specify the information that interests you. But with the "live" operator with the help of a set of combination 0500 you can talk. To do this, when the answering machine is running, press the button that is responsible for communication with the operator. Then wait a little - and the problem is solved. You can ask questions that interest you.

By the way, the call using the short number is free. And realize the idea in life can only subscribers of Megafon. If you need to make a call from other numbers, you will have to use different combinations.

Federal number

What else does operator "Megaphone" offer? The phone number that can be used by subscribers of this company is already known. And what about if you need to call from a fixed device or from another operator's number?

There is a separate combination for this. By the way, it is also called the "hot line" of the company. This is a federal number. It looks like this: 8 800 550 05 00. You can use it anywhere in Russia. This is the combination offered by the operator "Megaphone". This phone is suitable for both subscribers of the company and for all other numbers.

How much do you have to pay per minute? Not at all. Calls to Russia in case of using a federal number are absolutely free. The advantage of this type of communication is that you can call the support service at any time of the day. The "hot line" operates on schedule 24/7.


Of course, the travelers were not forgotten either. After all, very often the issues of rendering certain services in the field of mobile communication arise precisely in roaming. Therefore, citizens came up with a special number that allows you to quickly solve all the problems that arise. Federal and short combinations are not suitable here.

Did you need a Megafon operator when roaming? How to call him? Solve the task will help number +7 926 111 05 00. You can use this combination at any time of the day. Note that this number is only suitable for communication with the operator while in roaming. In all other cases it is recommended to use the previously mentioned numbers.


The operator "Megaphone" has a so-called universal reference. With it, everyone can get all the information about tariffs, services and prices for services. This is something like a phone hotline. But instead of living operators you will be talking with a robot voice. This service is used very rarely. Customers prefer to use either a federal number or a short combination.

What if you wanted to call our company's one-stop reference? What does Megafon offer? How to call him in this case? To do this, use the number 0567.

Such a reception, as already mentioned, does not use demand from customers. After all, unlike previous methods of communication, this number requires payment for the service. With VAT you will have to pay about 44 rubles for using the universal certificate of "Megafon". Not too much, but why pay when you can absolutely get the data you need absolutely free? Therefore, such an option should be considered only as a theoretical possibility of communication with the operator. In practice, to implement it in life is not recommended. Although, if there is a desire, you can try.

head office

Sometimes the problems that arise with subscribers can not be solved in the support service. Either claims and wishes are not considered. How to be then? What is the way out of the situation offered by the operator "Megaphone"? How to call the management of this organization?

There is also a separate room for this. At the head office of the corporation you can call using the combination +7 499 755 21 55. The call is paid, the tariffing is according to your tariff plan. And this rule applies to all phones, regardless of the operator.

In practice, customers rarely use this method of communication with MegaFon. After all, most problems are solved by means of a "hot line" and a short number of the operator. But this is not all that this company has prepared for us. There are several other ways to support communication. Which ones?

Internet for help

For example, using special virtual services. They now have every large and conscientious company. We can say that everything is done for the convenience of the client. You need to go to the official page of the company "Megafon" and look in the "Contacts" section. Here you can see several types of communication with the operator right through the Internet!

You can ask a question online in a special chat. The method is good, it is used often. You receive the answer in a few minutes. The most suitable variant of the development of events for those who prefer virtual communication without voice communication.

Also, you have the full right to speak with the operator through social networks. Far not the most popular, but quite successful way. Official groups are on the site of "Megaphone". Usually they are used to find out the feedback of other subscribers about certain services. Or for complaints and suggestions. But this does not stop the possible means of communication.

Letters, letters

The last option that only takes place is sending an email. Also a very good way of communication, but it is used mainly for complaints and suggestions. It comes to life in several ways. The first is to go to the Megafon website and access the "Contacts" section. There you will find the function "Write us a letter". Click on this line, fill in the fields and send your application for processing.

Also there is a variant of sending a question to the short number 0500. Write what you want to know, then send the message on the specified combination. After about 10 minutes you will receive a detailed answer. That's all. Such opportunities are offered by operator "Megaphone". How to call this company and generally contact her? This is no longer a secret. Choose the most suitable method for you and implement it!

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