How to call Belorussia in a neighborly way

Russia and Belarus have always had close relations. And not only because we are neighbors, although this is also very important. Our countries are inhabited by Slavic peoples-brothers. The Russians and Belarusians have common historical roots. In addition, for a long time we were one country. And as a result, the number of Russians living in Belarus is more than 8% of the total population of the republic.

It so happened that many people live in a neighboring country, if not relatives, then friends. And for many, it's just necessary to know how to call Belarus . Moreover, close proximity promotes close ties between citizens of fraternal countries.

How to call to Belorussia

A telephone call to a neighboring country can be made from both mobile and fixed phones. But, not knowing how to correctly call to Belarus, you can dial the number for hours and not get through to the right person.

First you need to dial 8 and wait for the first beep to end. Then dial 10 - this is all known number in order to get the opportunity to reach the intercity connection. Next comes the code of Belarus, this is a three-digit number of 375. It should be known beforehand, before calling Belarus.

And before the last step you need to enter the area code where you want to call. If you need to call the capital of Belarus, the city of Minsk, you should type in code 17. Other localities in this country have their own codes, which can be found on many Internet sites.

After you have marked the area code, dial the subscriber's number. It is necessary to remember that in all the major cities of Belarus telephone numbers are seven-digit, and in small towns and villages usually six or five-digit.

How to call to Belarus from a landline phone, we have studied, now consider how to do this from a mobile device. In the beginning, instead of the number 8, you need to type +. This symbol is used by all mobile operators to replace the international access code. The next step is to enter the number of the called subscriber.

Determine how much you will get a call from a mobile phone to a mobile phone, it is difficult, because the prices are constantly changing and each operator has their own. The average price is about 3 dollars per 1 minute of conversation. If someone calls from Belarus to your phone, then such a call will be free for you.

Before calling Belarus from a mobile phone, Beeline subscribers should take care to ensure that there are at least 50 dollars on the account, otherwise the cellular operator will not simply turn on roaming. But the company "MTS" roaming includes automatically.

If you want to know how to call to Belarus cheaper, then we inform you that for this it is necessary to use the services of the Internet. Some social networks, for example, "Odnoklassniki", allow making calls around the world. And the conversation from the computer to the computer is carried out at all without charging a fee.

Those who often happen in the Republic of Belarus, it is recommended to call to Russia by special cards from payphones. For calls from a mobile phone in Belarus, it is advantageous to purchase SIM cards from MTS operators and Velcom.

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