Palette of colors "Olline": description, photo

At all times, women of the world have sought to change their image, bring it to perfection and meet the standards of modern fashion. But they were not available to all means used in our time.

A bit of history

So, to change the color of hair, women used the husk of onion (stains blonde hair in red), the broth of chamomile and lime (makes the blonde golden, bright and saturated), walnut shells, strong tea or coffee (turns the blonde into a brown-haired woman). Well, who has not heard at least once about such a miracle cure as henna (dyed hair in red) or a mixture of henna with basma (gives shades from chocolate to blue-black). All these tools have one huge advantage - they do not harm the hair at all, and sometimes even strengthen, stimulate growth, give smoothness and shine.

But, incidentally, the original coloring of hair was not used for the purpose of diversifying or improving its image. Hair color is often associated in antiquity with the person's belonging to this or that social stratum in society. So, black hair in Ancient Egypt was a sign of belonging to the family of pharaohs. In ancient Greece in the fashion were blondes and golden-haired maidens. In Rome, also preferred blondes. And the ladies of those times managed to use even a very toxic mercury sulphide, just to get closer to the desired ideal.

Chemical hair colors

The birth of modern hair dyes is due to the Parisian women of fashion in the mid-to-late XVII century. It was then that fashion blossomed the hair, and chemists discovered the decolouring properties of hydrogen peroxide. And by the beginning of the XIX century, women who changed hair color, were perceived by the public as fallen.

And at the beginning of the XX century, the first and, perhaps, the most famous line of chemical permanent hair colors - "Loreal" was born. But the first colors only covered the cuticle of the hair shaft from the outside, not penetrating inside. On the one hand, the hair with this staining was almost not damaged, on the other - the color was washed out for a maximum of one month. Then appeared no less popular paint series "Vella" - it was already a full-fledged permanent dye penetrating deep into the hair. A little later, in the middle of the XX century, the birth of "Schwarzkopf", "Revlon", "Londa kolor". And then for 40 years everything froze. Tonics, mousses with toning effect came out, but nothing fundamentally new. Women faced the first side effects of paints:

  • Thinning hair.
  • Dropping out.
  • Breakage.
  • Stiffness and dryness of hair.

In the late XX - early XXI century, hair colors became available to any woman. The variety of shades is amazing, and the staining procedure is so simple that it can be done independently at home.

The last step of the beauty industry in this direction is the creation of professional paints.

Professional hair dye "Ollin"

Have you always been sure that professional cosmetics, including hair, are absolutely inaccessible luxury? Professional paint "Ollin" breaks outdated stereotypes. The palette of colors "Ollin" is the highest quality standard, the richest choice of colors and shades, the maximum effect. And besides, "Ollin" - this is quite affordable for every woman.

History of paint "Olline"

The paint "Olline", the palette of which enthralls even the most sophisticated fashionista - the brainchild of the world-famous Russian company Astoria Cosmetics. She was born in the mid-90s of the last century and quickly won the hearts of Russian women. But only in 2011 Astoria Cosmetics started its own production of high-quality cosmetics Ollin. The company's laboratories, where the best specialists and scientists work, are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Why the palette of colors "Ollin" is one of the most important Russian events in the beauty industry? It's simple! Now, both beauty salons and ordinary women at home have high-quality hair colors for professional level at affordable prices.

The secret of "Ollin"

You probably noticed that the name "Olline" is very much in tune with the English expression all in, that is, "everything inside." Indeed, the composition of paints "Olline" is unique. It is based on high-quality raw materials (as a rule, it is imported from Europe and the United States of America), and the means of this line are produced on secret, patent-protected formulas. The paint "Olline", a palette of which is very rich, is a unique technology combining natural dyes with synthetic persistent and bright pigments. A wide range of products of the "Ollin" line is represented not only by paints, but also by means for hair care (shampoos, masks, etc.), styling and styling products, as well as restorative, curative hair preparations.

Olline Colors Palette: composition

The composition of the colors of this professional line includes D-panthenol, nourishing and moisturizing curls, wheat proteins (strengthen damaged and brittle hair), sunflower seed extract (has a sunscreen effect). An indispensable component of any, even the most gentle hair dye, ammonia in the Ollin series is present in the minimum amount. On the one hand it is enough to provide a stable, uniform and bright coloration, a full transformation of gray hairs, on the other - ammonia is not so much to overdry or even burn the strands. As coloring pigments are used synthetic and natural pigments - this is another of the surprises that the paint "Ollin" has prepared for us. The palette of her flowers is rich precisely because of the successful and harmonious synthesis of natural and chemical compounds. In general, the composition of paints "Ollin" provides not only a bright, persistent and natural color of your hair, but also gives them a healthy well-groomed appearance.

Hair color "Ollin": a palette of flowers

One of the main indicators of a decent level of any hair dye is the richness of the colors of its palette. And here the authors of the line "Ollin" more than succeeded. With the help of natural and improved dyes, paint manufacturers were able to present their customers with a rich palette of colors - from natural light-brown to dark-chestnut and black. If you only want to lighten up a little the overgrown roots - the hair color "Ollin" will help you. Palette is so diverse that there are options for a radical change of hair color to red shades. Also there are such popular colors as golden-copper, light amber, hazelnut, cappuccino, cognac, pomegranate, Burgundy, mahogany and many others.

Paint "Ollin": reviews

Given that the taste and color of friends, as you know, you will not find, in the question of the colors of "Ollin" women are unanimous: they justify expectations. So, the palette of colors "Оллин" contains color 11/21 (the violet-ashy blonde). This paint gives a unique gentle shade of blondes with a light golden and purple tint. Another color containing a purple pigment - 9/81 (pearly-ashy), excellently removes yellowness from the discolored hair.

Light brown copper-gold is another interesting experiment that gives us a palette of paint "Olline". A photo of a girl with an amazing shade only confirms the quality of the products.

But do not expect a miracle paint - if you have weak, brittle, burned hair, no staining will return them the former healthy appearance. First use the means of the caring series.

In addition, the hair color "Ollin", the palette of which is extremely wide, offers us another surprise - colorless paint. This is an excellent option for toning colored hair. As a result, your hair will become smoother, shiny, docile and even dense, thick.

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