The best and most advantageous tariff for calls to Russia (MTS)

If you need to regularly make calls to other areas of our country, then for sure you had to face the question of how to choose a favorable tariff for calls in Russia. MTS offers several options for reducing the cost of calls over long-distance routes.

If you do not want to change the tariff plan, then there is the option to activate an additional option. It will significantly reduce the cost of calls to other cities. Below you will find information about the offers of MTS for calls to other areas of the country. First I would like to draw attention to the fact that some of them may not be available in some areas of the country or their cost may differ slightly from that indicated in this article.

Variants of lowering the cost of intercity calls

Achieving optimal conditions for communicating with customers in other regions does not at all mean that we will have to switch to a favorable tariff for calls to Russia (MTS). It is enough to activate the option for an active TP. Especially it will be relevant for customers who need a certain period to make international calls, or subscribers who use other options that are not available on the new tariff plan. There are two options that you can use to reduce the cost of such calls:

• Tariff plan (it is valid, you can switch to the current TP or buy a new SIM card) "Super MTS".

• Option "Favorable intercity" (activated on the existing tariff plan, available for activation not on all TPs).

Favorable tariff for calls on Russia "Super MTS"

Among the available tariff plans of the mobile operator TP "Super MTS" is the most profitable. Below is a description of the terms of use and the opportunities and benefits provided. You can go to the tariff plan for 150 rubles. In the event that more than 30 days have passed since the last TP change, this payment is not charged. At the same time, if you do not want to change the current TP, you can buy a new SIM card with this TP (the cost of the starting kit is 100 rubles, you have to pay 100 rubles to the account, which you can use to pay for communication services).

"Super MTS" offers really interesting conditions that become more attractive when you activate additional options "Call for free on MTS 100" and "SMS-Smart".

You can go to the TP through your personal web-office by dialing * 888 #, through the application for mobile gadgets "My MTS" or by calling the contact center operator.

Cost of services with regard to the connected option "Call for free on MTS 100"

By connecting this option, you can get a more favorable tariff for calls to Russia (MTS).

100 minutes a day are provided for calls to MTS subscribers' numbers of their region and other regions throughout the country. At the same time to call another regional mobile operator's number is 12 rubles per minute. Thus, it turns out that TP is more profitable for communication within the MTS network. Calls to the numbers of other operators of the home network cost 1 ruble per minute. When you connect the option (after changing the tariff plan) will write off 2,5 rubles. (One-time payment for activation cost). The daily subscription fee is two and a half rubles.

Cost of services for basic TP (without connecting the option "Call for free on MTS 100"

Even if we abandon the idea of activating an additional option, which we mentioned earlier, TP "Super MTS" is still the most profitable MTS tariff (calls to Russia for MTS numbers are 3 rubles per minute, MTS subscribers in their region 20 minutes of communication are not charged , The next minutes will cost very inexpensively - only 75 kopecks). Thus, you can completely do without the activation of an additional option.

Terms of sending SMS messages, cost of other services

The cost of text messages on the base TA (without the activation of the option "SMS-Smart") is one and a half rubles (inside the home region, to the numbers of any operators), 2.50 rubles. - the cost of one message to customers numbers in other regions of the country, 5 rubles. - sending SMS abroad.

If you activate the option "SMS-Smart", then for a monthly fee of 5 rubles per day, 10 non-tariffable messages per day will be provided to the numbers of any operators in the home region. After exhaustion of the limit, each payment sent will be charged according to the basic tariff plan - 2.50 rubles.

Mobile Internet is provided on the tariff plan at a standard cost - 9.90 rubles. For one megabyte. It is possible to connect packages that contain certain Internet traffic.

Option "Favorable intercity"

Having determined the favorable tariff for calls to Russia (MTS), let's move on to the description of the option, which can also be used to reduce the cost of intercity calls. At the same time, its main feature is that after activation, a single cost is established for the numbers of all telecom operators in Russia - 3 rubles per minute of connection.

The option is connected for free and has a monthly fee of 40 rubles per month. Activation is carried out through the personal web-office, through the contact-center operator, via the request * 111 * 903 #, when sending a text message with the numbers 903 to the number "111". The service is not available for Smart Line tariff plans, which include minutes and messages packages.

Favorable unlimited tariff for calls to Russia (MTS)

Subscribers who need to really long and often communicate with clients of their own network in other regions of the country, it is worth considering the tariff plans of the Smart line. Unlimited calls to all MTS numbers (on the territory of the country) are available on the TP "Smart", "Smart Unlimited", "Smart +". The main disadvantage of these options is the high cost: subscription fee for them is withdrawn from the account every month at a rate of 550 rubles. ("Smart"), 12.90 rubles. ("Smart" Unlimited ", for subscribers connected after August 31, 1616 - 19.90 rubles.), 900 rubles. ("Smart +").

Of course, the subscription fee includes not only unlimited calls to MTS numbers, but also free minutes for calls to cellular operators' numbers (in their region), text messages, and Internet traffic. Despite the favorable MTS tariff for calls to Russia (unlimited communication), the popularity of the Smart line of the line is still popular among active Internet users. Therefore, if there is no need for all services that are included in the subscription fee for TA, it makes sense to use the most favorable tariff for calls on Russia MTS ("Super MTS") or activate an additional option on your existing TP.

On the possibility of connecting the tariff plan and the additional "Favorable intercity" service, check on the mobile operator's portal, through the contact center or at the company's office. Also, you can specify it in your personal account - if the service / tariff plan is available for connection / transfer, it means that there is an opportunity to use them on your TP in the region.

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