"Tele2" - "Who called?": Disconnection, connection, description of the service

Mobile communication plays an important role for all modern citizens. If the smartphone is turned off or is out of the network, each person is at risk of missing important calls. In order to show who called the subscriber, cellular operators have a special service. It is called "You called" (each organization has its own names, but the meaning remains the same). This option is provided on different terms. Today we have to find out what Tele2 offers. "Who called?" - here is an option that needs to be studied. What does every subscriber need to know about its connection, disconnection and use?


It is important to understand that today all users of the "Tele2" network have the studied service. It is enabled by default. It is one of the most popular features offered by the mobile operator.

How does the "Who called" service work? ("Tele 2")? When the subscriber is outside the network, all calls to a particular number are recorded. They are remembered by the notification system. As soon as the subscriber's phone is connected to the network, a text message "You called" is sent to the mobile device. The message will contain the number of the caller, the number of calls and the time of the last dial-up attempt. This is a very convenient feature, helping to not miss important conversations even with the mobile phone turned off!


And how much does Tele2 have? Who called? Here the situation is ambiguous. Previously, this option was completely free. Everyone could use it without paying for incoming messages.

But in early 2016, "Tele2" began to charge subscribers for a system of notifications about callers. How much is "Who called?"? "Tele2" writes off daily from customers' accounts at 50 kopecks per day. That's what the option costs.

But on some tariff plans pay for "Who called?" not necessary. This service is included in the cost of tariffs:

  • "Veteran".
  • "The most black".
  • "Very black."
  • "Over the black".

Now that you understand the cost of the option, you can talk about its connection or disconnection. Each subscriber should know how to activate / deactivate such a useful feature from the mobile operator.

About connection

To start a little about the connection. As already mentioned, Tele2 originally had "Who called?" Already activated. This option will work according to the scheme described earlier, debiting the subscriber's account at 50 kopecks per day. But what if a person once refused a service, and now again decided to activate it?

It's simple! It is enough to use several methods of connection. Namely:

  1. Through the "Personal Account" on the site "Tele2". "Who called?" Is connected by authorization on the official page of the operator. The subscriber must go to the "Personal account" - "Services". There you will need to find the desired option and click on "Connect". Actions confirm. Done!
  2. By means of USSD-combination. On the mobile device, you will need to type * 155 * 331 #. Then click the call button.
  3. Through voice service. You need to call 611 and wait for the answer. Following the instructions of the robot voice, find in the voice menu "Who called?" And press the button responsible for connecting the option.

From now on it is clear what connectivity options Tele2 offers. "Who called?" - an option that allows you to always stay in touch! Nevertheless, more and more subscribers are abandoning it. All this is due to the introduction of a subscription fee for the use of the service. How to deactivate it? This will be discussed further!


The subscriber thought about how to disable "Who called?" On "Tele2"? Then the answer will not keep you waiting! The thing is that the methods of disabling the option resemble its connection. Accordingly, you can easily implement the idea to life!

To date, abandon "Who called?" You can at any time. For this you need:

  1. Use the official "Personal Cabinet" service. Having been authorized on the "Tele2" page, you need to select the "Services" section and find there "Who called?". Opposite the option will be the text "Disable". You need to click on it and confirm your actions.
  2. Type the USSD command * 155 * 330 #. To process the request, click the "Call" button.
  3. Call the operator by phone 611. Inform the employee of their intentions and name the information requested from the subscriber. The call center employee will apply for the disabling option.

These are all the options that "Tele2" offers. "Who called?" Disconnects and connects at any time without much difficulty. Even an inexperienced subscriber will cope with the task!

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