How to Choose an Operator Or Tariffs Mts, Kivstar And Life

Many people sooner or later face the choice of the mobile operator, and in consequence and before choosing the proposed tariff. So, this process is individual and more dependent on the user's needs. Than from external factors though also they are not unimportant. Therefore, before buying a starter package of one of the mobile operators, it is necessary to understand what is best for it.

The very first thing to do is to determine the purpose of the connection, and what services will be required, in some cases it is a large number of minutes on the inside of the network calls, and in some cases, the ability to access the Internet, or else the package can only be purchased for receiving calls. After that, the possible audience of subscribers, who will make calls, is considered. It is necessary to take into account their mobile operator, since calls to another operator are usually several times more expensive than those inside the network operator.

Another of the important factors is the region in which the subscriber lives. It has long been no secret that in some regions the bulk of subscribers is assigned to a certain operator, for example, the Kyiv region is assigned to the operator Kyivstar, and in the Donetsk region the preference is given mainly to MTS and Life operators.

After determining all the above conditions, you can go to the selection of the tariff plan. MTS tariffs are fairly transparent, they are mainly distributed by regions and depending on the number of subscribers in the region, a tariff offer is made, the lower the number of subscribers, the more attractive the tariff. The bulk is designed to provide cheap inside network calls, in each of the tariffs you can connect the service "Super MTS", for a small fee for this service a certain number of minutes for calls is provided. Also there are special offers for tourists and for children. Among them are "MTS Tourist" and "MTS Team". Tariffs of MTS are among the most popular today.

Tariffs of Kyivstar are distinguished by a high price, so it happened historically. The quality of communication is much higher - fewer failures and you can always get through. What can not be said about MTS. Tariff lines have recently expanded with similar proposals, as well as with MTS. Tariffs "Super Kyivstar" with a similar service Super. Also for tourists offer "Kyivstar Resort".

As for the operator Life, it ranks third in terms of the number of subscribers and remains afloat. Tariff offers are not many. However, at prices they are the most attractive, but given the small number of users - the appeal fades.

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