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Ovulyashka is who? Stories of ovules

Recently on the Internet there was such term, as "овуляшка". This word has received a rapid spread, and now it is used on different sites and blogs almost constantly. Only what does this expression actually mean? Is it harmless, as it seems at first glance? After all, some users on the Internet consider this term a real insult. And today we have to learn the true meaning of the word "ovula". This is something that can both offend a person and display his true behavior. Let's start with you to study today's issue.


What does ovulia mean? In general, this word is very much like the term "ovulation." To be honest, these two concepts are closely related. Before fully understanding who is aware of ovules, it is necessary to make out the word that gave rise to this name.

Every woman knows what process is displayed in this term. Ovulation is that time period in the monthly cycle, when a girl can become pregnant, that is, a fertile day. Very many try to calculate it with the help of special tests, as well as ultrasound diagnostics.

It seems that everything is clear. But where does the ovulia? This can be understood only when you study possible stories about people who are so called. And now we have to understand with you what is the matter.


To begin with, we will try to understand who is called ovulyashki in a more or less harmless sense of the word. There are many variants of the development of events, but everything starts from the moment - the desire of a woman to become pregnant. By the way, this slang applies only to girls. Male ovules are not called in principle.

Ovulyashka is a term that can characterize the madness of a representative of the weaker sex on the desire to give birth to a baby. And this dream does not hide it in any way. How to recognize the ovulate? She begins to write in social networks only posts about pregnancy and lucky days for conception. Also, such a woman does everything to get pregnant: she calculates favorable moments up to an hour, goes to doctors (and drags her partner for them), reads special literature about pregnancy, childbirth and raising children. Such a girl is nothing interesting - just the conception of a child. But the meaning of the word "ovula" can be varied. And now we will learn a few more reasons why this word is applied to the weaker sex, and then we will look at the behavior of such people from the outside.

Game of hormones

Another reason why girls are called ovules are hormones. Pregnant women often experience mood swings, they constantly change their decisions and so on. A sort of instability. And if you want to emphasize this behavior in offensive form, then it is advisable to apply our today's term.

In general, on the Internet ovulia - this is, more likely, an insult and an expression of disrespect. Only sometimes this term can be applied to a woman in position. Such a person appears slang of ovules (exceptionally shortened or reworked words applied to childbirth, pregnancy and raising children), and she ceases to notice people around. Yes, sometimes you need to endure this period, but not everyone will agree to sit and be silent. It is much easier to offend a pregnant woman, but without different obscene words.

There are numerous stories related to ovules. They can now be found on any women's forum or website. In order to understand the difference between the usual pregnant woman and the ovula, one must study cases from life. And this is what we are now going to do with you. Incorrect behavior of women can be seen in such stories with the naked eye.


Ovulyashki in transport - this is a huge problem for others. And the stories about nuts pregnant here are diverse. But which ones are very popular? Let's try to understand this issue.

For example, a lot of different posts are written by taxi drivers, as well as their passengers. In a crowded transport, literally pushes the ovula with a huge belly. And all right, if she stood quietly and waited for her stop. Instead, the woman actively pushes everyone on different sides of the fixed-route taxi, and then, having found a comfortable place for herself, declares that she has been replaced.

In principle, to yield to a woman in position is normal. Only here to the owner of impressive sizes of a stomach it was necessary to think well, before to come into the overflown transport. Yes, and the tone in which the pregnant woman asks her to yield to her place, reminds the orderly. And it's not normal. Especially horrible, when this ovulia has one baby. Such women become simply unbearable in transport.

Bus business is a bit easier. The thing is that there are a lot of places, and only at rush hour they are all filled. But the stories of ovules in public transport are repeated again and again. He goes in, looks, and then orders to give her a place. And a special impudence - this is when another half of the bus is free: sit where you want. But the girl needs your place. It is useless to object: not only will the ovula to you nahamit, so also the surrounding people will begin to express their discontent.


Ovulyashka is an unbalanced woman, moreover, she is obsessed with children and pregnancy. Hence, a special cluster of such individuals often appears on the playgrounds. And the behavior of these individuals is sometimes amazing.

Very often you can meet the complaints of young people, who walk near the playgrounds. They say that the ovules in these places are extremely embittered. For example, a young couple is sitting on a bench about 20 meters from a playground. And when they decide to kiss, a little owl is jumping to them and chasing them away, saying that children are playing here. And do not care that the guys are separated from them, say, a huge football field and trees.

In this case, it is possible to argue with a woman. And even necessary. If to resist, and even such that it was justified by facts (for example, to say that this is a public place and kissing on the street is not prohibited), then you will surely defeat a gathering of walking hormones on the playground.


And here is another very interesting and common story. The thing is that ill-bred and ever-yelling mothers are everywhere. And most of them, except for children's playgrounds, in children's polyclinics. Here, to be honest, women themselves complain about inadequate mothers.

For example, to a pediatrician a live queue. "Baby's Day" was yesterday. The doctor begins reception at 9:00, already from 7 am a huge "tail" in front of the office. The pediatrician starts to work. And then the mother bursts into the queue with the baby, and yells that she must be missed. Like, she has a little at all, these are the rules. They say that there was a "baby's day," and he passed yesterday, still does not help. Such hysterics (and the mother and the child) will be until they are not missed in the forefront.

The same thing happens in the registries. Ovulyashki do not want to wait until they get to the queue, and so they just start hysterical, hiding behind a child or pregnancy. Well, you can skip a cultural woman with a baby. This is not a problem, if it is adequate, and not just a hysterical person.

Scare to death

Another option for the development of events with ovules - is when they are afraid of even the hardest muzhiks. And even the real gopnik pas before such mothers. To be honest, when such a society appears near playgrounds, it's terrible. But even worse, when ovuljashki drive away "gopotu".

As a rule, women during this period begin to show the peasants the whole nightmare of human nature. Well, if a girl knows how to keep herself at least a little bit in her hands, then it will cost a simple dribble on the brains, which will continue until the displeased will not leave the site. But in cases of unbalance of the psyche "jazemateri" (as usual, it happens), things are much worse.

Ovulyashka, most likely, will start yelling at walking mats (if after several attempts to persuade to leave the playground or a shop there will be no effect), so much so that another half of the district will hear. Very many men complain about unbalanced mothers, who seem to them more terrible than prison or authority in the gang. Such women are sometimes compared even with the mafia, but it is not as dangerous as a single ovulia. And even gopniki do not advise to communicate with such personalities. In general, stories from life say that the ovulate is the most dangerous creature that can only meet in the urban jungle.

Adequacy and Speech

True, ovules can seem seemingly decent girls, adequate. Only numerous stories say that in the speech of ovules, an abnormal jargon appears. These are diminutive caressing names, as well as delusions and thoughts.

For example, if a woman says that she is kissing a child in all places, and even can not stop, take an alarm. Most likely, this ovula, and it is better to stay away from it. Plus, pay attention to the abundance of diminutive words. A lot of them? Before you exactly ovulia, but more or less adequate. With it it is possible to communicate, just do not dare "run across the road" of such a person.

Ovulyashki and family

Frankly speaking, ovules and family are the most extensive topic that can only be touched. Basically, problems arise where there are two sisters - childless and pregnant (with a child). In this case, a single (or just not yet born) woman will be deprived of attention and some things from her family.

Often stories tell us about how parents do not leave children without children. They say that the apartment and other real estate will only have a daughter / son who has a baby. Allegedly they need to create their own unit of society. And this is a terrible position, because many do not dare to have a child because of the lack of a corner. This means that the closest people deprive a person of their own happiness because of the usual ovulation.

Perhaps, in this case, it's better to just stop talking with relatives, especially if you are constantly being infringed in anything. The presence or absence of a child's child should not affect the attitude of the closest people to her. In the end, the continuation of the family is not a special merit. It's just physiology.

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