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Among the huge number of serials - short and long - about the work of the police and the services adjacent to them, one stands out. The actors of Pyatnitsky embodied on the screen a story in which the workers closely interwoven with personal and public affairs. A new thirty-part picture about the life of the department of internal affairs of one of the districts of the capital of Russia - Moscow. The premiere of the series took place be five years ago, on November 7, 2011.

The plot line of the series

Irina Zimina (this character was portrayed on screen by actress Victoria Tarasova) - Lieutenant-Colonel, at the end of the picture she is awarded the rank of colonel - is in the center of a completely new, but from this no less important project of NTV channel, the series "Pyatnitsky". This is the same head of the ATS, which became known throughout the country, and where Glukharev worked.

All the same, each of its working days is filled with a cycle of workers and household problems that have the property not to end. She selflessly fights with various flaws of her subordinates (most often - is their faithful and long-term love for hot drinks), closely follows the order and compliance with all regulations and rules. Zimina tries to keep everything under control.

In the center of events

To keep the department in an iron grip, Irina Zimina takes too active part in everything that concerns the most diverse cases of her colleagues. With particular passion, she refers to the problems and behavior of the nearest environment. For example, Zimina is very attentive to the situation that has developed in the new head of the department of inquiry. That twisted a very bright romance with one of the operatives. The actors of Pyatnitskiy played this story competently.

Irina Sergeevna can not afford not to look after the cunning and crooked precinct, two patrol, the inspector for the affairs of minors.

Still the actors of Pyatnitsky played the chief of the public security police, clever and smart investigators, of whom there were three. They embodied on the screen even the chief of the police district - Major-General Zakharov.

Is it a new film or is it still a sequel?

At first - in the first series - viewers may think that Pyatnitsky (the actors and the roles they played, showed, as if from inside, the life of the Russian police) is a logical extension of Glukhar, whose characters they have known for a very long time. But no. Despite some similarities, this series is a completely new and no less interesting project. Although really, something, probably, they are similar: Zimina is still the same, and the department is the same.

And still The actors of Pyatnitsky played a completely new story. The team of the creators of the series is new, with a huge reserve of enthusiasm. Yes, and the stylistics of this thirty-two-shot pattern is absolutely different: it has the effect of a ragged shooting (this is what TV specialists call it), and the editing is very dynamic and modern. When the Glukharya was filmed, then, basically, one series was devoted to one story, one case from the life of the department employees. And in this series throughout the series there is a single storyline. "Pyatnitsky" is a team serial, built like a real police drama.

New chapters on the life of policemen

Since 2011, kept in suspense multi-million army of spectators at the blue screens of the spin-off trilogy "Glukhar" - the series "Pyatnitsky". The actors and the roles they played were completely different than in Glukhare. This picture was filmed not by season, but by chapters. And on court of fans of detectives four of them are already presented. We'll deal with the heroes.

So, the authorities and his retinue. Colonel Irina Sergeevna Zimina (it was mentioned above). She began her work as a lieutenant, but thanks to her honesty, she grew to intelligence and cleverness before the colonel. She alone brings up her son Sasha. Irina has a good friend Elena Izmaylova, who is always inundated with work, but I'm happy about that. Lena's beloved was the senior operative, Major Roman Savitsky (actor Andrei Soroka). The couple is doing well, and only one thing is overshadowing their happiness: Elena can not have children.

Friends forever!

Andrei Soroka played a very interesting character, almost the ideal of women's dreams. Roman - a fairly balanced man, also smart. He is always ready to pull out of any trouble his best friend Pasha Tkachev, who differs from others in his sharp explosive character.

On the stage, a new actor of the series "Pyatnitsky" - Dmitry Mazurov. His hero, Paul loves women. Those in turn love it. Naturally, Tkachev makes every effort to avoid serious relations and obligations until he meets Ekaterina Rusakova, the inspector for juvenile affairs (actress Victoria Gerasimova). It is this girl that radically changes his ideas about life.

Local heroes

There are a few more characters on which you can not help but pay attention. The head of the Ministry of National Security Vadim Klimov is a very disciplined, strict, correct man. He has some problems in his personal life, because of what he gets divorced from his wife (she wants to move and take their daughter away). Employee of the PPS Dmitry Isayev. Honest, decent guy. He himself brings up his daughter, besides he surrounds with the care of his blind brother. To have enough money in the family, at night he works as a taxi driver.

Another "eagle" - a local star, a young investigator Konstantin Shchukin. He is very smart and disciplined. Due to his work in the police department, the crime detection rates are quite high. A friend and partner of Isaev - Oleg Tereshchenko. In his life there are many complex and unsolvable problems, some salvation from which he finds in his work.

In Shchukin, the senior lieutenant of justice Victoria is in love - a timid and tender girl, but as if having an iron rod inside. And Vika is very fond of joking investigator Anatoly Zhigaev - a good-natured merry fellow and a very good, responsible employee.

In this picture, it is thanks to such characters that the people form respect for the representatives of the law. The picture shows that, despite the problems and temptations, the loyalty of the profession to the guys in uniform is the first place.

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