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Mironov Andrey: biography, filmography, songs

Andrei Mironov, films with whom the audience of all countries of the former Soviet Union adore, lived a short but very bright life. His screen characters are full of life and charm. Despite the cheerful disposition of the actor, not everything in his life was easy and smooth. What challenges did the famous artist face and why did he die so early?

Childhood and youth

Mironov Andrew was born with a completely different name - Menaker. Andrew's father - Alexander Menaker - was a famous entertainer. Mother - Maria Mironova - actress and star of Alexandrov's film "Volga-Volga".

Surname future actor had to be replaced in the 50's, when the Soviet Union swept the wave of arrests of Jews in connection with the case of doctors. So Andrei Menaker turned into Andrei Mironov.

Despite the fact that Andrew grew up in a rather creative atmosphere, as a child, he was not fond of anything. According to the memories of his mother, except that he liked to portray a jazz musician playing on kitchen utensils.

To somehow take his son, parents in 1952 sent him to screen test in the film "Sadko", but Mironov failed them. But the young man began to perform in the amateur theater at the school, and then at the Central Children's Theater in Moscow. So it was decided to make a fateful decision to enter the School named after Boris Shchukin. Mironov successfully auditioned and in the 60s already made his debut in the cinema.

Creativity of the 60's

Mironov Andrew played his first role in the film in 1960, taking part in the shooting of the picture "And if it's love?" The film was smashed by critics, but the audience was pleased with the work of director Julia Reizman.

After graduating from the Shchukin school, Mironov was admitted to the Moscow theater of satire, in which the actor worked until the end of his life. However, the all-Union glory of Andrei Alexandrovich was brought not by theatrical works, but by memorable roles in the cinema. Mironov was amazingly lucky with characters and good films. In his piggy bank is a huge number of paintings that have become classics, that any Soviet celebrity could envy the actor.

In the 60's there were three such films. In 1963 young Mironov was removed in the comedy "Three plus two" by Henry Hovhannisyan. He gets the main role, and actor's partners on the stage site are Natalia Kustinskaya, Natalia Fateeva, Evgeny Zharikov and Gennady Nilov.

In 1966, Mironov played Dima Semitsvetova in the comedy Eldar Ryazanov "Beware of the car." In 1968, the legendary "Diamond Hand" appeared on the screens, in which he also played one of the main roles.

Andrey Mironov: movies of the 70s

The 70th opened comedy almanac "Family Happiness", in which Mironov played the role of Fedor Sigaeva in the novel "The Avenger". But this actor's work went unnoticed for critics.

But in 1973 Mironov Andrew gives his consent to the shooting in the cult comedy Eldar Ryazanov "The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia". The film was very fond of not only the Soviet audience, but the Italian one. It had everything: chases, fights, special effects and even a living lion.

In 1974, Mironov was removed from Leonid Kvinikhidze's Straw Hat and again hit the nail: a musical film was added to the golden fund of Soviet cinema, and Andrei Mironov showed himself not only as a talented comedian, but also as a performer of musical compositions.

The end of the 70's can be safely called the golden time of Mironov: he starred in such hits as "Celestial Swallows", "12 chairs", "Ordinary Miracle" and "Three in a boat, not counting the dog."

Creativity of the 80's

Despite the fact that Mironov enjoyed a frenzied popularity, in the 80's there were few films with his participation that would leave a tangible mark in Soviet cinema.

In 1980, the actor tries himself in a new genre for him and starred in the action movie "The Collapse of Operation" Terror ". The picture takes us in 1921 and reveals some facts from the biography of Felix Dzerzhinsky - a professional revolutionary and a Soviet politician.

In the film Eldar Ryazanov "Say a word about the poor hussar" Andrei Mironov reads voice-over text. In 1981 the melodrama "Be My Husband" appears on the screen, where the actor plays a leading role in a pair with Elena Proklova. And in 1984, Mironov is removed in a similar painting - "The Blonde is around the corner", where his partner on the stage becomes Tatiana Dogileva.

The last film, in which Mironov starred, is "The Man from the Boulevard of the Capuchins". In all his recent works, some actor's fatigue is felt, which makes the heroes of Mironov more and more often simply a victim of circumstances.

Discography of the actor

Mironov Andrey, whose songs were known and loved by Soviet spectators, released six records during his lifetime. The musical compositions that he performed were written by famous composers and poets as soundtracks for Soviet films. Later all these songs were published on the music label "Melody".

In 1977, the first record was released, on which there were only 4 compositions. All of them were performed by Andrei Mironov. The songs "My white sail" and "Tango Rio" were written by Yu. Mikhailov and G. Gladkov for the film "12 chairs". "Song of the Hat" and "I'm Marrying" were hits from the club Straw Hat.

The first record of Mironov enjoyed a frenzied popularity, so in the same 1977 on the label "Melody" comes out its expanded, two-sided version, which as a whole contained 16 songs. Similar collections were published in 1980 and 1982.

Andrey Mironov: wives

Mironov was lucky in his acting career and, of course, was considered the favorite of beautiful ladies.

He first married in 1971 with actress Catherine Gradova. Gradova is known to the audience for the role of radio operator Kat in the film "Seventeen Moments of Spring". Their marriage lasted only five years. The daughter of Andrei Mironov - Maria Mironova - was born in 1973. At the moment she is a famous Russian actress. The last work of Maria Mironova on television - participation in the TV series "Motherland", where she played a major role together with Vladimir Mashkov and Victoria Isakova.

The second daughter of Andrei Mironov is Maria Golubkina. She was born in one year with Maria Mironova and is the stepdaughter of the famous actor. On the mother of a small Masha Mironov married in 1977. She, too, was an actress. Larisa Golubkina is famous for her role as Shurotchka Azarova in Eldar Ryazanov's comedy "The Hussar Ballad." With his second wife Mironov remained until his death.


Andrei Mironov is an actor who actually died on stage during the play. It happened on August 14, 1987. At that time the Moscow theater of satire was on tour in Riga. Almost at the end of the play "Crazy Day, or Marriage of Figaro," Mironov lost consciousness. When he was hospitalized, the doctors diagnosed an "extensive cerebral hemorrhage". And although for the life of the actor fought to the last, he died two days later, and without regaining consciousness.

Such an early death was a real shock for fans of the actor and his colleagues. But fortunately, he left behind him so many good songs and great films that, it seems, the audience will remember Mironov for more than a decade.

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