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Victoria Fedorova: biography, personal life, films

Victoria Fedorova, films with which many saw, had a very difficult fate. In her life, you can shoot a separate picture. With her participation came a lot of films. Victoria followed in the footsteps of her mother, and already at the age of eighteen, fame came to her. Only the legend of the cinema, Victoria did not become, in spite of a lot of footage.

A family

Victoria Fedorova, daughter of Zoe Fedorova, was born on January 18, 1946 in Moscow. The love story of her parents was somewhat tragic. Jackson Roger Tate came to Moscow, where he met Zoya. They began to meet, but after a while he was deported from the USSR. He was told in an anonymous letter that Zoya had married and asked her not to disturb. Tate stopped her writing, never knowing that he had a daughter. As a result, Victoria saw him only after many years, already an adult.


For a long time Victoria Fedorova grew up without a father. In the certificate of her birth stood a dash. When Victoria turned 11 months old, her mother was put in jail. Up to 9 years, the girl was brought up by her own aunt. All this time Victoria called her mother. About the fact that the real parent is in prison, the girl did not know, she considered Zoya her aunt. When she was released, the truth, at last, was opened. About the father of Victoria since the childhood spoke, that he was lost.


Victoria graduated from high school. After that, she dreamed of going to a psychiatrist. But her mother really wanted to see her on the screen, so she continued her creative path. And Victoria entered the VGIK, the acting department.

Career in cinema

In 1964 Victoria Fedorova, daughter of Zoe Fedorova, starred in her first three paintings. But the "star hour" for her was the movie "Two", released the following year. On the world screens, it was shown under a different name: "Ballad of Love." Victoria very much hoped that her father, whom she had been looking for unsuccessfully since childhood (as soon as she found out about him), will see the picture and will certainly respond. Actually, she acted on the actor's faculty with a hope for it.

After the film, which brought her fame, Victoria Fedorova starred in many other films, until she went abroad. She married in America and stayed in a permanent place of residence. She quickly learned English, but the Russian accent still remained. As a result, the path to the Hollywood scene for her was closed. Realizing that the maximum that she can offer - small secondary roles (and then the spy), she left the career of an actress.

Career in the modeling business

Victoria Fedorova, whose biography was mainly related to cinematography, decided to try herself in the modeling business. She had a good figure and was a beautiful woman. Victoria for some time demonstrated on the catwalks the clothes of American designers. And she became the face of one of the well-known cosmetic companies at the time. But over time the career model was completed.

Find a father

Victoria Fedorova learned that his father is alive, only 13 years old. Mother finally told her about him. Also has informed, that he the American. Victoria's expectation that her father will respond after the picture "Two", flying around the world, were in vain. But she stubbornly continued his search.

Helped her in this Russian American, writer Irina Kirk. It was the height of the Cold War of the USSR and America. The search for news had to be done with great care. Several years passed before Irina found the address of Tate. She wrote him a few letters, but there was no answer.

Tate at that time was married for the third time. Rivaled to the admiral in retirement. I did not intend to reply to the letters of the stranger, but my curiosity won. Having phoned Irina, he found out that he has a daughter. Tate was touched and excited. After receiving Irina's photo of her daughter, he recognized her immediately, because she was very much like him.

Victoria Fedorova, an actress of the USSR, received an invitation from her father from America and tried to leave for the US to finally meet with him. But relations between the countries were quite tense, and the authorities in every possible way prevented and did not give an exit visa. It came to the point that Victoria had to gather at home a press conference of two American journalists. And to inform the whole world through them that the trip to the US is not connected with political views, and she just really wants to see her father.

That helped. The American newspaper The New York Times printed an article about her. For 4 columns. After she was published a month later, she was still stamped with a visa in her passport. Observing increased secrecy (since Victoria and her mother were constantly being shadowed), she flew to America, where she finally met her father.

Loss of mother

The death of the mother was the last thread that connected Victoria with her homeland. Zoya came several times to America and was going to move to her daughter permanently. But in December 1981 she was killed in her own apartment with a shot in the head. The criminal case was opened, but it was not solved.

The apartment no one hacked, Zoya opened the door to the murderer herself. Because of this there was a suggestion that it was someone from her friends. But no one began to "dig". And the matter was quietly brought down to the archive. Zoya was not even given a place in the cemetery. And all attempts to find justice in Victoria failed. Only her closest relatives managed to get Zoya Fyodorova at least buried.

Personal life

Victoria Fedorova met her first husband Irakli while studying at VGIK. He was also a student. And he studied at the director. In the third year they were married. But their marriage did not last long. Irakli was very jealous and on this basis three times tried to commit suicide. In 1969, they divorced.

After a while Victoria has got acquainted with Sergey, the son of the girlfriend of mother. He worked as an architect. I got married, but the marriage was again unsuccessful. Victoria was disliked by her mother-in-law. In 1972, followed by a divorce. Victoria herself by that time came to the conclusion that she did not like Sergei.

Some time passed and she married again. The third time her husband was Valentin Yezhov, the famous screenwriter. He was much older than Victoria. In addition, Valentin drank heavily. Victoria also became addicted to alcohol. Long bouts began. Her mother drove away Sergei, but he did not leave. Then she accused him of antisocial behavior, and the son-in-law finally disappeared from the horizon. Victoria's next divorce followed.

In the summer of 1975, she remarried. Her fourth husband was the American pilot Frederick Puy. They lived together for 17 years. The following year they had a son, who was named Christopher Alexander Fedor. But this marriage of Victoria again broke up. The couple divorced in 1990.

Victoria died of lung cancer at the age of 66, September 5 in 2012. Its ashes were scattered over the mountains of Pocono. That was her last will.

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