Nails are loose. Treatment of layered nails

Many people have very strong nails, this illness can not exist without a reason. Having identified them, you can conduct the necessary treatment, after which the nails will become healthy, strong and shiny. Let's try to answer the question, why nails are cracked, and also we will consider ways of their treatment.

Reasons for the foliation of nails:

  1. Lack of vitamins in the body. With monotonous and unbalanced nutrition, the body gets insufficient amounts of essential trace elements: calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin D, etc.
  2. Because of the environment. For example, the nuances of professional activity, frequent contact with water, an allergy to dishwashing detergent or hand soap.
  3. Poor-quality decorative cosmetics. Cheap varnishes of unknown manufacturers and liquids for removing varnish on the basis of acetone can cause great harm to the nail enamel. In addition, nails can also dissociate from quality cosmetics, maybe just an individual intolerance, so try to change the brand. And also do not paint your nails every day, because they also need to rest from the varnish.
  4. Painful condition of the body. For example, due to skin disease, a psychological disorder of a person, a malfunction in the endocrine or other systems of our body.

If the nails are loose, the doctor will prescribe the treatment.

If you find a foliation of nails, you should immediately consult a doctor. When the nails are loose, treatment should be based on the patient's age, professional activity, the state of his nervous and endocrine system. Having identified the reasons, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. If the reason lies in the patient's internal health, then there will be a complex treatment of the disease of the body and the nail plate. Usually prescribed fortifying drugs, such as vitamins A, B, E, as well as iron, calcium, zinc, selenium.

The state of human health, its sex and age determines the rate of regrowth of the nail plate. So, for example, in children the nails grow faster than in adult males, but in males faster than in females. In a healthy person, on average, the nail grows per day by 0.1 millimeter. Completely nail grows (regenerates the nail plate) for about 170 days, which is six months.

Treatment of nails at home

If the nails are loose, you can perform the treatment yourself at home:

  1. A balanced diet is necessary, in the diet of which there must necessarily be fish and sea kale, which contain all the necessary vitamins and trace elements for the health of nails, bones and the entire human body.
  2. Drink 2 capsules of fish oil for two weeks, then, if desired, you can drink 1 capsule before the end of the therapeutic month.
  3. To make salt baths. It is necessary to dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of warm water. In this salt solution, lower hands for 15 minutes, then rinse them with running water.
  4. After the bath of sea salt you need to rub the nails and the skin around the olive oil, which will give them protection and nutrition.
  5. When painting nails for lacquer use the so-called "smart enamel", which strengthen and protect the nails from the effects of the environment.

In addition, when washing dishes, use rubber gloves, choose nail polish remover without acetone, regularly moisten your nails and hand creams. Let's nail every couple of days a couple of days to rest from the nail polish. Choose for your nails firming varnishes that contain particles of silk, nylon, as well as minerals, vitamins, proteins and moisturizers.

When you do a manicure, discard the metal nail file, and use a nail file with a special coating. From the metal nail file on the nails appear small cracks, which lead to the foliation of the nail. When sawing a nail plate, the movements should be from one end to the other in the same direction. Be sure to polish the edge of the nail so that the nail is not sharp and does not cling to anything that will lead to its fragility. Do not file nails on the sides, as these actions lead to cracks in the nails.

Why nails on the legs are cracked

Unlike the hands, on the legs the nails are layered for the following reasons:

  1. Too tight shoes lead to the lamination of the nail plate, as well as to ingrowing the nail. Most often this situation occurs with the nails of the big toes.
  2. With improper care. For example, when cutting nails, since the toe nails are cut in a straight line, without rounding on the sides. Each family member should have individual well sharpened tools for cutting nails.
  3. Lack of vitamins and minerals, as well as a lack of animal protein due to malnutrition. This deficit is compensated by fatty fish and poultry meat.
  4. Nail foliation can be a harbinger of a fungal disease.

When the nails are removed from the legs, the treatment should be the same as in the foliation on the hands: balanced nutrition, care for the nail plate with special creams, salted baths, the use of complex vitamins.

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