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"Breast without a seam" and other methods of plasty of the breast

What woman does not dream of having a tight, high chest, which any movie star envies? Psychologists say that the presence of a beautiful breast makes a woman more confident and sexual, and this, in turn, increases her popularity among men. That is why many people think about changing its shape and size - some women get a small breast "in the inheritance", others suffer from ptosis (omission) after birth, and others - notice the asymmetry of the nipples. In fact, everything is fixable, especially now that we have a unique patented technique "Breast without a seam", developed by a plastic surgeon Sergei Vladimirovich Sviridov.

Breast plastic surgery - the ability to change yourself

The concept of "breast plastic" includes a fairly broad concept, which consists in changing the shape and volume of the breast, as well as its lifting in girls after 18 years and women. Before the plastic surgery, it is advisable to consult a doctor and take all the necessary tests to make sure there are no contraindications to the operation. As a result of a successful operation, a woman looks at herself from a completely different angle.

What is a "seamless" technique?

Methods of plasty of the breast are varied, but the technique developed by Sviridov has a number of differences from the usual plasty of the breast, which can be safely called merit. First, during the operation, a stupid dissection of the breast tissue occurs, without damaging the vessels or the milk ducts. The skin is then sewn with a special glue, which allows the patient to avoid an unpleasant procedure for removing stitches and scars. As a result, postoperative swelling is less pronounced, there are no scars, and the recovery period itself is much more comfortable and short than after the "traditional" operation. Moreover, there is no risk of bias of the implant and there is no need to use drainage. As you can see, such an improved technique is an effective and safe way to become more confident, sexier and, finally, happier.

Dr. Sviridov, in addition to surgery by his own methods, makes the plastic of the breast and other, classical, methods. Among them:

  1. Endoprosthetics (breast augmentation with implants), which allows to give volume and elasticity.
  2. Reducing (reducing) mammoplasty, shown to women with excessively large breasts.
  3. Breast lift (sometimes in combination with prosthetics).

Thanks to an experienced and qualified specialist, women who suffer from complexes have the opportunity to once again feel free and liberated. If you are naturally small (or large, although women complain much less about such a shortage), or sagging, usually as a result of childbirth, you can be sure that Sergei Vladimirovich Sviridov will help you to eliminate this deficiency qualitatively. And again you will feel like a real woman!

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