What materials are needed for nail extensions

In their desire to look good and well-groomed, women are willing to spend a lot of time on all sorts of procedures. It is for this reason that nowadays the procedure for nail extensions has become so popular.

The art of nail design has become so popular that many girls decided to do it themselves. In fact, everything is not so difficult, the main thing is perseverance, attention and accuracy.

Let's take a closer look at what procedures the master faces and what materials are needed to build up the nails.

First of all, it is necessary to decide what type of extensions you want to use: on false nails (tips) or on special forms. Depending on this, you need to stock up on tools. Forms are a kind of stickers that are used if your nail has a length of at least 2 mm. The form is glued to your fingernail, and the top is applied gel or acrylic, depending on what material you decide to use. Tipsy are used in the case when the length of their nail plate is very small. Then it is glued with a special glue and processed by a grinding nail file until the surface is without a scar, where the tip is stuck.

If you prefer to build on the tips, you will also need special tongs - a guillotine, with which you can shorten the length to the required size.

Enumerating what materials are needed to build up the nails, we can not say about the brush and special glue, with which the tips are fastened. Also, several types of grinding nail files will be needed, with which the nail is treated. First of all, it is a coarse-grained and fine-grained nail file. First, the nail needs to be processed with a coarse-grained nail file, and then brought to a smoother state with a smaller one.

It is also necessary to purchase a primer that improves the adhesion of the gel (acrylic) and the nail plate. The primer should be applied to the nail after it is filed. If it is a question of acrylic building, then you need a liquid monomer (liquid) and acrylic powder (powder). It is necessary to dunk the brush alternately first into the liquid, and then into the powder. After the build-up process is completed, the brush is best cleaned in a special liquid, this will prolong its service life.

Speaking about what materials are needed for nail extensions, do not forget that for gel nails you will need a lamp with ultraviolet rays. Without it, the gel will not dry up and become hard.

After the gel or acrylic has dried, you need to grind all the irregularities with a grinding nail file and remove any roughness. To do this, we process the nail surface first with a coarse-grained nail file, and then with a fine-grained file.

You can safely recommend using cuticle oil for those who are looking for an answer to the question "what materials are needed for nail extensions." Only after the oil has absorbed, it is possible to coat the nail with varnish.

Choosing everything for building, it is best to purchase products at once, from one manufacturer. This will avoid risk, because different materials can "conflict" with each other.

Such tools for nail extension will allow you to fulfill your dream and perform the procedure at home.

It is simply impossible to create eyelashes alone. Moreover, in such a case it is better to trust professionals who not only have many years of experience, but also use proven material that does not cause allergy or irritation.

Material for eyelash extension should be of high quality, this will allow using eyelashes of different colors, lengths, with decor. This combination will make the look more expressive and profound.

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