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Glass partitions - an ideal solution for shops

Shopping centers in our country are in great demand. It is very convenient when everything in one place is concentrated: food stores, clothing stores, linen, accessories, cafes, playrooms for children. Huge areas require maximum use without loss of useful space and the correct allocation of premises for various types of trading business.

Glass trading partitions have become an ideal solution to this problem. In addition to the main purpose - division into segments, they form the interior and decorate the design of shopping centers. The glass fabric ideally fulfills the function of the walls, which are simultaneously showcases of the outlet.

Partitions of glass are used for the design of exhibitions, expositions. Due to its properties, glass and properly selected light can advantageously emphasize this or that detail of the composition, stylishly decorate it and present it in a worthy manner. The combination of different colored rays of light will make it possible to change the presented object beyond recognition, and refraction through the glass will give it mystery and unusualness that will cause increased interest among visitors to the exhibition.

In shopping malls for zoning rooms for shops, glass partitions hold the joint into a joint, this ensures the visual integrity of the storefront.

Advantages of glass partitions in a shopping center:

  • Shy buyers will be able to view the goods from the hall of the trading hall, and only then, they will necessarily enter the premises;
  • Placement of stickers, advertising banners that are easy to replace;
  • Glass partitions allow customers to evaluate the products and interior of the outlet;
  • Use of partitions as a showcase for the demonstration of new collections, discounts, shares for the goods;
  • Glass as a fence of the playroom allows parents to watch the children, while they themselves can be in a cafe.

As a variant of glass partitions, the frame partitions are used. They allow you to give the rigidity of the design, reduce the thickness of the glass and ensure the lightness and transparency of the wall. The frame can be painted in the company's corporate color, attracting the attention of visitors to the center. In addition, such combinations of glass and profile are cheaper than solid ones.

In shape, glass partitions are also quite diverse:

  • Round;
  • Oval;
  • Rectangular;
  • Diamond-shaped.

For example, bent glass allows you to create a rectangular shape of the trading space by connecting the radial modules of the partitions. Docking several straight modules at an angle to each other, the effect of a round glass fence is achieved.

The main factor in the use of glass partitions in the design of retail space is security. Glass processing by hardening it at a certain thickness ensures its strength, but even if it can be broken, it is guaranteed that it will break up into small fragments that do not harm people's health. Another option for ensuring safety for people's lives is a triplex consisting of three sheets of glass glued together with a transparent film. The breaking of such a glass will not allow the fine crumb to scatter, but fix it on the sticky tape.

It is important to take into account the level of fire safety, therefore for commercial premises with a high level of fire potential, multilayered laminated glass is produced. When the air is heated, the gaps between the glasses widen, becoming a barrier to the spread of flame and combustion products.

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