Facade tile "Canyon": reviews, photo, montage

The facade tile "Canyon" is also called the facing artificial stone. This material is used as a composite finish to protect the facades from the negative impact of the environment. If you want to improve the look of your home and make the house warmer and more soundproof, then the mentioned solution will be the best.

Positive reviews

According to users, the facade tile "Canyon" is capable of increasing the thermal insulation of the building by thirty percent or more. The final figure will depend on the material at the base of the walls. It is possible to exploit what kind of finish for a long time, as practice shows, the facing can last more than fifty years. The material is versatile. It can be used for facing walls both outside and inside the building.

Home masters point out that it's quite easy to install products, but you can do it at any time of the year. You can fix the material on a wall made of any material. Buyers really like that products can be made in imitation of stone, masonry or brick, as well as any other natural material. After acquainting yourself with the assortment, you will be able to choose a certain color, the shade of which will correspond to the exterior and design of the building. You may not have a question about whether a tile for concrete, wood or brick is suitable. Since the products "Canyon" can be attached to any of the listed grounds.

Users very often compare this tile with natural stone, but the latter is much more expensive, and also differs by its impressive thickness, which is why it is difficult to cut. This can not be said about the described tile, which is easy to handle, light in weight and small in thickness. The last parameter can vary from 1.5 to 5 millimeters.

Why choose the "Canyon" tile?

The facade tile "Canyon" does not exert a strong influence on the foundation of the building, which sometimes need to be strengthened, which is true when it is necessary to trim external walls with natural stone or any other heavy material. The presented tiles are presented in a variety of forms, including products with metal fasteners, which facilitate the installation process. Such finishing perfectly copes with frosty weather, rains and can be subjected to wet cleaning.

Mounting technology

Facade tile "Canyon" is installed on the crate, for which you should prepare a board section of 100x25 millimeters. You can apply a galvanized profile of 67x28 millimeters. In the first case, the elements are treated with antiseptics, which must be done before they are installed on the wall. When the frame system is installed on a wooden wall, wood screws with a length varying from 70 to 100 millimeters should be used to fix the rails.

If the crate is supposed to be installed on a concrete, brick or stone wall, then a shock plug should be used for fixing, the length of which is from 100 to 150 millimeters. Choosing the type of wood for the frame, it is best to stop on the pine, because it is easy to handle, it is easy to screw fasteners and cut. Such boards do not change their original linear dimensions when changing the temperature. When installing the facade tile "Canyon", reviews about which are often the most positive, the distance between the boards will depend on the size of the products that you want to attach.

Recommendations of a specialist

Given the fact that the walls are not always perfectly even, when installing the frame, it is best to use the pedestals in the form of wedges. If the walls have impressive irregularities, it is best to do the crate from the galvanized profile, which is installed on the perforated console. This type of fasteners allows leveling the plane.

Surface marking

Installation of the facade tile "Canyon" is made only after the installation of the frame system, for this it will be necessary to make the markings. To begin with, a control line is run along which the master will be able to navigate when installing the first row. If the length of the walls is large enough, then a two-meter level for the starting line will not work. For this, a hydro level must be prepared. At the correct height, a check mark is installed, which afterwards is transferred to all corners of the building. Between the marks to draw a line using a paint string.

Methods of work

The facade tile "Canyon", a photo which can be found in the article, is reinforced on galvanized self - tapping screws with a press-tube. For the metal and wooden frame, the screws will be the same, however, for zinc-plated profiles one should choose not sharpened ones, but with a burr. Begin the installation work from the bottom corner, moving to the side and up. The first product is fixed to four self-tapping screws, while the next one is fixed to two. This is due to the fact that you will use the lock connections when installing.

Each set of installed products must be checked at a long level in order to follow the common line and not to break the geometric proportions of the finish. The facade tile "Canyon" is quite common today among the owners of private houses, the finishing of the house with its help can be made by each master independently. It is important to take into account certain features of the technology. For example, to decorate the corners you need to stock up the corner elements. If it is necessary to fit the products in the corner, the tile should be cut with an angle grinder with a diamond disc. To handle the described material, use smaller discs.

For reference

If the house needs to be insulated, it is necessary first to make a crate for a heater, using bars of the required thickness. The distance between them should be 5 millimeters less than the width of the mineral wool. As soon as the facade insulation is installed, it should be closed with a vapor barrier film, which is nailed to the system of the dredging with a stapler. After that, you can start installing the frame for the tiles.

Alternative installation method

Today for sale is presented in a wide range of facade tiles "Canyon", mounting on the screws of this material is not always available. If the walls are fairly flat, then you can use the glue solution to install the products. With his help, the work will be carried out in the shortest possible time. However, if there are at least the slightest surface irregularities, the consumption of the adhesive solution will be increased, which will lead to additional financial expenses.

Initially, the marking is carried out using the same technology as described above, and then you can start laying the material. Sometimes walls need additional preparation, they are covered with a primer to increase the grip of materials. Do not start work, if the surface is characterized by high porosity.


Facade tiles from the manufacturer "Canyon" has a concrete structure, which is why it is not subject to fire. This feature of the finishing material is relevant for private houses. After the completion of the installation work, the walls will be protected from fire. Such facades are several times stronger than façades equipped with vinyl siding. If you decide to use a wet method of fixing the finish, it is important to remember that you can not heat-insulate the walls, and also take out the dew point outside the facade, which is necessary in order to prevent the walls from freezing.

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