Cheap house heating electricity. Possible options

If you are thinking about the question of heating the house with electricity - cheaper or not, then it is worth reading the information below.

The need to find an advantageous solution

The conversion of electrical energy into heat is considered to be the most convenient method of heating the home. The problem is only that at the end of the month the owner of an apartment or house receives huge bills. But do not premature conclusions, as well as abandon the attractive technology of the above type is not worth it. Cheap house heating electricity is still possible.

Energy sale

Please, there is not a single person who would not be tempted by seasonal sales. Fans of shopping and do expect such events with great impatience. Any owner of his own housing should be aware that energy suppliers arrange such actions every night. That is why it is recommended to use this offer. This indicates that cheap house heating electricity will be possible. For electricity consumers, there are two so-called tariff plans, among them single-stage and multi-zone. According to the first, payment is made by the majority of citizens. For each kWh, it is necessary to pay 4.18 rubles, in rural settlements this indicator is slightly less. This rate applies to any time of day. As for the multi-zone tariff, the price per kWh during the day and at night is different. In the first case, the cost is 4.79 rubles, while in the second - 1.63 rubles.

Solution of the problem

Thus, at night electricity is sold for almost nothing. In order to switch to the described more favorable tariff, it is necessary to buy a tariff programmed counter, and then apply with a statement to the company that acts as an electricity supplier.

Heat accumulator

Cheap heating of the house by electricity is possible with the help of a thermal battery, which is economical. With it, you can make heating a private house without using gas. Under the term, which sounds so solid, is a normal container full of water. This design only needs to be supplemented with some technical innovations. In the manufacture of such a battery, there is a need to adhere to certain rules. The material that will form the basis of the tank must be stainless steel, but this approach is quite expensive. Replace stainless steel with conventional steel, and to eliminate corrosion inside, a magnesium anode is installed, which is similar to that used in domestic boilers. As the anode wears out, it needs to be changed. The volume of the heat accumulator will depend on how much power the heating elements have, the latter being installed inside the device. As an optimum value is an indicator equal to 300 liters per 1 kW.

At the top of the tank is installed a lid, which is equipped with a rubber seal. From the outside, the container must be protected with insulating material. Preferably for this use mineral wool, because the foam, in contact with the hot surface, gives off dangerous volatile substances. When installing in a small heated room - this, for example, concerns the boiler room - the thickness of the insulation under the bottom and on the side surfaces should be 150 millimeters. As for the lid, it is also important to provide heat insulation, the thickness of which is 200 millimeters. If the tank for heat reservation is supposed to be mounted in a heated room, the thickness of the insulation can be reduced, this figure should be selected by experience.

Features of manufacturing a heat accumulator

Cheap heating of the house by electricity is possible with the help of a heat accumulator, in the lower part of which it is necessary to install heating elements in the amount of one or several pieces. According to experience, for a well-insulated building, the area of which is 150 square meters, there will be enough total capacity of 6 kW. A heat exchanger should be installed in the inner space of the tank. It is prepared from metal pipes, as an alternative solution it is possible to apply a technology that involves mounting using several sections of cast-iron radiators.

For a battery with a capacity of 2 cubic meters, a heat exchanger consisting of 8 similar sections will suffice. The heat exchanger cuts into the heating system, and after installing the tank in its place, it is necessary to bring a water pipe equipped with a crane to it. Using a pipe, the battery will be filled with a coolant. The bottom pipe should be welded to the drain pipe, which has a drain into the sewer. In order to minimize heat loss, a self-made battery should be in the form of a cylinder or cube, while its height should be equivalent to the diameter of the base.

Principle of operation of a heat accumulator

Heating the house with electricity cheaply is quite possible. If you decide to use the above-described technique for this, then before starting the equipment of your home with this device you need to familiarize yourself with the principle of work. At night, the coolant is heated from the operation of the electric boiler, in parallel the heating elements in the battery heat water, accumulating energy. When the tariff from the preferential tariff turns to normal, the boiler turns off, while the liquid in the system must be redirected through a heat exchanger, mounted in a preheated tank. If the day is sufficiently powerful electrical equipment by the type of machine or pump, then such a decision can be disadvantageous. In this case, it is worth paying attention to other heating options, which will be described below.

Electric boilers for home heating

Heating the house with electricity cheaply is quite possible to realize if you use electric boilers that are equipped with a heat exchanger. In this case, it is possible to connect the system to the heating circuit of the house, the warm floor, as well as the tracks and the pool heating system . The network of water heating is not an exception. The energy that will be released by the process block through the heat exchanger will transfer energy to the working medium. The significant efficiency of such a system is explained by the circulation of the coolant, which is forced. This is made possible by the operation of the pump that is part of the heater.

Models of devices for economical heating of the house due to electricity

If you decide to equip the house with cheap electricity, you can implement this idea with your own hands in the ways described above. However, if you are not sure of your own abilities as a home master, then you can use alternative solutions. Among them, it is impossible not to single out the A1 model, which is also called the "Wind". This device is a fan with a power of 0.45 kW. This equipment pushes warm air and can guarantee a comfortable temperature in a small room. For a day working such a device will have to pay about 40 rubles. If the thermal power of the above-described device is insufficient, then the unit can be preferred at 1.85 kW. With its help it will be possible to heat even a room of an impressive area, and you will have to pay 200 rubles for a day of work of such equipment. It is worth noting that today it is possible to heat the house with electricity cheaply, reviews will help you determine the choice of the system. When choosing fan heaters, you should take into account that they will work only for a while during the day, that's why the prices mentioned will be much less.

Using a heat generator

Today it is quite possible to provide heating of the house with electricity, customer feedback will allow you to exclude mistakes. Consumers often choose heat generators. Model C3SS5 has a heating value of 3 kW. However, the named value can vary between 2.5 and 4.2. This device is often used for a system of warm floors in rooms of different purposes. If you decide to equip the house with electricity with its own hands (meaning a multi-storey building), you can use several of the above blocks, each of which is located on a separate floor. The daily payment for the work of such an aggregate will be 500 rubles. However, one should take into account the fact that it will not work around the clock, and its capacity is quite impressive for heating a large area. Today, you can equip the house with cheap electricity, solar panels will help you with this. They are the most technological solution in this matter.

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